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We're seeing how the videos translate to the live shows and how the technology is really reaching kids.
- Willie Aames
(Keywords: Technology, Kids)

What I did in my youth is hundreds of times easier today. Technology breeds crime.
- Frank Abagnale
(Keywords: Technology, Crime, Today, Youth)

And the buying of new machinery meant not only the possibility of production, but even the new technology, 'cos as I mentioned before, we were back of seven, eight years.
- Gianni Agnelli
(Keywords: Technology, Possibility, Buying, Production, Years)

All the technology of our production was still pre-War. They were sort of '38, '39 and the War had been stable and so we were infinitely behind whatever had been going on in the United States for instance.
- Gianni Agnelli
(Keywords: Technology, War, Production, states, United)

If the human race wants to go to hell in a basket, technology can help it get there by jet.
- Charles M. Allen
(Keywords: Technology, Hell, Help, Race)

The best museums and museum exhibits about science or technology give you the feeling that, hey, this is interesting, but maybe I could do something here, too.
- Paul Allen
(Keywords: Science, Technology, Feeling, Museums)

The intellectual property situation is bad and getting worse. To be a programmer, it requires that you understand as much law as you do technology.
- Eric Allman
(Keywords: Technology, Law, Property)

This is like the telephone problem - no one wants to have the first one. But we are seeing a lot of people who want some sort of technology to solve the spam problem.
- Eric Allman
(Keywords: Technology, People, First, Want)

My intention was to enroll at McGill University but an unexpected series of events led me to study physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
- Sidney Altman
(Keywords: Technology, Events, Intention, Physics, Study, University)

Our industry has invested so much money in technology that perhaps it's time to invest in talent, in people.
- Christiane Amanpour
(Keywords: Money, Technology, Time, Talent, People)

The People's Republic of China has not yet reached the military might of the Soviet Empire. It requires a little more time and a little more infusion of Western aid, loans, technology and the hard currency of our tourists.
- Barbara Amiel
(Keywords: Technology, Time, People, Military, Tourists)

And what's interesting about the hybrids taking off is you've now introduced electric motors to the automobile industry. It's the first radical change in automobile technology in 100 years.
- Chris Anderson
(Keywords: Change, Technology, First, Now, Radical, Years)

And this is one way to do technology forecasting; get a sense of where technology is, and then anticipate the next upturn.
- Chris Anderson
(Keywords: Technology, Sense)

The first stage in a technology's advance is that it'll fall below a critical price. After it falls below a critical price, it will tend, if it's successful, to rise above a critical mass, a penetration.
- Chris Anderson
(Keywords: Technology, Successful, First, Will)

A lot of the work in United States is highly critical of technology. I'm using 15,000 watts of power and 18 different pieces of electronic equipment to say that.
- Laurie Anderson
(Keywords: Power, Work, Technology, states, United)

The computer offers another kind of creativity. You cannot ignore the creativity that computer technology can bring. But you need to be able to move between those two different worlds.
- Tadao Ando
(Keywords: Technology, Creativity, Computer)

Any new technology tends to go through a 25-year adoption cycle.
- Marc Andreessen
(Keywords: Technology, Adoption)

While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of man's humanity to man.
- Maya Angelou
(Keywords: Technology, Quality, Humanity, Rest, World)

For behaviorist films, that's been much more useful - the change of technology - but for my kind of films, doing them on film is much better, because it's more beautiful.
- Michael Apted
(Keywords: Change, Technology, Film)

Obviously, CGI in the last ten years has gone through such leaps and bounds that today, people are looking for these kinds of movies to wow audiences with technology.
- Avi Arad
(Keywords: Movies, Technology, People, Audiences, Today, Years)

If that's there, I believe that technology will probably step up to their part of it.
- Neil Armstrong
(Keywords: Technology, Will)

Developments in information technology and globalised media mean that the most powerful military in the history of the world can lose a war, not on the battlefield of dust and blood, but on the battlefield of world opinion.
- Timothy Garton Ash
(Keywords: History, Technology, War, Blood, Information, Media, Military, Opinion, World)

The reason is that till date, in spite of advances in information technology and strategies of information, the written word in the form of books still remains one of humanity's most enduring legacies.
- Ibrahim Babangida
(Keywords: Technology, Books, Humanity, Information, Reason, Word)

Today, the technology is there to give early and normally ample warning when a powerful tornado approaches. When a tornado strikes, all of us are at risk.
- Spencer Bachus
(Keywords: Technology, Risk, Today)

No one bill will cure the problem of spam. It will take a combined effort of legislation, litigation, enforcement, customer education, and technology solutions.
- David Baker
(Keywords: Technology, Education, Cure, Customer, Effort, Legislation, Will)

Some people are really drawn to technology and I liken them to artists.
- Mitchell Baker
(Keywords: Technology, People, Artists)

Technology gives us the facilities that lessen the barriers of time and distance - the telegraph and cable, the telephone, radio, and the rest.
- Emily Greene Balch
(Keywords: Technology, Time, Rest)

Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology.
- Emily Greene Balch
(Keywords: Technology, Age, Being, Revolution)

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.
- Steve Ballmer
(Keywords: Technology, People, Information, Potential, Sense, Want)

I don't think people buy technology products because of the personalities of the people behind them.
- Jim Balsillie
(Keywords: Technology, People)

I think we can allow the therapeutic uses of nuclear transplant technology, which we call cloning, without running the danger of actually having live human beings born.
- David Baltimore
(Keywords: Technology, Danger, Running)

And what is religion, you might ask. It's a technology of living.
- Toni Cade Bambara
(Keywords: Technology, Religion, Living)

Technology determines the possibilities of society. It doesn't matter whether you start out from a fascist state or a communist state or a free-market state.
- Iain Banks
(Keywords: Technology, Society, Possibilities, State)

I think we are living in selfish times. I'm the first one to say that I'm the most selfish. We live in the so-called 'first world,' and we may be first in a lot of things like technology, but we are behind in empathy.
- Javier Bardem
(Keywords: Technology, Empathy, First, Living, May, World)

Well, another market is being created now out of Internet technology.
- Jim Barksdale
(Keywords: Technology, Being, Internet, Now)

In my column series "The Main Thing," I often talk about how Internet technology can improve the way people communicate - both within a business and between a business and its customers and partners.
- Jim Barksdale
(Keywords: Business, Technology, People, Internet, Talk)

The committee's finding that China stole sensitive technology from U.S. weapons research labs is alarming.
- Charles Foster Bass
(Keywords: Technology, Committee, Research, Weapons)

The Cox Report documents a systematic, well-planned effort by the Chinese military at the highest levels to target and acquire technology for military modernization.
- Charles Foster Bass
(Keywords: Technology, Effort, Military)

U.S. nuclear technology is one of this nation's most valuable secrets, and it should have been protected.
- Charles Foster Bass
(Keywords: Technology, Nation, Secrets)

The U.S. government knew that China wanted to acquire sensitive U.S. technology, and instead of implementing a policy to prevent them from acquiring the information, the government all but gave them an invitation to take our equipment and designs.
- Charles Foster Bass
(Keywords: Government, Technology, Policy, Information)

But the technology was accessible, which suggests incompetence on the part of our counterintelligence community and the Clinton Administration, and may in fact rise to the level of treason.
- Charles Foster Bass
(Keywords: Technology, Community, Fact, Incompetence, May, Treason)

I forced myself to think what is the new concept and it became clear to me that it was risk, not only in technology and ecology, but in life and employment, too.
- Ulrich Beck
(Keywords: Life, Technology, Ecology, Risk)

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.
- Daniel Bell
(Keywords: Imagination, Art, Technology, Exercise)

While the technology revolution has yet to reach far into the households of those in developing countries, this is certainly another area where more developed countries can assist those in the less developed world.
- Carol Bellamy
(Keywords: Technology, Countries, Revolution, World)

That work led to the emergence of the recombinant DNA technology thereby providing a major tool for analyzing mammalian gene structure and function and formed the basis for me receiving the 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
- Paul Berg
(Keywords: Technology, Work)

As children, many of us were taught never to talk to strangers. As parents and grandparents, our message must change with technology to include strangers on the Internet.
- Judy Biggert
(Keywords: Change, Technology, Children, Grandparents, Internet, Strangers, Talk)

Taxpayers deserve a government that harnesses technology to better serve the people.
- Matt Blunt
(Keywords: Government, Technology, People)

In spite of advances in technology and changes in the economy, state government still operates on an obsolete 1970s model. We have a typewriter government in an Internet age.
- Matt Blunt
(Keywords: Age, Government, Technology, Economy, Internet, State)

The U.S. uses most of its oil for transportation. We can limit U.S. demand for oil by requiring automakers to use the technology that already exists to improve fuel economy - technology that the automakers refuse to bring into the market despite societal demand.
- Sherwood Boehlert
(Keywords: Technology, Economy, Oil)

So one begins to wonder what is going to happen to the human race. Technology keeps on advancing with greater and greater power, either for good or for destruction.
- David Bohm
(Keywords: Technology, Power, Destruction, Race, Wonder)

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