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One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothin' can beat teamwork.
- Edward Abbey
(Keywords: Teamwork, Dumb, Man, Pretty, Stupidity)

Journalists prize independence - not teamwork.
- Ken Auletta
(Keywords: Teamwork, Independence)

Road racing at the moment because it's still so new to me. I like the fact that they are longer and teamwork is important. I guess the same is true for track, it's just that I have used track this year as a training device to improve my sprinting in road racing.
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar
(Keywords: Teamwork, Fact, Racing, Road, Training)

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
- Michael Jordan
(Keywords: Intelligence, Talent, Teamwork, Games)

To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.
- Mike Krzyzewski
(Keywords: Beauty, Teamwork, Acting)

Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn't do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.
- Vince Lombardi
(Keywords: Teamwork, Glory)

We will try to create conditions where persons could come together in a spirit of teamwork, and exercise to their heart's desire their technological capacity.
- Akio Morita
(Keywords: Heart, Teamwork, Desire, Exercise, Spirit, Will)

Teamwork was more accepted 40 years ago.
- Ken Olsen
(Keywords: Teamwork, Years)

I'm not under too much of an illusion of how smart or un-smart I am because filmmaking ultimately is about teamwork.
- Guy Ritchie
(Keywords: Teamwork, Illusion)

The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork.
- Igor Sikorsky
(Keywords: Work, Teamwork, Mankind)

Teamwork is better than isolation, especially for a columnist.
- Allan Sloan
(Keywords: Teamwork, Isolation)

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
- Mattie Stepanek
(Keywords: Strength, Teamwork, Collaboration, Unity)

I have never understood that. I come from a place where the press makes or breaks an actor and it is more of a teamwork relationship.
- Michelle Trachtenberg
(Keywords: Teamwork, Actor, Press)

Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it.
- Brian Tracy
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