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Misery, mutilation, destruction, terror, starvation and death characterize the process of war and form a principal part of the product.
- Louis Mumford
(Keywords: Death, War, Destruction, Misery, Starvation, Terror)

I did not feel 'evil' when I wrote advertisements for Puerto Rico. They helped attract industry and tourists to a country which had been living on the edge of starvation for 400 years.
- David Ogilvy
(Keywords: Country, Living, Starvation, Tourists, Years)

One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.
- Bertrand Russell
(Keywords: Opinion, Prison, Public, Public opinion, Respect, Starvation, Tyranny)

Who wants a world in which the guarantee that we shall not die of starvation entails the risk of dying of boredom?
- Raoul Vaneigem
(Keywords: Boredom, Dying, Risk, Starvation, World)

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