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I suppose I will go on selling newspapers until at last will come the late night final.
- William Maxwell Aitken
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You wouldn't want to be called a sell-out by selling a product. Selling out was frowned on, whereas now you can major in it at business school.
- Alan Alda
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I don't think radio is selling records like they used to. They'd hawk the song and hawk the artist and you'd get so excited, you'd stop your car and go into the nearest record store.
- Herb Alpert
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If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.
- Norman Ralph Augustine
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Use the same measure for selling that you use for purchasing.
- Abu Bakr
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Selling cookies helped me to realize that you needed to have a certain way to communicate with people. You also needed business skills. You knew you needed to sell a certain amount of boxes, so that gave me some business sense.
- Maria Bartiromo
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Individual investors have become far more powerful than anyone gives them credit for. Today, 85 million Americans invest in stocks. Collectively, that kind of buying and selling power can move markets.
- Maria Bartiromo
(Keywords: Power, Selling, Americans, Buying, Credit, Today)

The administration's attempt to keep us from selling agricultural products to Cuba is an outrage. Cuba is not a threat. That is why we must do more to open Cuba - not less.
- Max Baucus
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Even the best data security systems can't protect private taxpayer information from entrepreneurial foreign businesses than can make huge profits selling U.S. taxpayer information.
- Melissa Bean
(Keywords: Selling, Information, Security)

I'm a bit of a nerd, I wouldn't mind working in a shop selling records, or having a radio show where I could play obscure singles.
- Bjork
(Keywords: Selling, Mind, Play)

When I'm out hustling up new industries, I can offer Louisiana's many selling points. We have unmatched natural resources, a unique culture and fantastic workers.
- Kathleen Blanco
(Keywords: Selling, Culture, Workers)

The marketing department is really an important part of getting an animated film to work. If the people running it are used to selling live action films and the hard rock music and the sex and all those things... Anything outside that, they just don't know what to do with it.
- Don Bluth
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I was a 10 million-plus selling artist.
- Toni Braxton
(Keywords: Selling, Artist)

It is a weird thing, because most people tend to get more conservative as they get older, but I find myself going the opposite way. I am sure that by the end I will be selling Marxist pamphlets on the Holloway Road.
- Rory Bremner
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People used to complain that selling a president was like selling a bar of soap. But when you buy soap, at least you get the soap. In this campaign you just get two guys telling you they really value cleanliness.
- David Brooks
(Keywords: People, Selling, Cleanliness, President, Value)

When the farmer can sell directly to the consumer, it is a more active process. There's more contact. The consumer can know, who am I buying this from? What's their name? Do they have a face? Is the food they are selling coming out of Mexico with pesticides?
- Jerry Brown
(Keywords: Food, Selling, Buying, Name)

A good basic selling idea, involvement and relevancy, of course, are as important as ever, but in the advertising din of today, unless you make yourself noticed and believed, you ain't got nothin'.
- Leo Burnett
(Keywords: Idea, Selling, Advertising, Today)

I have zero desire, just so you know, to be in the limelight. I don't think it's good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. You're not going to see me giving my opinions in the public arena, until I start selling my book. I'm going to emerge then submerge.
- George W. Bush
(Keywords: Selling, Country, Desire, Giving, Opinions, President, Public)

All of the sudden the audiences started getting younger and the spread of the attendance was really wide. I think it's as a result of the records selling more that they started following our careers.
- John Cale
(Keywords: Selling, Audiences, Careers, Result)

It's business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don't want to muck about with it too much.
- Eddie Campbell
(Keywords: Work, Business, Selling, Want)

But in terms of the code by which we go to market - it's not telling kids to supersize, we're not selling them, generally, products, in the advertising we do to them.
- Jim Cantalupo
(Keywords: Selling, Advertising, Kids)

The truth is the Republican leadership has created a credit card Congress that is recklessly selling out the future of America, our children and our grandchildren, and President Bush is the most fiscally irresponsible President in the history of America.
- Dennis Cardoza
(Keywords: History, Leadership, Truth, Selling, America, Children, Congress, Credit, Future, President, Republican)

When I think of the artists I admire and seek out musically. It's because I'm curious about where they're going to go the next time they have a chance to put a record out. It's not about where I find them on the radio dial, or how many records they're selling.
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
(Keywords: Time, Selling, Artists, Chance)

After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world.
- Calvin Coolidge
(Keywords: Business, People, Selling, American, Buying, World)

For an actor, you're rejected eight or ten times a day. All you've got to sell is yourself. You're not selling products, they're not turning down a car, they're turning you down. Most people can't handle that. Most people are essentially not set up that way.
- Barry Corbin
(Keywords: Car, People, Selling, Actor, Day)

This city has many public squares, in which are situated the markets and other places for buying and selling.
- Hernando Cortes
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I have no problem selling books to media franchises and we do it all the time. The author must understand that he/she is a writer for hire and has no control over copyright or over editorial changes made to the text.
- Richard Curtis
(Keywords: Time, Control, Selling, Books, Media, Writer)

I tend to turn down books originally published as e-books. As for selling books directly to e-book publishers, I would do so only if all traditional publishers had turned them down.
- Richard Curtis
(Keywords: Selling, Books)

You see I don't like to be really too commercial about things but in this business you've just got to be commercial otherwise the films don't make money and you don't make films and as a long as a commodity is selling it's silly to kill it dead.
- Peter Cushing
(Keywords: Business, Money, Selling, Silly)

Nobody gets a nervous breakdown or a heart attack from selling kerosene to gentle country folk from the back of a tanker in Somerset.
- Roald Dahl
(Keywords: Heart, Selling, Country, Folk)

The interesting thing is when we design and architect a server, we don't design it for Windows or Linux, we design it for both. We don't really care, as long as we're selling the one the customer wants.
- Michael Dell
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My last real job was selling air time for CBS affiliates. I quit that when I was 28, and that was the last real job I had. I beat the system. I've been able to do this full-time for almost 15 years.
- James Denton
(Keywords: Time, Selling, Job, Years)

Tomorrow it'll all be over, then I'll have to go back to selling pens again.
- Johnny Depp
(Keywords: Selling, Tomorrow)

Writers are always selling somebody out.
- Joan Didion
(Keywords: Selling, Writers)

Yeah, I just have a little part in it. In the house that Brian Cox barbecued himself appears in The Ring 2; I am the real estate agent that is selling the house, and Naomi Watts comes to check out the house as part of her investigation.
- Gary Dole
(Keywords: Selling, Investigation)

I have some assets that over time will be worth something. I've been in the process of selling others.
- Bernie Ebbers
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We were at Pye Studios for half an hour so we set the gear up and we did two tracks. A month later we found out it was selling thirty thousand copies a day.
- Georgie Fame
(Keywords: Selling, Day)

Many a man thinks he is buying pleasure, when he is really selling himself to it.
- Benjamin Franklin
(Keywords: Selling, Buying, Man, Pleasure)

I feel like I'd like to continue putting out records and start putting them out more rapidly than I have until now and for me if I can keep selling the records to the fans that already like me that's fine.
- John Frusciante
(Keywords: Selling, Fans, Now)

All my money was made doing the dates and selling products when I was out there on the road.
- Mickey Gilley
(Keywords: Money, Selling, Road)

Life is pain, highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.
- William Goldman
(Keywords: Life, Selling, Pain)

American business has just forgotten the importance of selling.
- Barry Goldwater
(Keywords: Business, Selling, American, Importance)

When in some communities selling drugs is so lucrative that that's a pretty big enticement that we have to break down. Part of that is by making opportunities and paying decent wages.
- Matt Gonzalez
(Keywords: Selling, Drugs, Pretty, Wages)

If a guy's got it, let him give it. I'm selling music, not prejudice.
- Benny Goodman
(Keywords: Music, Selling, Prejudice)

We don't have to go that far to sell our beer because our immediate accounts sell so much. Places that sold 10 cases before, now they're selling 30.
- Paul Graham
(Keywords: Selling, Beer, Now)

Selling drug secrets violates a trust that is fundamental to the integrity of both scientific research and our financial markets.
- Charles Grassley
(Keywords: Trust, Financial, Selling, Integrity, Research, Secrets)

Becoming famous and selling a lot of records doesn't change a thing.
- Macy Gray
(Keywords: Change, Selling, Famous)

Many kids turn to selling drugs. It's not a good career choice, but they see it as a way to get money.
- Richard Harris
(Keywords: Money, Selling, Career, Choice, Drugs, Kids)

Selling eight million copies of your first album will mess you up.
- Don Henley
(Keywords: Selling, First, Will)

We thought it would be fun to try to design a show that would work well internationally and so that' s what we're intending to do with Fraggle Rock, and we are indeed now selling it around the world.
- Jim Henson
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