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So, in other words, how you respond to a sculpture, how a viewer sees the sculpture, is vital.
- Anthony Caro
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Sculpture occupies real space like we do... you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object.
- Chuck Close
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Firstly I did it in this huge theatre in Avignon, then to smaller places, then bigger places. You have to change the volume of the voice, give more or less. The way you have to relate to space makes it like sculpture.
- Isabelle Huppert
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Sculpture occupies the same space as your body.
- Anish Kapoor
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In the studio, I don't do a lot of work that requires repetitive activity. I spend a lot of time looking and thinking and then try to find the most efficient way to get what I want, whether it's making a drawing or a sculpture, or casting plaster or whatever.
- Bruce Nauman
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Well, I never studied design and I went to art school to study art, you know, sculpture and things like that, and ended up making things like sculpture and started making chairs and jewelry together and that's how I started.
- Marc Newson
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Some time ago, we went to Asia and took a camera along, and I began to do what I'd done even years ago doing people. I couldn't get interested in it. And I did hundreds of photographs of details of the monuments as sculpture.
- Ben Shahn
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My sculpture is very personal; for years my subjects were family and close, close friends.
- Gloria Swanson
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You wouldn't ask Rodin to make an ugly sculpture, or me to make a film with an ugly woman.
- Roger Vadim
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