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We will not, on the altar of money, mortgage our conscience, mortgage our faith, mortgage our salvation.
- Peter Akinola
(Keywords: Faith, Money, Conscience, Salvation, Will)

Woman is the salvation or the destruction of the family. She carries its destiny in the folds of her mantle.
- Henri Frederic Amiel
(Keywords: Family, Destiny, Destruction, Salvation, Woman)

Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.
- Isaac Asimov
(Keywords: Science, Fiction, May, Salvation, Today)

There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.
- James A. Baldwin
(Keywords: Time, Work, Challenge, Future, Now, Salvation, Will)

Before the war there were many who were more or less ignorant of the international labor movement but who nevertheless turned to it for salvation when the threat of war arose. They hoped that the workers would never permit a war.
- Hjalmar Branting
(Keywords: War, Labor, Salvation, Workers)

God preordained, for his own glory and the display of His attributes of mercy and justice, a part of the human race, without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation, and another part, in just punishment of their sin, to eternal damnation.
- John Calvin
(Keywords: God, Glory, Justice, Mercy, Merit, Punishment, Race, Salvation, Sin)

No man is excluded from calling upon God, the gate of salvation is set open unto all men: neither is there any other thing which keepeth us back from entering in, save only our own unbelief.
- John Calvin
(Keywords: God, Man, Open, Salvation, Unbelief)

I came all this way for a reason. Today is the day of salvation. Trust Jesus to save you. Then be sincere as God knows a pretender.
- Kirk Cameron
(Keywords: Trust, God, Day, Reason, Salvation, Today)

Now for my own case, I bless the Lord that, for all that hath been said of me, my conscience doth not condemn me. I do not say I am free of sin, but I am at peace with God through a slain Mediator; and I believe that there is no salvation but only in Christ.
- Donald Cargill
(Keywords: Peace, God, Christ, Conscience, Now, Salvation, Sin)

Literature has been the salvation of the damned, literature has inspired and guided lovers, routed despair and can perhaps in this case save the world.
- John Cheever
(Keywords: Despair, Literature, Lovers, Salvation, World)

You cannot be responsible for salvation until first you've been responsible for sin.
- Edwin Louis Cole
(Keywords: First, Salvation, Sin)

The salvation of the world is in man's suffering.
- William Faulkner
(Keywords: Man, Salvation, Suffering, World)

Let us hope that good authors who are bad Christians will find salvation through the books they write.
- Julien Green
(Keywords: Hope, Books, Salvation, Will)

The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.
- Vaclav Havel
(Keywords: Power, Heart, Lies, Responsibility, Salvation, World)

We believe that salvation is to be found in wholesome work in a beloved land. Work will provide our people with the bread of tomorrow, and moreover, with the honor of the tomorrow, the freedom of the tomorrow.
- Theodor Herzl
(Keywords: Work, People, Freedom, Honor, Land, Salvation, Tomorrow, Will)

Out of labor's struggle in Arizona came better conditions for the workers, who must everywhere, at all times, under advantage and disadvantage work out their own salvation.
- Mary Harris Jones
(Keywords: Work, Labor, Salvation, Struggle, Workers)

For so long as the Jew has even one ally, he will be convinced - in his smallness of mind - that his salvation came from that ally. It is only when he is alone - against all of his own efforts and frantic attempts - that he will, through no choice, be compelled to turn to G-d.
- Meir Kahane
(Keywords: Choice, Mind, Salvation, Will)

Judaism boasts of no exclusive revelation of eternal truths that are indispensable to salvation, of no revealed religion in the sense in which that term is usually understood.
- Moses Mendelssohn
(Keywords: Religion, Boasts, Judaism, Salvation, Sense)

We are to introduce our people into the life of the Church, which is salvation, that they may grasp its meaning, its contents and purpose, to taste and see how good the Lord is.
- Arthur Middleton
(Keywords: Life, People, Purpose, Church, May, Meaning, Salvation, Taste)

There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy.
- Henry Miller
(Keywords: Salvation, World)

There are enough churches already, but the world still needs salvation.
- Sun Myung Moon
(Keywords: Churches, Needs, Salvation, World)

Why are you scared to dream of god when it's salvation that you want?
- Conor Oberst
(Keywords: God, Dream, Salvation, Want)

This also is a part of the teaching of the Church, that there are certain angels of God, and certain good influences, which are His servants in accomplishing the salvation of men.
- Origen
(Keywords: Men, God, Church, Angels, Salvation, Teaching)

See that you buy the field where the Pearl is; sell all, and make a purchase of salvation. Think it not easy: for it is a steep ascent to eternal glory: many are lying dead by the way, slain with security.
- Samuel Rutherford
(Keywords: Lying, Salvation, Security)

The great leaders of the second world war alliance, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, understood the twin sides of destruction and salvation. Their war aims were not only to defeat fascism, but to create a world of shared prosperity.
- Jeffrey Sachs
(Keywords: War, Alliance, Defeat, Destruction, Fascism, Leaders, Prosperity, Salvation, World, World war)

The first step in a person's salvation is knowledge of their sin.
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Keywords: Knowledge, First, Salvation, Sin)

Salvation cannot come without revelation. Men of the present time testify of heaven and hell, and have never seen either; and I will say that no man knows these things without this.
- Joseph Smith, Jr.
(Keywords: Men, Time, Heaven, Hell, Man, Present, Salvation, Will)

The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation.
- Charles Spurgeon
(Keywords: Men, Enemy, Salvation, Self, Spirit)

You write a book and you hope somebody will go out and pay $24.95 for what you've just said. I think books were my salvation. Books saved me from being miserable.
- Amy Tan
(Keywords: Hope, Being, Books, Salvation, Will)

Most of my songs are about Jesus. Most of my songs are about the idea that there is salvation, and that there is a Savior. But I won't mention his name in a song just to get a cheap play.
- Peter Townsend
(Keywords: Idea, Name, Play, Salvation, Song, Songs)

And now let me address all of you, high and low, rich and poor, one with another, to accept of mercy and grace while it is offered to you; Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation; and will you not accept it, now it is offered unto you?
- George Whitefield
(Keywords: Time, Day, Grace, Mercy, Now, Poor, Salvation, Will)

Once you fully apprehend the vacuity of a life without struggle, you are equipped with the basic means of salvation.
- Tennessee Williams
(Keywords: Life, Salvation, Struggle)

Her pupils were at once her salvation and her despair. They gave her the means of supporting life, but they made life hardly worth supporting.
- P. G. Wodehouse
(Keywords: Life, Despair, Salvation, Worth)

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