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Renunciation remains sorrow, though a sorrow borne willingly.
- Charles Dickens
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I found myself facing a Christian Science Reading Room. My God! It had been eight years. There had never been any renunciation of religion on my part, but like so many people, it was a gradual fading away.
- Henry Fonda
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The oath of renunciation and allegiance is a solemn vow taken by thousands of immigrants each year to become a United States citizen. The oath is the fundamental statement of allegiance to the United States, and this allegiance is what unites America.
- Jim Ryun
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Renunciation - that is the great fact we all, individuals and classes, have to learn. In trying to avoid it we bring misery to ourselves and others.
- Beatrice Potter Webb
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A self-respecting nation is ready for anything, including war, except for a renunciation of its option to make war.
- Simone Weil
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