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Being an actor gives you a chance to play all kinds of roles, very moving and dramatic on one project, silly and girlish on another. That's the most interesting thing out this business, you get to keep reinventing yourself.
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Reinventing the wheel is sometimes the right thing, when the result is the radial tire.
- Jonathan Gilbert
(Keywords: Reinventing, Result, Right)

I found the right man, got married, and just had to keep not reinventing myself, just deciding that it doesn't matter what you are if you are a good person.
- Lisa Kudrow
(Keywords: Man, Reinventing, Right)

We are reinventing the world. We've set the ball spinning with little concern for where and how it's going to stop.
- Daniel Keys Moran
(Keywords: Concern, Reinventing, World)

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