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The money can be decent, but I really don't recommend the work-for-hire route as an entry into publishing. Too many things can go wrong.
- Lynn Abbey
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Land in Hawaii is money. What I'm talking about here is ceded land - land that belonged to the kingdom and was ceded to the republic and then to the state when we achieved statehood.
- Neil Abercrombie
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You're talking serious money already in the bank, and millions of dollars coming in every year.
- Neil Abercrombie
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When there wasn't any money involved, for all intents and purposes, nobody gave a damn. But now the land, supposedly worthless, is seen for what it really is: an incredibly valuable asset.
- Neil Abercrombie
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So as soon as the land was worth something and there was money in the bank, all of a sudden everybody got interested in non-discrimination, in who's really going to administer this stuff.
- Neil Abercrombie
(Keywords: Money, Land, Worth)

A good portion of the airport is on ceded lands, and lease money was paid for that. So the state's collecting lease money because all of a sudden "worthless" land now has an airport on it.
- Neil Abercrombie
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The career of a writer is comparable to that of a woman of easy virtue. You write first for pleasure, later for the pleasure of others and finally for money.
- Marcel Achard
(Keywords: Money, Virtue, Career, First, Pleasure, Woman, Writer)

Success produces success, just as money produces money.
- Diane Ackerman
(Keywords: Money, Success)

I'm not a driven businessman, but a driven artist. I never think about money. Beautiful things make money.
- Lord Acton
(Keywords: Money, Artist)

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
- Douglas Adams
(Keywords: Money, Integrity, Service, Sincerity)

If time is money, it seems moral to save time, above all one's own, and such parsimony is excused by consideration for others. One is straight-forward.
- Theodor Adorno
(Keywords: Time, Money, Consideration)

God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you'll know I've lost all my money.
- Ben Affleck
(Keywords: Money, God, Help)

I cannot afford to waste my time making money.
- Louis Agassiz
(Keywords: Money, Time, Waste)

I'm not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God.
- Christina Aguilera
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But I was going to be a teacher my entire life, so I wasn't counting on money to much.
- Clay Aiken
(Keywords: Money, Life)

It's not the money. It's not the fame. It's the influence.
- Clay Aiken
(Keywords: Money, Fame, Influence)

We will not, on the altar of money, mortgage our conscience, mortgage our faith, mortgage our salvation.
- Peter Akinola
(Keywords: Faith, Money, Conscience, Salvation, Will)

On the little money I had collected I lived in Berlin very cheaply, ate very cheaply. And already in 1920 I saved the first salaries I received to go to Munich.
- Josef Albers
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Hussein has chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies.
- Madeleine Albright
(Keywords: Money, Building, Destruction, Weapons)

People don't have fortunes left them in that style nowadays; men have to work and women to marry for money. It's a dreadfully unjust world.
- Louisa May Alcott
(Keywords: Men, Women, Work, Money, People, Style, World)

Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes.
- Louisa May Alcott
(Keywords: Money, Evil)

After I saved some money, I quit work and went to a local college.
- Lloyd Alexander
(Keywords: Work, Money, College)

When I graduated college I needed to make money while I was pursuing acting, so I read screenplays and made a living writing coverage on them for studios.
- Sasha Alexander
(Keywords: Money, Acting, College, Living, Writing)

The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god.
- Scott Alexander
(Keywords: Money, God)

Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.
- Scott Alexander
(Keywords: Money, Hobbies, Will)

Father, in spite of all this spending of money in learning Latin, I will be a painter.
- William Allan
(Keywords: Money, Father, Learning, Will)

Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money.
- Iyad Allawi
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The fact that the movement was carried on by women who, for the most part, had no money of their own and were totally inexperienced in organization, and that they won their fight in about two generations, makes a story often dramatic and always worth preserving.
- Florence E. Allen
(Keywords: Money, Women, Fact, Fight, Generations, Worth)

If you real desire is to be good, there is no need to wait for the money before you do it; you can do it now, this very moment, and just where you are.
- James Allen
(Keywords: Money, Desire, Now)

I've never done anything for money. My first love is things of limited commercial appeal. I could be happy doing Shakespeare for the rest of my life.
- Karen Allen
(Keywords: Life, Love, Money, First, First love, Rest, Shakespeare)

If a man works like a horse for his money, there are a lot of girls anxious to take him down the bridal path.
- Marty Allen
(Keywords: Money, Girls, Man)

If we had loads of money as a family, things would be different and they'd come to visit more and I'd get to spend more time here. But I'm laying down roots in America so when I'm there, just being at home, it's harder to break away from that.
- Rick Allen
(Keywords: Money, Time, Family, Home, America, Being, Visit)

You know the great irony is that people think you have to have money to enjoy fine food, which is a shame.
- Ted Allen
(Keywords: Money, Food, People, Irony, Shame)

Well, we don't take money from people and then show the product. It has to be a product that we like anyway, and that's true for all five of us, which is one of the really nice things about the way we make the show.
- Ted Allen
(Keywords: Money, People)

These kids understood what is not immediately obvious; that they were going to pay the bills for tax cuts that had been passed today or in the last 4 years, and for the war in Iraq, because essentially we are borrowing money to do those things.
- Tom Allen
(Keywords: Money, War, Borrowing, Tax, Iraq, Kids, Obvious, Tax cuts, Today, Years)

I belong to a church and I try to do my Christian duty, so I am against alcohol... But we need the tax money.
- Walter Allen
(Keywords: Money, Christian, Church, Alcohol, Duty, Tax)

Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea.
- Woody Allen
(Keywords: Money, Idea, Now, Right)

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.
- Woody Allen
(Keywords: Money, Financial, Poverty)

I didn't think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music.
- Gregg Allman
(Keywords: Money, Music)

But in a tournament, you can be said in for all your money at any point so you can't make any mistakes so you have to, it's all about where you're sitting at the table.
- Al Alvarez
(Keywords: Money, Mistakes)

Our industry has invested so much money in technology that perhaps it's time to invest in talent, in people.
- Christiane Amanpour
(Keywords: Money, Technology, Time, Talent, People)

Writing is not the easiest way to make a living. Your work long hours, usually all by yourself. It is not a way to make money.
- Stephen Ambrose
(Keywords: Money, Work, Living, Writing)

American corporations hate to give away money.
- Stephen Ambrose
(Keywords: Money, American, Corporations, Hate)

When I got the money, the whole burden descended on me, and the realization of what I had done. And it led me then to make the further step, a change of loyalties.
- Aldrich Ames
(Keywords: Change, Money, Burden)

There are three easy ways of losing money - racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain.
- Lord Amherst
(Keywords: Money, Women, Losing, Racing)

Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough.
- Martin Amis
(Keywords: Money, Meaning, Weapons)

Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.
- Martin Amis
(Keywords: Money, Strength, Addiction, Evil, Fiction, Mind)

Cursed be he above all others Who's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter.
- Anacreon
(Keywords: Love, Money, War, Brothers, Parents)

A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children.
- Ian Anderson
(Keywords: Money, Music, Children)

Yes, yes, no one denies, for example, that you're going to be able to fix the Murray through the Living Murray process without money, no one denies that.
- John Anderson
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