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You can't always wait for the guys at the top. Every manager at every level in the organization has an opportunity, big or small, to do something. Every manager's got some sphere of autonomy. Don't pass the buck up the line.
- Bob Anderson
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The only thing I believe is this: A player does not have to like a manager and he does not have to respect a manager. All he has to do is obey the rules.
- Sparky Anderson
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I don't believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?
- Sparky Anderson
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A baseball manager is a necessary evil.
- Sparky Anderson
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Baseball is a simple game. If you have good players and if you keep them in the right frame of mind then the manager is a success.
- Sparky Anderson
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I think maintaining relationships with my friends, my mother, my manager, they're all important.
- Christina Applegate
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I'm not a money manager, but I can tell you what the conventional wisdom is. The younger you are, the more risk you can take on.
- Maria Bartiromo
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I'm a fair manager, put it that way. I like to be fair with the players, but there's a time for discipline.
- Don Baylor
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I was in the tennis bubble. I wasn't thinking about the big picture. I didn't notice what they said on television, I wasn't reading any papers. I had a coach and a manager, and they kept me in the bubble.
- Boris Becker
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The manager has his eye on the bottom line; the leader has his eye on the horizon.
- Warren G. Bennis
(Keywords: Manager, Leader, Eye)

The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective.
- Warren G. Bennis
(Keywords: Manager, Leader, Perspective)

The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.
- Warren G. Bennis
(Keywords: Manager, Leader)

The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why.
- Warren G. Bennis
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There are two sighs of relief every night in the life of an opera manager. The first comes when the curtain goes up The second sigh of relief comes when the final curtain goes down without any disaster, and one realizes, gratefully, that the miracle has happened again.
- Rudolf Bing
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My father, a mining engineer and colliery manager, gave his brood many advantages not least of which, for me, was his love of singing which gave music a central place in our lives.
- James W. Black
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For a manager to be perceived as a positive manager, they need a four to one positive to negative contact ratio.
- Ken Blanchard
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I was modeling with an agency in New York and a manager with the agency introduced himself to me one day and he said he had auditions for someone my age. He asked if I would be interested in doing some.
- Alexis Bledel
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It's taken a long time but eventually when I had the songs in place and demos right and I found myself a manager, that's when everything started happening quickly but I think that's always the way it is.
- James Blunt
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My mother is my manager and so knows exactly what I do and so on.
- Jonathan Brandis
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My mother is an office manager, my father a professor of economics and financial planner.
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Keywords: Manager, Mother, Father, Financial, Economics, Office)

We had gone out on the road in 94 and 95 for a three month American tour, and we realised, as did our manager and booking agent at the time, that we have really exhausted it, and we can't make money at this anymore.
- Steve Brown
(Keywords: Money, Time, Manager, American, Road)

My manager was Buddy Glee, who put me together with Mike Curb, and was basically the idea to bring some soul to the label and bring something different to the label besides the Hank Williams situation.
- Solomon Burke
(Keywords: Manager, Soul, Idea)

After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say 'I want to see the manager.'
- William S. Burroughs
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My mother's side of the family was in the production side of theatre. My grandfather, Jose Vega, was a general manager for Neil Simon shows on Broadway.
- Yancy Butler
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I started at Pillsbury as a manager in one of their analysis functions, then worked my way up the corporate ladder to become vice president. Moving to Burger King was an important moment in my career.
- Herman Cain
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The problem is, we elected a manager and we need a leader. Let's face it: Bush is just dim.
- George Clooney
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Telling the entire world and his dog how good a manager I was. I knew I was the best but I should have said nowt and kept the pressure off 'cos they'd have worked it out for themselves.
- Brian Clough
(Keywords: Manager, Pressure, World)

I was a window dresser for Burton's once. What really put me off was the area manager coming round and saying, Charles, I think you're a natch at this.
- Charles Dance
(Keywords: Manager, Saying)

When I came out here, my manager thought that casting directors might think I'm a girl, and when I did Threat Matrix, they thought Jamie was a little light.
- James Denton
(Keywords: Manager, Thought, Light)

Five minutes before I went on, I looked at my manager and said, I'm going to get booed. I know it's going to happen. And you're responsible because you put me on here. It was horrible. I've never been more hurt in my entire life.
- Shannen Doherty
(Keywords: Life, Manager, Hurt)

The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.
- Peter Drucker
(Keywords: Work, Manager, Productivity, Responsibility)

A manager is responsible for the application and performance of knowledge.
- Peter Drucker
(Keywords: Manager, Knowledge, Performance)

No one respects the umpire's job more than I do; but, if I were a manager, I would probably be ejected three or four times a season fighting for my team.
- Jim Evans
(Keywords: Manager, Fighting, Job, Umpire)

I was told by the general manager that a white player had received a higher raise than me. Because white people required more money to live than black people. That is why I wasn't going to get a raise.
- Curt Flood
(Keywords: Money, Manager, People)

I don't know how it is now but the assistant stage manager had to understudy several parts. You had to be ready to go on at any time if the actor couldn't make it to the play. I didn't think anything of it.
- Glenn Ford
(Keywords: Time, Manager, Actor, Now, Play)

I do want to be a manager one day. It might be 10 years, I don't know when.
- Paul Gascoigne
(Keywords: Manager, Day, Want, Years)

Anyway, how can you sack anyone who still hasn't got a contract. I'll be there for the game and I'll stand behind the dugout giving instructions to the players from there. They will respond to me more than the next manager.
- Paul Gascoigne
(Keywords: Manager, Giving, Will)

I know as a manager you have to abide by the chairman's decisions. But his decisions were this team, that team, this player, that player. The chairman is a control freak.
- Paul Gascoigne
(Keywords: Manager, Control, Decisions)

But I think the Champions League Final puts a massive pressure on every player and the manager, but we're enjoying the pressure and hopefully we can go there and win it.
- Steven Gerrard
(Keywords: Manager, Pressure)

She put her hands around the neck of our production manager, and you know, started to choke him.
- David Gest
(Keywords: Manager, Production)

I am happy with what I do. I'd love to be the manager of the Atlanta Braves, but they hired somebody this week. So I'll just have to be inordinately happy with one of the best jobs on the planet.
- Robert Gibbs
(Keywords: Love, Manager, Jobs)

Namely the manager will assess what he believes a player is worth and he will discuss that with the board and then we will go after that target. If we can achieve it at that target, great, but if we can't we will have to move on to the next player.
- David Gill
(Keywords: Manager, Will, Worth)

The manager sits down with me; I sit down with the board. We assess the success of the year. The manager assesses whose coming through the academy system. His job is to look at what is happening in European and world football.
- David Gill
(Keywords: Success, Manager, Football, Job, World)

Motivation aside, if people get better at these life skills, everyone benefits: The brain doesn't distinguish between being a more empathic manager and a more empathic father.
- Daniel Goleman
(Keywords: Life, Manager, Father, Motivation, People, Being)

The business manager was doing fine back in his office while they were out on the line, hungry. And, so they started to see a lot of that and there was, that maybe the leadership had its own cause. More so than the miners, you know, it was like a power struggle.
- Richard Grimes
(Keywords: Business, Leadership, Power, Manager, Cause, Office, Struggle)

We were developing an innovative Personal Information Manager called Chandler but a couple years ago I took off from that to do a project writing down my memoirs essentially, reminiscing about the development of the Macintosh.
- Andy Hertzfeld
(Keywords: Manager, Development, Information, Project, Writing, Years)

A manager has his cards dealt to him and he must play them.
- Miller Huggins
(Keywords: Manager, Cards, Play)

The one word that makes a good manager - decisiveness.
- Lee Iacocca
(Keywords: Manager, Word)

There are times when even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog, waiting to see where the dog wants to go so he can take him there.
- Lee Iacocca
(Keywords: Manager, Waiting)

An acting assistant stage manager in a theater in Canterbury, a rep theater. A small wage but just enough to get by on, and I made props and I walked on, and I changed scenery, and I realized that I just loved it.
- Jeremy Irons
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