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Just dying should not be a reason for taxes.
- Todd Akin
(Keywords: Dying, Reason, Taxes)

This is a story about a man named Eddie and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun.
- Mitch Albom
(Keywords: Dying, End, Man, Sun)

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.
- Scott Alexander
(Keywords: Cheating, Dying, Evil, Losing, Mediocrity)

Dying is one of the few things that can be done as easily lying down.
- Woody Allen
(Keywords: Dying, Lying)

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.
- Woody Allen
(Keywords: Work, Dying, Immortality, Want)

A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
- Stewart Alsop
(Keywords: Time, Dying, Man, Needs, Sleep, Wrong)

It is up to you to decide that this has lasted long enough, that our boys are dying to serve no British interest but for the interests of a small clique of utterly unscrupulous men.
- John Amery
(Keywords: Men, Boys, Dying, Interest)

Tell me what you feel in your room when the full moon is shining in upon you and your lamp is dying out, and I will tell you how old you are, and I shall know if you are happy.
- Henri Frederic Amiel
(Keywords: Dying, Moon, Old, Will)

One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.
- Joan of Arc
(Keywords: Life, Sacrifice, Belief, Dying, Fate, Living)

Islam is a religion of success. Unlike Christianity, which has as its main image, in the west at least, a man dying in a devastating, disgraceful, helpless death.
- Karen Armstrong
(Keywords: Death, Religion, Success, Christianity, Islam, Dying, Man)

President Bush says he is concerned about the Iraqi people, but if Iraqi people are dying in numbers, then American policy will be challenged very strongly.
- Peter Arnett
(Keywords: People, Policy, American, Dying, Numbers, President, Will)

Sleep - death without dying - living, but not life.
- Edwin Arnold
(Keywords: Death, Life, Dying, Living, Sleep)

It was from an old friend who thought he was dying. Anyway, he said, 'Life and death issues don't come along that often, thank God, so don't treat everything like it's life or death. Go easier.'
- Thomas Arnold
(Keywords: Death, Life, God, Thought, Friend, Dying, Old)

Latinos have fought in all of America's wars, beginning with the Revolutionary War. Many Latinos are fighting and dying for our country today in Iraq, just as several of their ancestors fought for freedom in Mexico over a century ago.
- Joe Baca
(Keywords: War, America, Beginning, Country, Dying, Fighting, Freedom, Iraq, Today)

The local music community here was dying for a place to record, so we started doing acoustic, folk and bluegrass and then did rock projects for other bands, as well as for my son Tal and my own work.
- Randy Bachman
(Keywords: Music, Work, Son, Community, Dying, Folk, Projects)

Half the people in Hollywood are dying to be discovered and the other half are afraid they will be.
- Lionel Barrymore
(Keywords: People, Dying, Hollywood, Will)

I preached as never sure to preach again, And as a dying man to dying men.
- Richard Baxter
(Keywords: Men, Dying, Man)

Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself; if all it does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying.
- Simone de Beauvoir
(Keywords: Life, Dying, Living)

No, I regret nothing, all I regret is having been born, dying is such a long tiresome business I always found.
- Samuel Beckett
(Keywords: Business, Dying, Nothing, Regret)

The art of storytelling is reaching its end because the epic side of truth, wisdom, is dying out.
- Walter Benjamin
(Keywords: Art, Wisdom, Truth, Dying, End)

The past grows gradually around one, like a placenta for dying.
- John Berger
(Keywords: Dying, Past)

The cholera had broken out at the post, and five or six men were dying daily.
- Buffalo Bill
(Keywords: Men, Dying, Post)

Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.
- Otto von Bismarck
(Keywords: War, Dying, Eyes, Will)

To his doctrines I owe my great and glorious ambition for the sex to which I proudly belong and whose independence I shall defend until my dying day.
- Rosa Bonheur
(Keywords: Sex, Ambition, Day, Dying, Independence)

I watched children dying. That will be the image that will stay with me.
- Ian Botham
(Keywords: Children, Dying, Will)

The comic page is dying; I didn't want to go with it.
- Berke Breathed
(Keywords: Dying, Want)

Morality becomes hypocrisy if it means accepting mothers' suffering or dying in connection with unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions and unwanted children.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Morality, Children, Connection, Dying, Hypocrisy, Mothers, Suffering)

I don't want to say, 'This is where Im going to be in five years and Im going to get there no matter what.' I want to leave it open. I'm not a desperate actress dying to star in a B movie in a bikini.
- Brooke Burke
(Keywords: Dying, Open, Want, Years)

I don't believe in dying. It's been done. I'm working on a new exit. Besides, I can't die now - I'm booked.
- George Burns
(Keywords: Dying, Now)

Opera is where a guy gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings.
- Robert Burns
(Keywords: Dying, Opera)

There is no such thing as an ugly language. Today I hear every language as if it were the only one, and when I hear of one that is dying, it overwhelms me as though it were the death of the earth.
- Elias Canetti
(Keywords: Death, Dying, Earth, Language, Today, Ugly)

If you have only one passion in life - football - and you pursue it to the exclusion of everything else, it becomes very dangerous. When you stop doing this activity it is as though you are dying. The death of that activity is a death in itself.
- Eric Cantona
(Keywords: Death, Life, Dying, Football, Passion)

Truth is a pain which will not stop. And the truth of this world is to die. You must choose: either dying or lying. Personally, I have never been able to kill myself.
- Louis-Ferdinand Celine
(Keywords: Truth, Dying, Lying, Pain, Will, World)

Along with the lazy man... the dying man is the immoral man: the former, a subject that does not work; the latter, an object that no longer even makes itself available to be worked on by others.
- Michel De Certeau
(Keywords: Work, Dying, Man)

I'm kind of like a samurai. They say if you want to be a samurai, you can't be afraid of dying, and as soon as you flinch, you get your head cut off. I'm not afraid of losing this business.
- Yvon Chouinard
(Keywords: Business, Dying, Losing, Want)

To want fame is to prefer dying scorned than forgotten.
- Emile M. Cioran
(Keywords: Dying, Fame, Want)

I wanna survive an avalanche. I wanna be one of those people a dog finds buried under a ton of snow, almost dying of starvation.
- Tre Cool
(Keywords: People, Dying, Snow, Starvation)

I hope this series is good work, but it is in the half-hour medium, which is limited to a kind of mediocrity that sponsors are just dying to have right now, and the public, for some reason, is unconsciously demanding.
- Jackie Cooper
(Keywords: Work, Hope, Dying, Mediocrity, Now, Public, Reason, Right)

I really connect with those moments of doing missionary work down there and just seeing the people that are dying from disease and hunger and malnutrition.
- Deborah Cox
(Keywords: Work, People, Disease, Dying, Hunger, Moments)

So not only can you not imagine dying, you can't really imagine existence before you were born.
- David Cronenberg
(Keywords: Dying, Existence)

You can lose people without them dying, and I have, from moving, from traveling. The emotion is real, it just doesn't actually have to do with death. I'm singing about what I know, and it's a song about longing for somebody who's disappeared in your life.
- Jon Crosby
(Keywords: Life, Death, People, Dying, Emotion, Longing, Singing, Song, Traveling)

You know, my hair is very upsetting to people, but it's upsetting on purpose. It is important to look old so that the young will not be afraid of dying. People don't like old women. We don't honor age in our society, and we certainly don't honor it in Hollywood.
- Tyne Daly
(Keywords: Age, Society, Women, People, Purpose, Dying, Hair, Hollywood, Honor, Old, Will)

This might be the first generation where kids are dying at a younger age than their parents and it's related primarily to the obesity problem.
- Judy Davis
(Keywords: Age, Dying, First, Kids, Obesity, Parents)

It was quite a ride and very conflicting for me, too - to be nominated for an Oscar, to be straight and healthy, and to be getting all these accolades while these people around me were suffering and dying from AIDS.
- Bruce Davison
(Keywords: People, Dying, Suffering)

If the truth be known, we are on the verge of losing an entire generation of our young people, killing and dying in the streets of America.
- Ron Dellums
(Keywords: Truth, People, America, Dying, Killing, Losing)

There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.
- Johnny Depp
(Keywords: Love, Life, Dying, Living, Questions, Spirit, Value, Worth)

When I was starting to get noticed as an actor in the 1970s for something other than the third cowboy on the right who ended up dying in every movie or episode, Burt Reynolds was the biggest star in the world.
- Bruce Dern
(Keywords: Actor, Dying, Right, World)

I want to walk into a room, be it a hospital for the dying or a hospital for the sick children, and feel that I am needed. I want to do, not just to be.
- Princess Diana
(Keywords: Children, Dying, Want)

Dying is a wild night and a new road.
- Emily Dickinson
(Keywords: Dying, Night, Road)

And what unity is to be had, at a time when orchestras are dying out, and when opera houses are about to close their doors; what's going to come next - when nothing new in music, for the orchestra, is truly lasting: pieces are performed once, and then they're thrown away.
- Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
(Keywords: Time, Music, Dying, Houses, Nothing, Opera, Orchestras, Unity)

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