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Supreme Court arguments and decisions are fascinating to a few of us and really pretty boring to most.
- Dan Abrams
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The government would be able to go to court with respect to newspaper articles, broadcast pieces and the like that they thought were bad or harmful or even against the government and try to block them.
- Floyd Abrams
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I had my moments for sure but I wasn't confrontational. And sometimes you get on the court and you'd find yourself very confrontational. It was all a discovery.
- Andre Agassi
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But, I would say when I was four years old and I was at the Alan King Tennis Tournament and I was hitting with all the pros that would come to town. They would get me on the court or take notice and that stayed with me.
- Andre Agassi
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I'm in the real world, some people try to steal from me, and I stop them, frequently, take them to court. I love a good lawsuit. It's fun.
- Alan Alda
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I think that the legitimacy of the court would be undermined in any case if the court made a decision based on its perception of public opinion.
- Samuel Alito
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I said in court a long time ago that I didn't see that the Soviet Union was significantly helped by the information I gave them, nor that the United States was significantly harmed.
- Aldrich Ames
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My popularity plunged three years ago and I didn't try to court publicity.
- Namie Amuro
(Keywords: Court, Popularity, Publicity, Years)

I wanted the feel in these books to be like an epic fantasy, with kings, queens, dukes and court politics, but of course like what I was explaining before, about making the science make sense, you have to make the politics make sense, too.
- Kevin J. Anderson
(Keywords: Politics, Science, Books, Court, Fantasy, Kings, Sense)

I just want to get on the court.
- Carmelo Anthony
(Keywords: Court, Want)

I don't play full court anymore. I just play half-court.
- John Ashcroft
(Keywords: Court, Play)

You don't need to know who's playing on the White House tennis court to be a good president.
- James Baker
(Keywords: Court, President, Tennis)

All the culture war issues will be settled by the court.
- Gary Bauer
(Keywords: War, Court, Culture, Will)

You get a lawyer whether you're in a military tribunal or whether you're in a federal court, number one. The attorney general decided that the court with the biggest - with the greatest venue, with the best jurisdiction was the New York court. That was the right decision to make.
- Joe Biden
(Keywords: Decision, Court, Military, Right)

I also believe that the Supreme Court should be the final arbiter of all federal questions.
- Judy Biggert
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What the Court really has refused to recognize is the fundamental interest all individuals have in controlling the nature of their intimate associations.
- Harry A. Blackmun
(Keywords: Nature, Court, Interest)

When you come in to court as a plaintiff or as a defendant, it is terribly important that you look up at the bench and feel that that person represents you and will understand you, that that person is reflective of our community and of our society.
- Michael Bloomberg
(Keywords: Society, Community, Court, Will)

I hardly expected the grand jury to sustain me, after they saw everything different from what it had been while I was there. Yet they did, and their report to the court advises all the changes made that I had proposed.
- Nellie Bly
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The very purpose of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is to protect minority rights against majority voters. Every court decision that strikes down discriminatory legislation, including past Supreme Court decisions, affirming the fundamental rights to marry the person you love, overrules a majority decision.
- David Boies
(Keywords: Love, Decision, Purpose, Constitution, Court, Decisions, Rights, Legislation, Majority, Minority, Past)

We may not be able to control the Supreme Court... but we can control the money.
- Henry Bonilla
(Keywords: Money, Control, Court, May)

The notion that Congress can change the meaning given a constitutional provision by the Court is subversive of the function of judicial review; and it is not the less so because the Court promises to allow it only when the Constitution is moved to the left.
- Robert Bork
(Keywords: Change, Congress, Constitution, Court, Meaning, Promises)

I don't think the Constitution is studied almost anywhere, including law schools. In law schools, what they study is what the court said about the Constitution. They study the opinions. They don't study the Constitution itself.
- Robert Bork
(Keywords: Constitution, Court, Law, Opinions, Schools, Study)

I know one husband and wife who, whatever the official reasons given to the court for the break up of their marriage, were really divorced because the husband believed that nobody ought to read while he was talking and the wife that nobody ought to talk while she was reading.
- Vera Brittain
(Keywords: Marriage, Wife, Husband, Court, Reading, Talk, Talking)

In reality, those rare few cases with good forensic evidence are the ones that make it to court.
- Pat Brown
(Keywords: Court, Reality)

As a consequence, the Court ruled that the limits on campaign spending violated the First Amendment, but it accepted the $1,000 limit on individual contributions on the ground that the need to avoid the appearance of corruption justified this limited constraint on speech.
- James L. Buckley
(Keywords: Appearance, Corruption, Court, First, Limits, Speech)

One camp accepts the Court's limits on contributions but urges the reinstatement of spending caps - even if this requires a constitutional amendment subjecting political speech, if not pornography, to government regulation.
- James L. Buckley
(Keywords: Government, Court, Limits, Pornography, Speech)

The kind of corruption the media talk about, the kind the Supreme Court was concerned about, involves the putative sale of votes in exchange for campaign contributions.
- James L. Buckley
(Keywords: Corruption, Court, Media, Talk)

In rendering its decision in our case, the Supreme Court equated money with speech because these days it takes the first to make yourself heard.
- James L. Buckley
(Keywords: Money, Decision, Court, First, Speech)

The Florida Supreme Court wanted all the legal votes to be counted. The United States Supreme Court, on the other hand, did not want all the votes to be counted.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: Legal, Court, states, United, Want)

The votes of 60,000 Floridians were not counted. The Court threw out all 60,00 votes. And that's what the newspapers around the country are counting now.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: Country, Court, Newspapers, Now)

These people have elevated audacity to symphonic and operatic levels. The Florida Supreme Court relied on new law to resolve the election dispute down there.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: People, Court, Law)

Yeah, I lost court cases and misdemeanor juries, but of felony jury trials I was successful 105 of 106 times.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: Successful, Court, Jury, Trials)

I lost court cases and misdemeanor juries, but of felony jury trials I was successful 105 of 106 times.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: Successful, Court, Jury, Trials)

If it's a close election, then it's better for the Supreme Court to pick the president, whether or not he won the election. It's just insane on its face.
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Keywords: Court, President)

It is indeed an odd business that it has taken this Court nearly two centuries to "discover" a constitutional mandate to have counsel at a preliminary hearing.
- Warren E. Burger
(Keywords: Business, Court, Hearing)

With my own memoirs, they are truthful, and I write everything fully expecting to some day end up televised on Court TV, and I'm fully prepared to be challenged legally on it.
- Augusten Burroughs
(Keywords: Court, Day, End)

The law serves of nought else in these days but for to do wrong, for nothing is spread almost but false matters by color of the law for reward, dread and favor and so no remedy is had in the Court of Equity in any way.
- Jack Cade
(Keywords: Court, Law, Nothing, Reward, Wrong)

Acting with Denzel is like playing tennis with someone that's better than you. You either play better tennis or get blown off the court.
- Dean Cain
(Keywords: Acting, Court, Play, Tennis)

I don't want or need to gain respect with what I do off the court. I want respect for what I do on the court.
- Vince Carter
(Keywords: Court, Gain, Respect, Want)

Remember I'm an artist. And you know what that means in a court of law. Next worst to an actress.
- Joyce Cary
(Keywords: Artist, Court, Law)

There are certain promises you make that are more sacred than anything that happens in a court of law, I don't care how many Bibles you put your hand on.
- Paul Castellano
(Keywords: Care, Court, Law, Promises)

And though I might have learnt more wit and advanced my understanding by living in a Court, yet being dull, fearful and bashful, I neither heeded what was said or practised, but just what belonged to my loyal duty and my own honest reputation.
- Margaret Cavendish
(Keywords: Being, Court, Duty, Living, Reputation, Understanding, Wit)

The family is a court of justice which never shuts down for night or day.
- Malcolm De Chazal
(Keywords: Family, Court, Day, Justice, Night)

If the adjustment made by a court can be accepted or not, it will be refused whenever the men can gain more by continuing the strike, with whatever of violence that involves.
- John Bates Clark
(Keywords: Men, Court, Gain, Violence, Will)

In a recent decision of the Supreme Court, not made, however, by the full court, and concurred in by only four justices, it was held that the seller of a patented mimeograph could bind the purchaser to use only his ink in the machine, though the ink was not patented.
- John Bates Clark
(Keywords: Decision, Court, Machine)

A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium or a city or nationwide arena.
- Tom C. Clark
(Keywords: Court, Crime, Day)

The Twist was a guided missile launched from the ghetto into the heart of suburbia. The Twist succeeded, as politics, religion and law could never do, in writing in the heart and soul what the Supreme Court could only write on the books.
- Eldridge Cleaver
(Keywords: Religion, Politics, Soul, Heart, Books, Court, Law, Writing)

This great oracle of the East India Company himself admits that, if there is no power vested in the Court of Directors but that of the patronage, there is really no government vested in them at all.
- Richard Cobden
(Keywords: Government, Power, Company, Court, Oracle)

The president appoints the judges. Your lives and your children's lives can change by all of these appellate court judges who will be appointed who will reinterpret laws, and things can change.
- Johnnie Cochran
(Keywords: Change, Children, Court, Judges, Laws, President, Will)

If a philosophic theory is once ruled out of court, no one can tell when it will appear again.
- Morris Raphael Cohen
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