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Many rock musicians are excellent cooks, I've found, and those that are prefer to eat their own cooking in the studio. I encourage this behavior as I also enjoy the benefits of fresh food.
- Steve Albini
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I think that curiosity happened on these reviews where I was just a guest of the reviewer, because it introduced me to new cuisines and to the idea of cooking as a mechanism for studying other cultures and understanding other parts of the world.
- Ted Allen
(Keywords: Idea, Cooking, Curiosity, Guest, Understanding, World)

How is the government going to run without people like us? We make 35 percent of the bread in this country, and that much of the margarine, and cooking oil, and all the other things.
- Dwayne Andreas
(Keywords: Government, People, Cooking, Country, Oil)

The first meal was an object lesson of much variety. My father produced several kinds of food, ready to eat, without any cooking, from little tin cans that had printing all over them.
- Mary Antin
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I just signed to do my next book with Ecco Press, a new primer or encyclopedia. This will be my take on what classic Italian cooking is.
- Mario Batali
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My sisters like cooking at my place. It has a bit more room, and the food tastes a little bit better. A big pot of spaghetti and sauce, some warm French bread - works all the time. I think I've been eating pasta for 26 years.
- Tom Brady
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Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain.
- Fawn M. Brodie
(Keywords: Cooking, Housework, Teaching)

The most casual examination will reveal the fact that all the jokes about the horrible results of masculine cooking and sewing are written by men. It is all part of a great scheme of sex propaganda.
- Heywood Broun
(Keywords: Men, Sex, Cooking, Examination, Fact, Jokes, Propaganda, Results, Will)

My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don't talk about heat as an ingredient, I don't quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes.
- Alton Brown
(Keywords: Cooking, Exploration, First, Talk)

I have a good collection of cookery books. This is not so much because I like cooking, but because I like eating.
- Louise Brown
(Keywords: Books, Cookery, Cooking, Eating)

I would like to host a show, something like travel or cooking or something like that, something I'm really interested in, and so I'm pitching a couple television shows.
- Trishelle Cannatella
(Keywords: Travel, Cooking, Television)

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.
- Julia Child
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I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking.
- Clarence Clemons
(Keywords: Love, Health, Cooking, France, Growing up, Italy, Spain)

You know, you've got serious pieces, you've got light pieces, you've got cooking segments, you've got health-related topics, so it's not as if they've had a unique personality from the get-go.
- Katie Couric
(Keywords: Health, Cooking, Light, Personality)

I have a cooking show that's coming on that I did in Albany. It will be on The Cooking Channel.
- Dom DeLuise
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My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor.
- Phyllis Diller
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Just over 800 people were gathered around the cooking stage, all eager to learn about my five-minute flavor cooking. The demonstration had to be done right then and there, in front of everyone.
- Rocco DiSpirito
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I played from the time I was seven years old. My father was my first baseman coach. I had opportunities that I never really pursued - with some Miami teams and a few larger colleges, and then I ended up bailing and began cooking.
- Todd English
(Keywords: Time, Father, Coach, Cooking, First, Old, Years)

I liked the energy of cooking, the action, the camaraderie. I often compare the kitchen to sports and compare the chef to a coach. There are a lot of similarities to it.
- Todd English
(Keywords: Sports, Action, Coach, Cooking, Energy, Kitchen)

I'd love to learn to cook. I think the ladies like a guy who can cook. Also, there are lots of available ladies at cooking classes. Can you tell I'm single?
- Will Estes
(Keywords: Love, Cooking, Ladies)

I watched my mother waste her life on housework and swore I'd never do that. Dave does the cooking.
- Siobhan Fahey
(Keywords: Life, Mother, Cooking, Housework, Waste)

Cook ingredients that you are used to cooking by other techniques, such as fish, chicken, or hamburgers. In other words be comfortable with the ingredients you are using.
- Bobby Flay
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My mother was a wonderful, wonderful woman with a lovely voice who hated housework, hated cooking even more and loved her children. She was always arranging church activities such as a bazaar.
- Maureen Forrester
(Keywords: Mother, Church, Children, Cooking, Housework, Voice, Woman)

I love food and I love everything involved with food. I love the fun of it. I love restaurants. I love cooking, although I don't cook very much. I love kitchens.
- Alma Guillermoprieto
(Keywords: Food, Love, Cooking, Fun, Restaurants)

If cooking becomes an art form rather than a means of providing a reasonable diet, then something is clearly wrong.
- Tom Jaine
(Keywords: Art, Diet, Cooking, Wrong)

I do the cooking at home. Where we eat no more than 100 grams of meat a day and have 'tons' of fresh vegetables. I prepare the vegetables with a wide range of herbs, spices and such. We also keep on hand lots of fruit, yogurt and great breads.
- Graham Kerr
(Keywords: Home, Cooking, Day)

I ended up turning down a full scholarship of music at the conservatory to pay to go to cooking school.
- Emeril Lagasse
(Keywords: Music, Cooking, School)

I started cooking when I was about 10. I have memories like when I was 6 or 7 with my mom, and when I was 12 I started getting real serious about cooking.
- Emeril Lagasse
(Keywords: Mom, Cooking, Memories)

Then again, they're not scripted and I feel it's virtually impossible to be anything but yourself when you're in front of the cameras and cooking so there is a measure of truth in what you see.
- Nigella Lawson
(Keywords: Truth, Cooking, Measure)

I know the crew so well, so I forget I'm being filmed. It's like cooking with a friend in the kitchen - you're talking, as you do, and maybe you're telling her about this wonderful way to prepare lamb chops - it's more natural, more honest.
- Nigella Lawson
(Keywords: Friend, Being, Cooking, Forget, Kitchen, Talking)

Cooking is actually quite aggressive and controlling and sometimes, yes, there is an element of force-feeding going on.
- Nigella Lawson
(Keywords: Cooking, Force)

I've always done 20 things at once. It's my way of staying alive, not to keep one dish cooking, but several dishes going. And I'm pretty organized.
- Patrice Leconte
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Cooking for six people every day is like having a cafe.
- Linda McCartney
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My hobbies are cooking and gardening, especially growing orchids. I love soccer, my husband and I support a British team called Chelsea, and I also enjoy tennis. We have 3 cats.
- Juliet Mills
(Keywords: Love, Gardening, Husband, Cats, Cooking, Hobbies, Soccer, Support, Tennis)

The secret is to cook the aubergines the day before and let them dry of all the oil they drank in cooking. When you cook aubergine, they eat a lot of oil. It can be very heavy.
- Nana Mouskouri
(Keywords: Cooking, Day, Oil)

If people are going to be cooking the books, you're in trouble.
- Don Nickles
(Keywords: People, Books, Cooking, Trouble)

In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
(Keywords: Education, Cooking, Public, Reason, states, Will)

The space and light up there in Norfolk is wonderfully peaceful. I find myself doing funny things like gardening, and cooking, which I rarely do in London.
- Jeremy Northam
(Keywords: Funny, Gardening, Cooking, Light, London, Space)

I want to go to culinary school because I love cooking. One day I'd love to open up a restaurant or cafe.
- Mary-Kate Olsen
(Keywords: Love, Cooking, Day, Open, School, Want)

To the old saying that man built the house but woman made of it a 'home' might be added the modern supplement that woman accepted cooking as a chore but man has made of it a recreation.
- Emily Post
(Keywords: Cooking, Man, Old, Recreation, Saying, Woman)

I don't like food that's too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I'd buy a painting.
- Andy Rooney
(Keywords: Food, Time, Cooking, Painting)

Whether one eats a cat or not is a personal choice, and I don't want to sway anyone one way or another. But if you do, there is one obvious cooking tip: Always remember to remove the bell from the cat's collar before cooking.
- Mike Royko
(Keywords: Choice, Cooking, Obvious, Want)

You know, this is really a way of cooking. It's not my way. I'm deeply influenced by the Mediterranean way of being. I've spent a lot of time there. And I've sort of translated it; I've tried to make it available to people in this country to whom it might not be familiar.
- Sally Schneider
(Keywords: Time, People, Being, Cooking, Country)

There are so many things that come into writing a recipe, and it's really important if you're writing for home cooks to be cooking like you are at home.
- Sally Schneider
(Keywords: Home, Cooking, Writing)

The restaurant chefs in Spain are breaking ground, but in terms of the everyday cooking in Spain I still hear people coming back and saying they were disappointed. I think it's because they're expecting the chef stuff.
- Sally Schneider
(Keywords: People, Cooking, Saying, Spain)

I was aiming for the cooks that I've talked to by teaching an online course and by traveling, listening to people who are really busy and harried but want to be cooking.
- Sally Schneider
(Keywords: People, Cooking, Listening, Teaching, Traveling, Want)

For the most part this is a place to find down-to-earth advice on everyday cooking, eating, food shopping, cooking equipment, and nice things to put on your table.
- Arthur Schwartz
(Keywords: Food, Advice, Cooking, Eating)

When men reach their sixties and retire, they go to pieces. Women go right on cooking.
- Gail Sheehy
(Keywords: Men, Women, Cooking, Right)

There are three reasons why this book came into being. First, throughout the 33 years I've been writing recipes - although I'm not vegetarian myself - I have greatly enjoyed creating vegetarian recipes, and cooking and serving them at home.
- Delia Smith
(Keywords: Home, Being, Cooking, First, Writing, Years)

I sometimes think the chef end of cooking is not the real end of cooking. Cooking is all about homes and gardens, it doesn't happen in restaurants.
- Delia Smith
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