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If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.
- Joseph Addison
(Keywords: Experience, Life, Brother, Genius, Friend, Hope, Perseverance, Caution, Succeed)

Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.
- Gary Ryan Blair
(Keywords: Opportunity, Failure, Caution, Inaction)

Creative risk taking is essential to success in any goal where the stakes are high. Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.
- Gary Ryan Blair
(Keywords: Success, Opportunity, Failure, Goal, Caution, Inaction, Risk)

Our plants had now increased to 252: as they were all kept on shore at the tent I augmented the guard there, though from the general conduct of the natives there did not appear the least occasion for so much caution.
- William Bligh
(Keywords: Caution, Now, Plants)

I have learned to use the word "impossible" with the greatest caution.
- Wernher von Braun
(Keywords: Caution, Word)

The rest is a mere matter of detail, to be settled with judgment, discretion, and caution.
- John Griffin Carlisle
(Keywords: Caution, Detail, Discretion, Judgment, Rest)

Exercise caution, as I have advised many people.
- George Carman
(Keywords: People, Caution, Exercise)

I cannot say to a person who suffers injustice, 'Wait.' Perhaps you can. I can't. And having decided that I cannot urge caution I must stand with him.
- Sandra Casey Cason
(Keywords: Caution, Injustice)

In the writing of memoirs, as in the production of shows, too much caution causes the audience to nod and think of other channels.
- Gerald Clarke
(Keywords: Causes, Caution, Production, Writing)

Our troops are committed to bringing security to Iraq while its government matures. American forces will continue to accomplish their mission with caution, precision and honor with the thanks of a grateful nation.
- Mike Fitzpatrick
(Keywords: Government, American, Caution, Honor, Iraq, Mission, Nation, Security, Troops, Will)

Distrust and caution are the parents of security.
- Benjamin Franklin
(Keywords: Caution, Distrust, Parents, Security)

Once upon a time there was an old country, wrapped up in habit and caution. We have to transform our old France into a new country and marry it to its time.
- Charles de Gaulle
(Keywords: Time, Habit, Caution, Country, France, Old)

Idealists are foolish enough to throw caution to the winds. They have advanced mankind and have enriched the world.
- Emma Goldman
(Keywords: Caution, Mankind, World)

Idealists foolish enough to throw caution to the winds have advanced mankind and have enriched the world.
- Emma Goldman
(Keywords: Caution, Mankind, World)

Our errors are surely not such awfully solemn things. In a world where we are so certain to incur them in spite of all our caution, a certain lightness of heart seems healthier than this excessive nervousness on their behalf.
- William James
(Keywords: Heart, Caution, Errors, Nervousness, World)

One should proceed with caution. We may simply not be wise enough to do some of the kinds of engineering things that people are talking about doing.
- Leon Kass
(Keywords: People, Caution, Engineering, May, Talking)

The Constitution is a document that should only be amended with great caution.
- Carl Levin
(Keywords: Caution, Constitution)

Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose, and frame your life with faith.
- Thomas S. Monson
(Keywords: Faith, Life, Purpose, Caution, Friends, Future)

But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He's already demonstrated that he's trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction.
- Condoleezza Rice
(Keywords: Caution, Destruction, states, Trying, United, Want, Weapons)

Make decisions about the President's personal security. He can overrule you, but don't ask him to be the one to counsel caution.
- Donald Rumsfeld
(Keywords: Caution, Decisions, President, Security)

We will always apply the same principles of collective security, prudent caution, and superior weaponry that enabled us to peacefully prevail in the long cold war against the Soviet Union.
- Theodore C. Sorensen
(Keywords: War, Caution, Principles, Security, Will)

More firm and sure the hand of courage strikes, when it obeys the watchful eye of caution.
- James Thomson
(Keywords: Courage, Caution, Eye)

Throw caution to the wind and just do it.
- Carrie Underwood
(Keywords: Caution, Wind)

We had a single find of BSE in this country. And we believe that what we're doing is appropriate action taken in an abundance of caution under the circumstances. And I believe it's the right thing to do.
- Ann Veneman
(Keywords: Action, Abundance, Caution, Circumstances, Country, Right)

I caution against beginning or ending a quotation with ellipses.
- Bill Walsh
(Keywords: Beginning, Caution, Ending, Quotation)

We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN's editorial staff and not by any third party.
- Jim Walton
(Keywords: Caution, Decisions, Exercise, Party)

Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.
- George Washington
(Keywords: Experience, Religion, Morality, Caution, Reason, Religious)

Action makes more fortune than caution.
- Charlotte Whitton
(Keywords: Action, Caution, Fortune)

The innocence that feels no risk and is taught no caution, is more vulnerable than guilt, and oftener assailed.
- Nathaniel Parker Willis
(Keywords: Caution, Guilt, Innocence, Risk)

Caution is the confidential agent of selfishness.
- Woodrow Wilson
(Keywords: Caution, Selfishness)

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