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If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.
- Joseph Addison
(Keywords: Experience, Life, Brother, Genius, Friend, Hope, Perseverance, Caution, Succeed)

Well, financially it's a little bit better. But it's better than than when I was a teacher. But I kind of - it's allowed me to buy a house. And I've been able to help my mother with some stuff and my brother. So, that's nice.
- Clay Aiken
(Keywords: Mother, Brother, Help)

We got to go to Lucas Ranch and, at that time, my brother was still living in a condo about a mile from Robin Williams, and so I made all of the other comics jealous because I got to get a ride home with him.
- Carlos Alazraqui
(Keywords: Home, Time, Brother, Living)

I figure I'll be champ for about ten years and then I'll let my brother take over - like the Kennedys down in Washington.
- Muhammad Ali
(Keywords: Brother, Washington, Years)

Clapton asked my brother to play on his record. I thought that was the most wonderful thing in the world.
- Gregg Allman
(Keywords: Brother, Thought, Play, World)

My mother used to take my brother and me to get any books we wanted, but they were second hand books published in the '30s and '40s. I liked scary books.
- Alejandro Amenabar
(Keywords: Mother, Brother, Books)

Comic books and The Chronicles of Narnia. My mother used to read those to me and my twin brother growing up.
- Shawn Ashmore
(Keywords: Mother, Brother, Books, Growing up)

When I was eight years old I went to visit my brother who was working on a movie of the week with my mother and I saw how much fun he was having and I decided I wanted to try it too.
- Mackenzie Astin
(Keywords: Mother, Brother, Fun, Old, Visit, Years)

My brother Jeff is now my agent at Advantage International in Washington, D.C.
- Tracy Austin
(Keywords: Brother, Now, Washington)

I think of my brother just out of prison again. He will have spent ten years of the last 30 in prison.
- Daniel Berrigan
(Keywords: Brother, Prison, Will, Years)

My brother was a great favorite with everybody, and his death cast a gloom upon the whole neighborhood.
- Buffalo Bill
(Keywords: Death, Brother, Favorite)

People go back to the stuff that doesn't cost a lot of money and the stuff that you don't have to hand money to over and over again. Stuff that you get for free, stuff that your older brother gives you, stuff that you can get out of the local library.
- Frank Black
(Keywords: Money, Brother, People)

I would have told him that I appreciated his friendship through the years and that I had learned a lot from him. I really loved Frank like you do a brother.
- Jimmy Carl Black
(Keywords: Friendship, Brother, Years)

Distance does not decide who is your brother and who is not. The church is going to have to become the conscience of the free market if it's to have any meaning in this world - and stop being its apologist.
- Bono
(Keywords: Brother, Church, Being, Conscience, Meaning, World)

We all remember where we were and we all remember what we were doing. I had a brother in New York, an uncle, lots of friends in New York. It made me angry, it made me sad; what could I do.
- Timothy Bottoms
(Keywords: Brother, Friends)

Just about this time, when in imagination I was so great a warrior, I had good use in real life for more strength, as I was no longer taken to school by the nurse, but instead had myself to protect my brother, two years my junior.
- Georg Brandes
(Keywords: Imagination, Life, Time, Brother, Strength, School, Years)

Steve and I saw eye to eye on the story and I got the part, but I think in the beginning it was due to my brother's instigation. So I owe him for that.
- Beau Bridges
(Keywords: Brother, Beginning, Eye)

My mom is many times responsible for getting us all together, but we trade off at each other's houses. My brother and I are actors and are traveling a lot of our job.
- Beau Bridges
(Keywords: Mom, Brother, Actors, Houses, Job, Trade, Traveling)

My favorite Oscar story was a year my brother had been nominated, my whole family went.
- Beau Bridges
(Keywords: Family, Brother, Favorite)

And then I got into sports and gave my guitar to my brother Jeff who was just a little kid at that time.
- Beau Bridges
(Keywords: Sports, Time, Brother, Guitar)

My brother and I are always trying to figure out a way to work again together.
- Beau Bridges
(Keywords: Work, Brother, Trying)

I have already given two cousins to the war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife's brother.
- Charles Farrar Browne
(Keywords: War, Brother, Sacrifice, Wife)

For women who turn to welfare, Big Brother becomes Husband.
- Tammy Bruce
(Keywords: Women, Brother, Husband, Welfare)

Affliction's sons are brothers in distress; A brother to relieve, how exquisite the bliss!
- Robert Burns
(Keywords: Brother, Affliction, Brothers, Sons)

My other brother, the Lord Lucas, who was heir to my father's estate, and as it were the father to take care of us all, is not less valiant than they were, although his skill in the discipline of war was not so much, not being bred therein.
- Margaret Cavendish
(Keywords: War, Father, Brother, Discipline, Being, Care, Heir, Skill)

My brother was always in bands and on the road when I was a kid and he was my inspiration. He never made it with a big band, in fact he never made a record. Here he is fifty-something years old.
- Jimmy Chamberlin
(Keywords: Brother, Inspiration, Fact, Old, Road, Years)

My brother and I had a real love-hate relationship with my success. There was some bitterness there that I didn't understand until recently, but I told him that if I ever did a record I wanted him to play on it.
- Jimmy Chamberlin
(Keywords: Love, Success, Brother, Bitterness, Play)

In the first place, our faith ought to lay hold on Christ as God and man in that nature by which He has been made our neighbor, kinsman, and brother.
- Martin Chemnitz
(Keywords: Faith, Nature, Brother, God, Christ, First, Man)

Being pretty on the inside means you don't hit your brother and you eat all your peas - that's what my grandma taught me.
- Lord Chesterfield
(Keywords: Brother, Being, Pretty)

Kissing Macaulay Culkin was like kissing a brother. It was really no big deal.
- Anna Chlumsky
(Keywords: Brother, Kissing)

I performed adequately at school, but in comparison to my older brother, who set the record for the highest cumulative average for our high school, my performance was decidedly mediocre.
- Steven Chu
(Keywords: Brother, Performance, School)

When my brother-in-law, BIll Clinton, was elected, he had gay friends. That was a coming out.
- Kate Clinton
(Keywords: Brother, Friends, Gay)

I'm writing new songs for a Broadway version of Tarzan, which is very interesting. I think what I learned from the Brother Bear score side of things, I've brought into the new Tarzan songs. Thinking outside just guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.
- Phil Collins
(Keywords: Brother, Guitar, Songs, Thinking, Writing)

I had an older brother who was very interested in literature, so I had an early exposure to literature, and and theater. My father sometimes would work in musical comedies.
- Francis Ford Coppola
(Keywords: Work, Father, Brother, Literature, Theater)

Just before my final year of high school, my brother, sister and I moved with my mother to San Francisco.
- Eric Allin Cornell
(Keywords: Mother, Sister, Brother, School)

As I have discovered by examining my past, I started out as a child. Coincidentally, so did my brother. My mother did not put all her eggs in one basket, so to speak: she gave me a younger brother named Russell, who taught me what was meant by "survival of the fittest."
- Bill Cosby
(Keywords: Mother, Brother, Past)

I think probably the one trait that would concern me about brother Bing would be his lack of responsibility.
- Bob Crosby
(Keywords: Brother, Concern, Responsibility)

I didn't want people to say his brother Bing sings better than he does.
- Bob Crosby
(Keywords: Brother, People, Want)

Then I got together with my brother and a friend and we decided to play dates. The more we played, the more we wanted to do it. And it got to a stage where we wanted to do it all the time.
- Ray Davies
(Keywords: Time, Brother, Friend, Play)

I believe that we must reach our brother, never toning down our fundamental oppositions, but meeting him when he asks to be met, with a reason for the faith that is in us, as well as with a loving sympathy for them as brothers.
- Dorothy Day
(Keywords: Faith, Brother, Sympathy, Brothers, Meeting, Reason)

You know, I think everything I do cinematically for the rest of my life will probably have some direct route back to Jonathan. But I love him to death. He's like my best friend and my big brother.
- Ted Demme
(Keywords: Life, Love, Death, Brother, Friend, Rest, Will)

The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother.
- Charles Dickens
(Keywords: Men, Brother, Endurance, World)

Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner.
- Walt Disney
(Keywords: Business, Time, Brother, Disaster, Hollywood, Mind, Mouse, Right, Years)

Basically, at some point, one day maybe you can expect to hear some of my music. I haven't really done that yet because my younger brother is a musician and really talented and I want him to come out with his music first.
- Stephen Dorff
(Keywords: Music, Brother, Day, First, Want)

I'm all for guys being butch and guys being men. I identify with that and appreciate that. But if I'm going to stab my gay brother in the back who isn't butch and who maybe acts a little bit more effeminate, what good is that?
- Kyan Douglas
(Keywords: Men, Brother, Being, Gay)

With a modem, anyone can follow the world and report on the world-no middle man, no big brother. I guess this changes everything.
- Matt Drudge
(Keywords: Brother, Man, World)

I wish I could say I see my little brother more. We used to fight all the time but now that I don't see him very often I cherish the time I have with him.
- Zac Efron
(Keywords: Time, Brother, Fight, Now)

If thy brother wrongs thee, remember not so much his wrong-doing, but more than ever that he is thy brother.
- Epictetus
(Keywords: Brother, Wrong, Wrongs)

Doubt is the brother of shame.
- Erik Erikson
(Keywords: Brother, Doubt, Shame)

I was a militant smoker, and in my case, I think I particularly used smoking because what I felt was a kind of politically correct big brother assault on smoking.
- Joe Eszterhas
(Keywords: Brother, Smoking)

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