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Personally I believe that the courses we followed for some years after World War II were enlightened, surprisingly imaginative and extremely effective.
- David Bruce
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The modern assault on the environment began about 50 years ago, during and immediately after World War II.
- Barry Commoner
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My favorite period is World War II, and I'm in the middle of writing my fourth novel set in that era.
- Ken Follett
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World War II is the greatest drama in human history, the biggest war ever and a true battle of good and evil. I imagine writers will continue to get stories from it, and readers will continue to love them, for many more years.
- Ken Follett
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The more the history of the World War and what led up to it is studied, the more clearly those tragic years become revealed as a vast collapse of civilization.
- Arthur Henderson
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We had four years of world war which the peoples endured only because they were told that their sufferings would free humanity forever from the scourge of war.
- Arthur Henderson
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Four years of world war, at a cost in human suffering which our minds are mercifully too limited to imagine, led to the very clear realization that international anarchy must be abandoned if civilization was to survive.
- Arthur Henderson
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In Finland, we learned quite a lot from our own civil war. The wounds were visible when I was a boy, but my generation went into the Second World War and it united the Finnish nation, so I do not see any more wounds.
- Harri Holkeri
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My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize.
- Mike Honda
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I feel connected to the Second World War because my father lost his father in that war. So, through my dad and the effect it had on him of losing his father young, I always felt connected to the war. It goes back years, but it still feels to me as if we're completely living in it.
- Tom Hooper
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There is no consensus even today on the merits of Napoleon - and certainly no agreement on the rights and wrongs of the origins of the First World War.
- Douglas Hurd
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The United States has made a massive effort since the end of the Second World War to secure the dominance of its films in foreign markets - an achievement generally pushed home politically, by writing clauses into various treaties and aid packages.
- Fredric Jameson
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I was born in 1923 into a middle class Jewish family in Vienna, a few years after the end of World War I, which was disastrous from the Austrian point of view.
- Walter Kohn
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We've built the largest empire in the history of the world. It's been done over the last 50 years since World War II with very little military might, actually. It's only in rare instances like Iraq where the military comes in as a last resort.
- John Perkins
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All through the years since World War II, the Japanese people have, I am convinced, made strenuous efforts to preserve and promote world peace, contributing to the progress and prosperity of mankind.
- Eisaku Sato
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During the first six years of my life, Hungary was one of the most important components of the Habsburg dynasty's vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after World War I it became an independent national entity.
- Georg Solti
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Fifty years after half a million gypsies were exterminated in the Second World War - thousands of them in Auschwitz - we're again preparing the mass killing of this minority.
- Antonio Tabucchi
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Well, I've been reading a lot about the fifty years since the Second World War, about Western foreign policy and all that. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I just think that there's no hope.
- Thom Yorke
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