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One fifth of human kind depend on fish to live. Today now 70 percent of the fish stock are over-exploited. According to FAO if we don't change our system of fishing the main sea resources will be gone in 2050. We don't want to believe what we know.
- Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.
- Saint Augustine
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I do not yet know why plants come out of the land or float in streams, or creep on rocks or roll from the sea. I am entranced by the mystery of them, and absorbed by their variety and kinds. Everywhere they are visible yet everywhere occult.
- Liberty Hyde Bailey
(Keywords: Land, Mystery, Plants, Sea, Variety)

Fifty percent of our country that we own, have all legal jurisdiction, have all rights to do whatever we want, lies beneath the sea and we have better maps of Mars than that 50 percent.
- Robert Ballard
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A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
- Honore de Balzac
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The work to me is everything, and I would throw every rule overboard and send them to the bottom of the sea tomorrow, if I felt there were a more excellent way.
- Thomas John Barnardo
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I still love to walk in the mountains or be on the sea. I like to be in nature. Sometimes I bicycle. It's important to feel good with your body. The body is extremely important. If you feel good, you have more energy in your singing.
- Cecilia Bartoli
(Keywords: Love, Nature, Body, Energy, Mountains, Sea, Singing)

There's 40 or 50 songs that nobody's heard that I've done in between albums. There's a whole evolution from Midnite Vultures to Sea Change that's never been released.
- Beck
(Keywords: Change, Evolution, Sea, Songs)

Since writing JAWS, I've been lucky enough to do close to forty television shows about wildlife in the oceans, and yes, I have been attacked by sea creatures once in a while.
- Peter Benchley
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One of the guys that used to run it - for some reason I've no idea why he used to call me the Sea Monster and I was just looking around for a name and thought that'll do. That lasted for a couple of years probably.
- Jo Brand
(Keywords: Thought, Idea, Name, Reason, Sea, Years)

We tried burying the waste at sea and the concrete cannisters that held it cracked open.
- David R. Brower
(Keywords: Open, Sea, Waste)

Since the German people, with unparalleled heroism, but also at the cost of fearful sacrifices, has waged war against half the world, it is our right and our duty to obtain safety and independence for ourselves at sea.
- Bernhard von Bulow
(Keywords: War, People, Duty, Independence, Heroism, Right, Safety, Sea, World)

Little islands are all large prisons: one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow.
- Richard Burton
(Keywords: Islands, Sea, Wishing)

Even if the whole earth and sea were turned to gold, they could hardly satisfy the avarice of a woman... You can more easily scratch a diamond with your fingernail than you can by any human ingenuity get a woman to consent to giving any of her savings.
- Andreas Capellanus
(Keywords: Earth, Giving, Gold, Sea, Woman)

We lived within two hundred yards of the sea, and its voice was in our ears night and day.
- Edward Carpenter
(Keywords: Day, Night, Sea, Voice)

It was really cool going to Sea World. We had an amazing time. They were amazing to us. We got to swim with the dolphins, and it was really special.
- Sarah Chalke
(Keywords: Time, Sea, World)

O wise man! Give your wealth only to the worthy and never to others. The water of the sea received by the clouds is always sweet.
- Chanakya
(Keywords: Wealth, Clouds, Sea, Water)

As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes and threats of heaven and sea, himself standing unmoved.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Keywords: Character, Fire, Heaven, Man, Sea, Water)

It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck.
- Charles Caleb Colton
(Keywords: Danger, Sea, Shipwreck)

For all that has been said of the love that certain natures (on shore) have professed for it, for all the celebrations it has been the object of in prose and song, the sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.
- Joseph Conrad
(Keywords: Love, Man, Prose, Sea, Song)

If you pinch the sea of its liberty, though it be walls of stone or brass, it will beat them down.
- John Cotton
(Keywords: Liberty, Sea, Will)

God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. He plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm.
- William Cowper
(Keywords: God, Footsteps, Plants, Sea, Wonders)

But the revolutions and changes which are responsible for the present state of the earth are not limited to the upsetting of the ancient strata and to the ebbing of the sea after the formations of new layers.
- George Cuvier
(Keywords: Earth, Present, Sea, State)

When I wrote the song, I had the sea near Bombay in mind. We stayed at a hotel by the sea, and the fishermen come up at five in the morning and they were all chanting. And we went on the beach and we got chased by a mad dog - big as a donkey.
- Ray Davies
(Keywords: Beach, Fishermen, Mind, Sea, Song)

I don't expect that we're going to become the biggest craze. If it happened, I'd be really shocked. I think people will dig it, but there will be a sea of people who just don't get it.
- Dustin Diamond
(Keywords: People, Sea, Will)

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.
- Isak Dinesen
(Keywords: Cure, Sea, Tears)

If I had my will I would live in a ship on the sea, and never come nearer to humanity than that!
- Eleonora Duse
(Keywords: Humanity, Sea, Will)

The most amazing thing to me about the sea is the tide. A harbour like St. Ives is totally transformed in a very short space of time by the arrival or departure of the sea.
- John Dyer
(Keywords: Time, Departure, Sea, Space)

I love the sea's sounds and the way it reflects the sky. The colours that shimmer across its surface are unbelievable. This, combined with the colour of the water over white sand, surprises me every time.
- John Dyer
(Keywords: Love, Time, Sea, Sky, Surprises, Water)

With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.
- Sylvia Earle
(Keywords: Earth, Sea, Water)

I think it was lucky that during most of the work on the Odyssey I lived on Homer's sea in houses that were, in one case, shaken by the impact of the Mediterranean winter storms on the rocks below.
- Robert Fitzgerald
(Keywords: Work, Houses, Sea, Storms, Winter)

The naturalists of our own time hold equal faith in the wonders of the sea, but seek therein rather for the links of nature's chain than for apparent exceptions.
- Edward Forbes
(Keywords: Faith, Time, Nature, Sea, Wonders)

Wine hath drowned more men than the sea.
- Thomas Fuller
(Keywords: Men, Sea, Wine)

What do you want to be a sailor for? There are greater storms in politics than you will ever find at sea. Piracy, broadsides, blood on the decks. You will find them all in politics.
- David Lloyd George
(Keywords: Politics, Blood, Sea, Storms, Want, Will)

On embarking to return we could perceive no sign of One Tree Island; and as we swept down towards the sea the leafy top of a tree seen in the clear water under the boat was the only evidence of its existence; though a few hours ago it had formed so prominent an object.
- George Grey
(Keywords: Existence, Sea, Water)

In front of us lay a smooth sandy beach, beyond which rose gradually a high wooded country, and behind us was the sea, studded with numerous islands of every variety of form.
- George Grey
(Keywords: Beach, Country, Islands, Sea, Variety)

If you want to go anywhere in modern war, in the air, on the sea, on the land, you must have command of the air.
- William Halsey
(Keywords: War, Land, Sea, Want)

The most ordinary conditions for observing sailing birds are then the wind and sea are both aft.
- Lawrence Hargrave
(Keywords: Birds, Sea, Wind)

The Baltic Sea is becoming more and more polluted. Not everybody living near the shore of the Baltic Sea is protecting it. It is the water of life for countries like Finland and Sweden.
- Harri Holkeri
(Keywords: Life, Countries, Living, Sea, Water)

There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.
- Victor Hugo
(Keywords: Soul, Sea, Sky)

I wanted to be an artist. I was studying art. I wanted to be a great painter. When I went into the Navy, there wasn't much to draw at sea. So I began writing, and I began reading a lot.
- Evan Hunter
(Keywords: Art, Artist, Navy, Reading, Sea, Writing)

Though the terror of the sea gives to none security, in the secret of the shell. Self preserving we may dwell.
- Muhammad Iqbal
(Keywords: May, Sea, Security, Self, Terror)

An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.
- Washington Irving
(Keywords: Nature, Thought, Gifts, Heaven, Mind, Oil, Sea, Weather)

Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. Understand that we are you. Understand that if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and you have no rights in our lovemaking.
- Derek Jarman
(Keywords: Sex, Morality, Decision, Rights, Law, Sea, Sexuality)

Land and sea, weakness and decline are great separators, but death is the great divorcer for ever.
- John Keats
(Keywords: Death, Land, Sea, Weakness)

My father was a sea captain, so was his father, and his father before him, and all my uncles. My mother's people all followed the sea. I suppose that if I had been born a few years earlier, I would have had my own ship.
- Joseph C. Lincoln
(Keywords: Mother, Father, People, Sea, Years)

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea.
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(Keywords: Lie, Beach, Open, Reward, Sea, Waiting)

There is nothing so desperately monotonous as the sea, and I no longer wonder at the cruelty of pirates.
- James Russell Lowell
(Keywords: Cruelty, Nothing, Sea, Wonder)

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
- John Lubbock
(Keywords: Books, Earth, Rivers, Sea, Sky)

Pleasant it is, when over a great sea the winds trouble the waters, to gaze from shore upon another's great tribulation; not because any man's troubles are a delectable joy, but because to perceive you are free of them yourself is pleasant.
- Lucretius
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