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If the Old Testament were a reliable guide in the matter of capital punishment, half the people in the United States would have to be killed tomorrow.
- Steve Allen
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That the saints may enjoy their beatitude and the grace of God more abundantly they are permitted to see the punishment of the damned in hell.
- Thomas Aquinas
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Well I certainly have learned and I hope I'm moving on and certainly two years of prison was a terrible punishment.
- Jeffrey Archer
(Keywords: Hope, Prison, Punishment, Years)

The way the terrorist is trained to operate, especially the suicide terrorists, makes punishment and the threat of punishment far less valuable to those who would prevent the crime.
- John Ashcroft
(Keywords: Crime, Punishment, Suicide)

Fines are preferable to imprisonment and other types of punishment because they are more efficient. With a fine, the punishment to offenders is also revenue to the State.
- Gary Becker
(Keywords: Imprisonment, Punishment, State)

To sin offers repentance and forgiveness; not to sin offers only punishment.
- Jose Bergamin
(Keywords: Forgiveness, Punishment, Repentance, Sin)

Purity is not imposed upon us as though it were a kind of punishment, it is one of those mysterious but obvious conditions of that supernatural knowledge of ourselves in the Divine, which we speak of as faith. Impurity does not destroy this knowledge, it slays our need for it.
- Georges Bernanos
(Keywords: Faith, Knowledge, Obvious, Punishment, Purity, Supernatural)

Punishment may make us obey the orders we are given, but at best it will only teach an obedience to authority, not a self-control which enhances our self-respect.
- Bruno Bettelheim
(Keywords: Authority, May, Obedience, Punishment, Self, Will)

To be misunderstood can be the writer's punishment for having disturbed the reader's peace. The greater the disturbance, the greater the possibility of misunderstanding.
- Anatole Broyard
(Keywords: Peace, Possibility, Punishment, Writer)

God preordained, for his own glory and the display of His attributes of mercy and justice, a part of the human race, without any merit of their own, to eternal salvation, and another part, in just punishment of their sin, to eternal damnation.
- John Calvin
(Keywords: God, Glory, Justice, Mercy, Merit, Punishment, Race, Salvation, Sin)

The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor.
- Albert Camus
(Keywords: Thought, Gods, Labor, Punishment, Reason, Weight)

As the bull market goes on, people who take great risks achieve great rewards, seemingly without punishment. It's like crime without punishment or sex without sin.
- Ron Chernow
(Keywords: Sex, People, Crime, Punishment, Sin)

If the executioner goes, my package will never be made public. If he doesn't go, it will be made public exactly fifty years from the day the bill for a moratorium on capital punishment is defeated.
- Caryl Chessman
(Keywords: Day, Public, Punishment, Will, Years)

Confession is always weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence.
- Dorothy Dix
(Keywords: Soul, Confession, Grave, Punishment, Secrets, Silence, Weakness)

Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie.
- Lawrence Durrell
(Keywords: Lie, Guilt, Punishment, Satisfaction)

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.
- Albert Einstein
(Keywords: People, Fear, Hope, Punishment, Reward)

If in my fight I can encourage even some people to understand and to abandon policies they now so blindly follow, I shall not regret any punishment I may incur.
- Bram Fischer
(Keywords: People, Fight, May, Now, Punishment, Regret)

Capital punishment is as fundamentally wrong as a cure for crime as charity is wrong as a cure for poverty.
- Henry Ford
(Keywords: Charity, Crime, Cure, Poverty, Punishment, Wrong)

Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal.
- Elizabeth Fry
(Keywords: Crime, Punishment, Reform, Revenge)

No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined.
- Paul Gallico
(Keywords: Baseball, Cause, Crime, Effect, Motive, Punishment, Result, World)

Justice that love gives is a surrender, justice that law gives is a punishment.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Love, Justice, Law, Punishment, Surrender)

Now, I - for several years while I was researching this book, I felt quite obsessed by thoughts about sentencing, punishment, how judges arrive at their decisions.
- Helen Garner
(Keywords: Thoughts, Decisions, Judges, Now, Punishment, Years)

We genuinely believe to this day that it was an honest genuine mistake and we never imagined the punishment would be eight months. The precedent dictated that it was unlikely to be that. We don't regret he played for that period.
- David Gill
(Keywords: Mistake, Day, Months, Punishment, Regret)

Nearly 60 years ago, the international community made a commitment to put an end to the crime of genocide by ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
- Alcee Hastings
(Keywords: Commitment, Community, Crime, End, Genocide, Nations, Prevention, Punishment, United, Years)

To believe in a just law of cause and effect, carrying with it a punishment or a reward, is to believe in righteousness.
- Ernest Holmes
(Keywords: Cause, Effect, Law, Punishment, Reward, Righteousness)

Suicide is possible, but not probable; hanging, I trust, is even more unlikely; for I hope that, by the time I die, my countrymen will have become civilised enough to abolish capital punishment.
- Laurence Housman
(Keywords: Time, Trust, Hope, Punishment, Suicide, Will)

Happiness is not a reward - it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment - it is a result.
- Robert Green Ingersoll
(Keywords: Happiness, Punishment, Result, Reward, Suffering)

Vice Is like a fury to the vicious mind, And turns delight itself to punishment.
- Ben Jonson
(Keywords: Delight, Mind, Punishment, Vice)

Here an attempt is made to explain suffering: the outcaste of traditional Hinduism is held to deserve his fetched fate; it is a punishment for the wrongs he did in a previous life.
- Walter Kaufmann
(Keywords: Life, Hinduism, Fate, Punishment, Wrongs)

Corporal punishment is as humiliating for him who gives it as for him who receives it; it is ineffective besides. Neither shame nor physical pain have any other effect than a hardening one.
- Ellen Key
(Keywords: Effect, Pain, Punishment, Shame)

Homelessness is a part of our American system. There should be nothing wrong with this condition as long as the individual is not sentenced to unnecessary suffering and punishment.
- Jerzy Kosinski
(Keywords: American, Nothing, Punishment, Suffering, Wrong)

This system of encouragement proves serviceable as a preventive of punishment, the attainment of the tickets being a reward, the forfeiture of them the reverse; and, as such, boys seem often more affected by their loss than by coercion.
- Joseph Lancaster
(Keywords: Being, Boys, Encouragement, Loss, Punishment, Reward)

According to Islamic principles, when a man is accused of heresy, he is given the choice between repentance and punishment.
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Keywords: Choice, Heresy, Man, Principles, Punishment, Repentance)

When a child can be brought to tears, and not from fear of punishment, but from repentance he needs no chastisement. When the tears begin to flow from the grief of their conduct you can be sure there is an angel nestling in their heart.
- Horace Mann
(Keywords: Heart, Fear, Grief, Needs, Punishment, Repentance, Tears)

It is from the traditional family that we absorb those universal ideals and principles which are the teaching of Jesus, the bedrock of our religious faith. We are taught the difference between right and wrong, and about the law, just punishment and discipline.
- Kamisese Mara
(Keywords: Family, Faith, Discipline, Difference, Ideals, Law, Principles, Punishment, Religious, Right, Teaching, Wrong)

It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly.
- Margaret Mead
(Keywords: Fear, Behavior, Open, Punishment, Question)

Going to the opera, like getting drunk, is a sin that carries its own punishment with it.
- Hannah More
(Keywords: Opera, Punishment, Sin)

Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically.
- Robert Mugabe
(Keywords: History, Punishment, Suffering)

I learned early about the misery and dangers of life, and about the afterlife, about the external punishment which awaited the children of sin in Hell.
- Edvard Munch
(Keywords: Life, Afterlife, Children, Hell, Misery, Punishment, Sin)

Civilization is built on a number of ultimate principles... respect for human life, the punishment of crimes against property and persons, the equality of all good citizens before the law... or, in a word justice.
- Max Nordau
(Keywords: Equality, Life, Civilization, Justice, Law, Principles, Property, Punishment, Respect, Word)

The idea that you earn things - that you earn respect, that you earn income, responsibility. the vote, punishment... these ideas are anathema to the liberal mind.
- Dennis Prager
(Keywords: Idea, Ideas, Income, Liberal, Mind, Punishment, Respect, Responsibility, Vote)

To work without attachment is to work without the expectation of reward or fear of any punishment in this world or the next. Work so done is a means to the end, and God is the end.
- Ramakrishna
(Keywords: Work, God, Fear, End, Expectation, Punishment, Reward, World)

Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adam the apple, woman's punishment has been to supply a man with food then suffer the consequences when it disagrees with him.
- Helen Rowland
(Keywords: Food, Consequences, Man, Punishment, Woman)

Work is not man's punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure.
- George Sand
(Keywords: Work, Strength, Man, Pleasure, Punishment, Reward)

The first and greatest punishment of the sinner is the conscience of sin.
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Keywords: Conscience, First, Punishment, Sin)

An absolutely necessary part of a writer's equipment, almost as necessary as talent, is the ability to stand up under punishment, both the punishment the world hands out and the punishment he inflicts upon himself.
- Irwin Shaw
(Keywords: Talent, Ability, Punishment, World, Writer)

Homosexuality in Russia is a crime and the punishment is seven years in prison, locked up with the other men. There is a three year waiting list.
- Yakov Smirnoff
(Keywords: Men, Crime, Homosexuality, Prison, Punishment, Russia, Waiting, Years)

I propose a Constitutional Amendment providing that, if any public official, elected or appointed, at any level of government, is caught lying to any member of the public for any reason, the punishment shall be death by public hanging.
- L. Neil Smith
(Keywords: Death, Government, Lying, Public, Punishment, Reason)

All persons harboring or secreting the conspirators or aiding their concealment or escape, will be treated as accomplices in the murder of the President and shall be subject to trial before a military commission, and the punishment of death.
- Edwin M. Stanton
(Keywords: Death, Military, Murder, President, Punishment, Will)

Love or not, I wouldn't subject a wife to the road. It's punishment.
- Billy Strayhorn
(Keywords: Love, Wife, Punishment, Road)

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