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FOR a long time the conviction has been dimly felt in the community that, without prejudice to existing institutions, the legal day of weekly rest might be employed to advantage for purposes affecting the general good.
- Felix Adler
(Keywords: Legal, Time, Community, Conviction, Day, Prejudice, Rest)

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other causes for prejudice by noon.
- George Aiken
(Keywords: Causes, Prejudice, Race)

Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.
- Maya Angelou
(Keywords: Burden, Future, Past, Prejudice, Present)

Sharpe is my favorite role of all that I've played. He's a very complex character. He knows that he's a good soldier, but he will always have to fight the prejudice of aristocratic officers because of his rough working-class upbringing. On the battlefield, he's full of confidence - but off it, he is unsure, a bit shy and ill at ease.
- Sean Bean
(Keywords: Character, Confidence, Favorite, Fight, Prejudice, Will)

Prejudice - a vagrant opinion without visible means of support.
- Ambrose Bierce
(Keywords: Opinion, Prejudice, Support)

The prejudice was so bad in the United States at that time that a dark person with a white person would not be served in a restaurant. My father, mother, and I would try it occasionally. We would sit there, and the food would never come.
- Amar Bose
(Keywords: Food, Time, Mother, Father, Prejudice, states, United)

Race prejudice is not only a shadow over the colored it is a shadow over all of us, and the shadow is darkest over those who feel it least and allow its evil effects to go on.
- Pearl S. Buck
(Keywords: Evil, Prejudice, Race, Shadow)

Wherever you see a man who gives someone else's corruption, someone else's prejudice as a reason for not taking action himself, you see a cog in The Machine that governs us.
- John Jay Chapman
(Keywords: Action, Corruption, Machine, Man, Prejudice, Reason)

Their prejudice allowed white Southerners to look the other way when blacks were denied their most basic human rights, and it encouraged the worst of them to engage in unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence.
- Linda Chavez
(Keywords: Cruelty, Rights, Human rights, Prejudice, Violence)

It demonstrates to his simple mind in the most positive manner that we have no prejudice against him on account of his race, and that while he behaves himself he will be treated the same as a white man.
- George Crook
(Keywords: Positive, Man, Mind, Prejudice, Race, Will)

History is mostly guessing; the rest is prejudice.
- Will Durant
(Keywords: History, Prejudice, Rest)

I think most people are more susceptible to prejudice than to reason.
- Roger Ebert
(Keywords: People, Prejudice, Reason)

Whenever I run into prejudice. I smile and feel sorry for them, and I say to myself, There's one more argument for birth control.
- Freddy Fender
(Keywords: Control, Argument, Birth control, Prejudice, Smile)

Democratic forms of government are vulnerable to mass prejudice, the so-called tyranny of the majority.
- Maggie Gallagher
(Keywords: Government, Majority, Prejudice, Tyranny)

In a world filled with hate, prejudice, and protest, I find that I too am filled with hate, prejudice, and protest.
- Bob Gibson
(Keywords: Hate, Prejudice, Protest, World)

It would not be fair to the critics of Rotary, who include some of the most brilliant of the British and American writers, to charge them with prejudice.
- Paul Harris
(Keywords: American, Prejudice, Writers)

Prejudice is a raft onto which the shipwrecked mind clambers and paddles to safety.
- Ben Hecht
(Keywords: Mind, Prejudice, Safety)

The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction.
- Tim Holden
(Keywords: Society, Citizenship, Consequences, Inaction, Indifference, Prejudice, Racism)

We beg you to save young America from the blight of race prejudice. Do not bind the children within the narrow circles of your own lives.
- Charles Hamilton Houston
(Keywords: America, Children, Prejudice, Race)

If people are informed they will do the right thing. It's when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice.
- Charlayne Hunter-Gault
(Keywords: People, Prejudice, Right, Will)

A good example of how it must have been is today's world of conducting, which is still utterly dominated by men, and the prejudice the few female conductors have to battle even today is astounding.
- Lara St. John
(Keywords: Men, Battle, Example, Prejudice, Today, World)

Western civilization, Christianity, decency are struggling for their very lives. In this worldwide civil war, race prejudice is our most dangerous enemy, for it is a disease at the very root of our democratic life.
- Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
(Keywords: Life, War, Civilization, Christianity, Decency, Disease, Enemy, Prejudice, Race)

I believe all Americans who believe in freedom, tolerance and human rights have a responsibility to oppose bigotry and prejudice based on sexual orientation.
- Coretta Scott King
(Keywords: Americans, Bigotry, Freedom, Rights, Human rights, Prejudice, Responsibility, Tolerance)

Because it equates tradition with prejudice, the left finds itself increasingly unable to converse with ordinary people in their common language.
- Christopher Lasch
(Keywords: People, Language, Prejudice, Tradition)

I do have to say that I think that President Obama is the greatest President in the history of all of our Presidents, and that he can do no wrong in my book. So how's that for prejudice on the Democratic side?
- Denis Leary
(Keywords: History, Prejudice, President, Wrong)

When blithe to argument I come, Though armed with facts, and merry, May Providence protect me from The fool as adversary, Whose mind to him a kingdom is Where reason lacks dominion, Who calls conviction prejudice And prejudice opinion.
- Phyllis McGinley
(Keywords: Argument, Conviction, Facts, Fool, May, Mind, Opinion, Prejudice, Providence, Reason)

Whoever looks at America will see: the ship is powered by stupidity, corruption, or prejudice.
- Johann Most
(Keywords: America, Corruption, Prejudice, Stupidity, Will)

Public opinion is a compound of folly, weakness, prejudice, wrong feeling, right feeling, obstinacy, and newspaper paragraphs.
- Robert Peel
(Keywords: Feeling, Folly, Obstinacy, Opinion, Prejudice, Public, Public opinion, Right, Weakness, Wrong)

I've been doing Pride and Prejudice all summer, so suddenly the chance to be holed up with a bunch of marines is quite attractive, and probably a necessary dose of male energy.
- Rosamund Pike
(Keywords: Chance, Energy, Marines, Prejudice, Pride, Summer)

And I like the look on people's faces when I say I'm doing this movie called Pride and Prejudice and they kind of smile, and then I say I'm in a movie called Doom and they kind of do a double take and try and put the two things together. And they never quite manage to.
- Rosamund Pike
(Keywords: People, Faces, Prejudice, Pride, Smile)

In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being.
- Paul Robeson
(Keywords: Time, Being, First, Prejudice, Russia, Washington)

Prejudice and passion and suspicion are more dangerous than the incitement of self-interest or the most stubborn adherence to real differences of opinion regarding rights.
- Elihu Root
(Keywords: Rights, Opinion, Passion, Prejudice, Self, Suspicion)

Human nature must have come much nearer perfection than it is now, or will be in many generations, to exclude from such a control prejudice, selfishness, ambition, and injustice.
- Elihu Root
(Keywords: Nature, Control, Ambition, Generations, Human nature, Injustice, Now, Perfection, Prejudice, Selfishness, Will)

I try to support groups that are about educating people about different races, different religions, different cultures and different situations so that we can break down the barriers of prejudice and bigotry.
- Loretta Sanchez
(Keywords: People, Bigotry, Prejudice, Support)

The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.
- Arthur Schopenhauer
(Keywords: Truth, Appearance, Discovery, Error, Opinion, Prejudice, Present, Weakness)

The worst thing about that kind of prejudice... is that while you feel hurt and angry and all the rest of it, it feeds you self-doubt. You start thinking, perhaps I am not good enough.
- Nina Simone
(Keywords: Hurt, Prejudice, Rest, Self, Thinking)

Public and employer opinion often defeat society's best interests with a prejudice against middle-aged women.
- Kate Smith
(Keywords: Women, Society, Defeat, Opinion, Prejudice, Public)

I pray they will carry on in spite of that dreadful monster prejudice, and with patience, courage, fortitude and perseverance achieve success for themselves.
- Major Taylor
(Keywords: Success, Courage, Perseverance, Patience, Prejudice, Will)

There will always be that dreadful monster prejudice to do extra battle against because of their color.
- Major Taylor
(Keywords: Battle, Prejudice, Will)

Seeing their children touched and seared and wounded by race prejudice is one of the heaviest crosses which colored women have to bear.
- Mary Church Terrell
(Keywords: Women, Children, Prejudice, Race)

I want people to come to my music without prejudice. I want them to get the music first. And who I am isn't that important. If they like the songs to me that's a good thing.
- Richard Thompson
(Keywords: Music, People, First, Prejudice, Songs, Want)

To advocate a New Order was to seek freedom and respect for peoples without prejudice, and to seek a stable basis for the existence all peoples, equally, and free of threats.
- Hideki Tojo
(Keywords: Existence, Freedom, Order, Prejudice, Respect)

The reason was the failure of both Japan and China to understand each other and the inability of America and the European powers to sympathize, without prejudice, with the peoples of East Asia.
- Hideki Tojo
(Keywords: Failure, America, Prejudice, Reason)

I deplore any action which denies artistic talent an opportunity to express itself because of prejudice against race origin.
- Bess Truman
(Keywords: Talent, Opportunity, Action, Prejudice, Race)

Human beings will be happier - not when they cure cancer or get to Mars or eliminate racial prejudice or flush Lake Erie but when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again. That's my utopia.
- Kurt Vonnegut
(Keywords: Cancer, Cure, Prejudice, Utopia, Will)

The symptoms of fascist thinking are colored by environment and adapted to immediate circumstances. But always and everywhere they can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power.
- Henry A. Wallace
(Keywords: Power, Circumstances, Desire, Environment, Gain, Order, Play, Prejudice, Thinking)

This is the great object held out by this association; and the means of attaining it is illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason which will dispell the clouds of superstition and of prejudice.
- Adam Weishaupt
(Keywords: Clouds, Prejudice, Reason, Sun, Superstition, Understanding, Will)

The risk of racial prejudice infecting a capital sentencing proceeding is especially serious in light of the complete finality of the death sentence.
- Byron White
(Keywords: Death, Light, Prejudice, Risk)

The simplest principles become difficult of practice, when habits, formed in error, have been fixed by time, and the simplest truths hard to receive when prejudice has warped the mind.
- Francis Wright
(Keywords: Time, Error, Habits, Mind, Practice, Prejudice, Principles)

I was discriminated against because I was Jewish, Italian, black and Puerto Rican. But maybe the worst prejudice I experienced was against the poor. I grew up on welfare and often had to move in the middle of the night because we couldn't pay the rent.
- Philip Zimbardo
(Keywords: Night, Poor, Prejudice, Welfare)

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