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If the word gets out, if the perception exists that by speaking to a CBS journalist you are, therefore, inevitably, immediately speaking to the police, I don't think there's any doubt but that people won't talk. And, therefore, the public won't learn.
- Floyd Abrams
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I got in trouble with the police, and that was a rude awakening. That was it. I'd seen the bottom of the pit, and it was time to scrape myself out of it.
- Bryan Adams
(Keywords: Time, Police, Trouble)

Radio interoperability is essential for our police, fire, and emergency medical service departments to communicate with each other in times of emergency.
- Lucille Roybal Allard
(Keywords: Medical, Fire, Police, Service)

Chemists employed by the police can do remarkable things with blood. They can weave it into a rope to hang a man.
- Margery Allingham
(Keywords: Blood, Man, Police, Remarkable)

One positive command he gave us: You shall love and honor your emperor. In every congregation a prayer must be said for the czar's health, or the chief of police would close the synagogue.
- Mary Antin
(Keywords: Love, Health, Positive, Honor, Police, Prayer)

Television is a powerful medium that has to be used for something better than sitcoms and police shows. On the other hand, if you don't recognize the forces that play on what people watch and what they don't then you're a fool and you should be in a different business.
- Roone Arledge
(Keywords: Business, People, Fool, Play, Police, Television)

I will lobby tirelessly in cooperation with other mayors around the country to insure that federal funding for our recently added police officers continues.
- Alan Autry
(Keywords: Cooperation, Country, Police, Will)

The gun dealer is not only paying these two police officers, but more importantly, the gun dealer has said he will never again sell more than one gun to a customer. This is exactly what we're trying to get the gun industry across the country to do.
- Michael D. Barnes
(Keywords: Country, Customer, Police, Trying, Will)

We're trying to publicize this one and make people realize that the gun industry can clean up its act and can operate in a way that can reduce the likelihood of guns killing police officers and other innocent people.
- Michael D. Barnes
(Keywords: People, Act, Killing, Police, Trying)

The American people expect public servants to be able to police themselves. But instead of designing a system to enforce ethical conduct, Tom Delay and his cohorts have implemented a self protection system. Obviously, it wasn't good for democracy.
- Chris Bell
(Keywords: People, American, Delay, Democracy, Police, Protection, Public, Self)

My father was a sergeant with the Connecticut state police. My mother was a hairstylist.
- Michael Bergin
(Keywords: Mother, Father, Police, State)

I promise you a police car on every sidewalk.
- Marion Berry
(Keywords: Car, Police, Promise)

When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.
- Mary Frances Berry
(Keywords: Abuse, Confidence, Job, Law, Police, Public)

Many later commented on the fact that large numbers of those engaged in the most senseless acts of destruction were left well alone by cops, indeed people dressed as Black Block members were seen freely making their way across police lines and talking to cops.
- John Blair
(Keywords: People, Destruction, Fact, Numbers, Police, Talking)

Initially charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest I was held for 36 hours, was beaten by cops and made to stand spread eagled against the cell wall for 12 hours with no food or water, until I collapsed. Everyone was strip searched on the way in.
- John Blair
(Keywords: Food, Police, Water)

I have never read horror, nor do I consider The Exorcist to be such, but rather as a suspenseful supernatural detective story, or paranormal police procedural.
- William Peter Blatty
(Keywords: Horror, Police, Supernatural)

The job of training an Iraqi police force is one of the most important tasks being undertaken in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is also one of the most difficult.
- John Boehner
(Keywords: Being, Force, Freedom, Job, Police, Training)

I haven't heard from Bobby since May when we had our conversation, but then this thing broke last week, where they arrested him, and we were watching what was going on on the whole deal, and I was actually flabbergasted, at what the then police chief Parks was saying.
- Tommy Bond
(Keywords: Conversation, May, Police, Saying)

Most well-known serial killers have victims numbering in the dozens, have sent taunting letters to the police or have done bizarre things to the bodies.
- Pat Brown
(Keywords: Bizarre, Letters, Police, Victims)

A functioning police state needs no police.
- William S. Burroughs
(Keywords: Needs, Police, State)

After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.
- William S. Burroughs
(Keywords: Society, People, Hell, Military, Police, Want)

There is insufficient support for the police and safety and law enforcement, in general, in the city council.
- Steve Chabot
(Keywords: Law, Police, Safety, Support)

How, possibly, could the police have made the 'mistake' of charging the wrong man with the notorious Red Light Bandit crimes? That also is something that is fully revealed in the Pandora's Box of facts I have prepared.
- Caryl Chessman
(Keywords: Facts, Light, Man, Police, Wrong)

Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?
- Ramsey Clark
(Keywords: Law, Police, Public, Will)

I do remember being in high school and trying to go to an Outlaws concert, but I was too drunk and ended up in trouble with the police at some truck stop on 95 in Connecticut.
- Jim Coleman
(Keywords: Being, Police, School, Trouble, Trying)

The police had already found the cartridges and the rifles and the bag in the Texas School Depository and within a half an hour, those facts were known.
- John Sherman Cooper
(Keywords: Facts, Police, School)

Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off.
- Tommy Cooper
(Keywords: Drinking, Eating, Kids, Police, Yesterday)

If a university official's letter accusing a speaker of having a proclivity to commit speech crimes before she's given the speech - which then leads to Facebook postings demanding that Ann Coulter be hurt, a massive riot and a police-ordered cancellation of the speech - is not hate speech, then there is no such thing as hate speech.
- Ann Coulter
(Keywords: Hate, Hurt, Police, Riot, Speech, University)

Popular culture tells you that schools and parents don't know what's going on, the police are dogs, politicians are all liars and scum, and any crime that's not committed by the Mafia is done by the CIA.
- Stanley Crouch
(Keywords: Crime, Culture, Dogs, Parents, Police, Politicians, Popular, Schools)

Without Police Woman I wouldn't have had a career. The show started about the same time the women's movement was taking off. Ours was the first prime-time one-hour show featuring a strong, professional woman. It paved the way for other series to follow.
- Angie Dickinson
(Keywords: Time, Women, Career, First, Police, Woman)

When my dad first started out in the police force, wearing the uniform was a sense of pride, and it was respected in the community for what the police force was all about. Unfortunately today, the uniform is a target.
- Jerry Doyle
(Keywords: Dad, Community, First, Force, Police, Pride, Sense, Today)

I do not believe in people owning guns. Guns should be owned only by the police and military. I am going to do everything I can to disarm this state.
- Michael Dukakis
(Keywords: People, Military, Police, State)

An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court.
- William Feather
(Keywords: Wedding, Court, Police, Trouble)

Every single day, we have hundreds, if not thousands of police officers protecting the lives of not just New Yorkers, but the millions who come to New York City to work and to vacation.
- Vito Fossella
(Keywords: Work, Day, Police, Vacation)

I would first recommend we appoint a Police Director that commands the respect of the rank and file.
- Vincent Frank
(Keywords: First, Police, Rank, Respect)

There are all sorts of ways of murdering a person or at least his soul, and that's something no police in the world can spot.
- Max Frisch
(Keywords: Soul, Police, World)

There is no reason for anyone in this country, anyone except a police officer or a military person, to buy, to own, to have, to use a handgun... and the only way to do that is to change the Constitution.
- Michael Gartner
(Keywords: Change, Constitution, Country, Military, Police, Reason)

No police department should hire more quickly than they can assimilate the people that they bring in, and we did. I take responsibility for it. It was the first opportunity I had to hire, and I wanted to do it, and I take responsibility.
- Daryl Gates
(Keywords: People, Opportunity, First, Police, Responsibility)

Our people went out every single night trying to stop crime before it happened, trying to take people off the street that they believed were involved in crime. That made us a very aggressive, proactive police department.
- Daryl Gates
(Keywords: People, Crime, Night, Police, Trying)

It was a department where you had honesty and integrity stamped right on you when you came into the Los Angeles Police Department. If you violated that, or if you were a dishonest cop, you were terrible. We got rid of you as quickly as possible.
- Daryl Gates
(Keywords: Honesty, Integrity, Police, Right)

I got my head bashed in at a demonstration against the Vietnam War. Police were losing control because they were up against a world they really didn't understand.
- Terry Gilliam
(Keywords: War, Control, Losing, Police, Vietnam, World)

We had a lot of riots. We came under attack from many of the police departments. It certainly wasn't some publicity thing. I was afraid for many years. We couldn't play in LA for many years. A lot of people got very cynical.
- Greg Ginn
(Keywords: People, Play, Police, Publicity, Years)

America needs to be defended. We need missile defense to better police the skies over the United States.
- Rudy Giuliani
(Keywords: America, Defense, Needs, Police, states, United)

First of all I thought it was ugly, I thought it was ridiculous that undercover police guys would drive a striped tomato and I've never been a big champion of Ford.
- Paul M. Glaser
(Keywords: Thought, First, Police, Ugly)

Instead of the international police action we had hoped for during the war in Kosovo, there are wars again - conducted with state-of-the-art technology, but still in the old style.
- Jurgen Habermas
(Keywords: War, Technology, Action, Old, Police, State, Style)

There's a rumor that there may be an attempt at organizing a possible script for a series on my life, which, when you look at my police record, you'd have to have more than one hour to tell the story.
- Merle Haggard
(Keywords: Life, May, Police, Rumor)

Yes. I did more research than I ever wanted to and saw some things I wish I didn't. I went on ride-alongs, spent time with Homicide, Cold Case, and SVU detectives, hung out in subways learning how to spot pervs and pick-pockets, viewed an autopsy, went to a police firing range, and witnessed court cases and I read, read, read.
- Mariska Hargitay
(Keywords: Time, Court, Learning, Police, Research)

We Americans have no commission from God to police the world.
- Benjamin Harrison
(Keywords: God, Americans, Police, World)

Indiscriminate firing by police on people is absolute barbarism. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force.
- Sheikh Hasina
(Keywords: Government, People, Force, Police, Problems, Trying)

Bush can talk about 100,000 people wanting to go work in the police or in the army. It's because there's nothing else for them to do. They're willing to stand in line to get bombed because they want to take care of their family.
- Seymour Hersh
(Keywords: Family, Work, People, Army, Care, Nothing, Police, Talk, Want)

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