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It is with deep regret that the determination to assemble Parliament has been so long delayed.
- Henry Addington
(Keywords: Determination, Deep, Parliament, Regret)

It is not the Government, the members of Parliament to whom the ultimate decision belongs, it is up to you to go forward sure of your sacred right of free opinion, sure of your patriotism.
- John Amery
(Keywords: Patriotism, Government, Decision, Opinion, Parliament, Right)

There are many members of parliament present here who know as well as I do that, if a man has not already been converted, it will require a great deal more than a letter of appeal to achieve conversion.
- Fredrik Bajer
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In 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp Act, which, as any American high school student can tell you, was an act that apparently had something to do with stamps.
- Dave Barry
(Keywords: Act, American, Parliament, School)

Only that Swiss in the heart want still a king or at least a strong Upper House of Parliament. Swiss long themselves for less democracy and more dictatorship.
- Peter Bichsel
(Keywords: Heart, Democracy, Dictatorship, Parliament, Want)

I cannot think of any circumstances in which a government can go to war without the support of parliament.
- Tony Blair
(Keywords: Government, War, Circumstances, Parliament, Support)

We have to make it clear that one, two or even three BNP MEPs elected to Brussels will have very little effect on the workings of the Parliament and the Commission.
- Steve Blake
(Keywords: Effect, Parliament, Will)

I was thrown into the Parliament right away. From 1976 to 1978 I was concerned with the abortion issue, later on with that of divorce.
- Emma Bonino
(Keywords: Abortion, Divorce, Parliament, Right)

But let's be clear. We're talking about a country where there's no opposition. As leader he can ignore Parliament and - sorry that's Tony Blair isn't it? Um, so he doesn't even have to ask the country before he goes to war - sorry that's still Tony Blair.
- Rory Bremner
(Keywords: War, Leader, Country, Opposition, Parliament, Talking)

The Government and the Parliament, even the House of Lords, will consent to a large increase of electors; and men who have not considered the subject fully will imagine they have gained much by the concession.
- John Bright
(Keywords: Government, Men, Parliament, Will)

A year ago I was in the city of Genoa, and I found that it returned seven representatives to the Sardinian Parliament at Turin, seven being its fair share, calculated according to the population of the various cities and districts of the Sardinian kingdom.
- John Bright
(Keywords: Being, Cities, Parliament, Population)

Now, I think that in acknowledging that every individual Member of Parliament and indeed every individual member of the Labour Party, has rights to express their view in a spirit of tolerance.
- Ron Davies
(Keywords: Rights, Now, Parliament, Party, Spirit, Tolerance)

Individuals have little opportunity to get elected to Parliament under the label of the government party... unless they are in good standing with the Prime Minister and pledged to be cooperative.
- Stockwell Day
(Keywords: Government, Opportunity, Parliament, Party)

As states subsist in part by keeping their weaknesses from being known, so is it the quiet of families to have their chancery and their parliament within doors, and to compose and determine all emergent differences there.
- John Donne
(Keywords: Being, Parliament, Quiet, states)

I don't mind being a symbol but I don't want to become a monument. There are monuments all over the Parliament Buildings and I've seen what the pigeons do to them.
- Tommy Douglas
(Keywords: Being, Mind, Monument, Monuments, Parliament, Pigeons, Symbol, Want)

We have in the last two years, we have passed 350 legislation in the parliament, most of which deal with democratization, human rights, and of course, economy.
- Bulent Ecevit
(Keywords: Economy, Rights, Human rights, Legislation, Parliament, Years)

Just as radical heirs apparent are said to lay aside all inconvenient revolutionary opinions when they come to the throne, it was believed that Mr. Mill in Parliament would be an entirely different person from Mr. Mill in his study.
- Millicent Fawcett
(Keywords: Opinions, Parliament, Radical, Study)

I knew it to be very doubtful whether the Cabinet, Parliament, and the country would take this view on the outbreak of war, and through the whole of this week I had in view the probable contingency that we should not decide at the critical moment to support France.
- Edward Grey
(Keywords: War, Country, France, Parliament, Support)

If politicians continue to promote separatism in Australia, they should not continue to hold their seats in this parliament. They are not truly representing all Australians, and I call on the people to throw them out.
- Pauline Hanson
(Keywords: People, Parliament, Politicians)

The Leader of the Opposition's constitutional obligation - the obligation to Parliament - it's the reason we did the merger! - is to make sure Canadians have an alternative for government.
- Stephen Harper
(Keywords: Government, Leader, Obligation, Opposition, Parliament, Reason)

We'll support the government on issues if it's essential to the country but our primary responsibility is not to prop up the government, our responsibility is to provide an opposition and an alternative government for Parliament and for Canadians.
- Stephen Harper
(Keywords: Government, Country, Opposition, Parliament, Responsibility, Support)

If you want to be a government in a minority Parliament, you have to work with other people.
- Stephen Harper
(Keywords: Government, Work, People, Minority, Parliament, Want)

The government can access these funds but only following approval by the parliament to support our budget requirements and investments in infrastructure development, education, public health, and so on.
- Jose Ramos Horta
(Keywords: Government, Education, Health, Development, Approval, Parliament, Public, Support)

More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people.
- Garry Kasparov
(Keywords: People, Country, Influence, Parliament, Today)

The real political life in Russia unfortunately is not in the parliament but on the streets and in the media.
- Garry Kasparov
(Keywords: Life, Media, Parliament, Russia)

Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.
- William Lyon Mackenzie King
(Keywords: Government, Control, Credit, Democracy, Parliament, Responsibility)

The responsibility of a minister is to step aside when there is a criminal investigation of the department. That protects the propriety of Parliament and of responsible government.
- Jack Layton
(Keywords: Government, Investigation, Parliament, Responsibility)

After that his Majesty was beheaded, the Parliament for some years effected nothing either for the publick peace or tranquillity of the nation, or settling religion as they had formerly promised.
- William Lilly
(Keywords: Peace, Religion, Nation, Nothing, Parliament, Years)

Improved turnout will give parliament and government the appearance of being more legitimate.
- Peter Lynch
(Keywords: Government, Appearance, Being, Parliament, Will)

When I am in the Scottish Parliament chamber, I often feel the need to sit for the entire debate. It's only courteous to listen to what everyone has to say, although I often find myself desperate to say something but too scared to stand up in case I regret it.
- Margo MacDonald
(Keywords: Debate, Parliament, Regret)

I tend to discourage people from calling me 'Sir Ian,' because I don't like being separated out from the rest of the population. Of course, it can be useful if you're writing an official letter, like trying to get a visa or something passed through Parliament. They're impressed by these things.
- Ian McKellen
(Keywords: People, Being, Parliament, Population, Rest, Trying, Writing)

And think of how we challenged the idea of a male dominated Parliament with All-Women shortlists and made the cause of gender equality central to our government. We were right to do so.
- Ed Miliband
(Keywords: Equality, Government, Idea, Cause, Gender, Gender equality, Parliament, Right)

We are demonstrating for services for all the people and not just services for money. It's very important that this message goes to the European Parliament today.
- John Monks
(Keywords: Money, People, Parliament, Today)

As to the question of elected or not elected, each member of the European Commission has been appointed jointly by the governments of the 15 member states, and undergone individual scrutiny and a vote of confidence from the European Parliament.
- Mario Monti
(Keywords: Confidence, Parliament, Question, states, Vote)

May the soul of the late President Milton Obote... a long-time member of this parliament, rest in peace.
- Yoweri Museveni
(Keywords: Peace, Soul, May, Parliament, President, Rest)

That is why if Lebanon concludes a peace agreement with Israel and brings that accord to the Parliament our deputies will reject it; Hezbollah refuses any conciliation with Israel in principle.
- Hassan Nasrallah
(Keywords: Peace, Agreement, Israel, Parliament, Will)

The majority of the members of the Irish parliament are professional politicians, in the sense that otherwise they would not be given jobs minding mice at crossroads.
- Flann O'Brien
(Keywords: Irish, Jobs, Majority, Parliament, Politicians, Sense)

Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us.
- P. J. O'Rourke
(Keywords: Government, Democracy, Parliament, Trouble)

It is conceivable that a party might gain the majority in parliament and claims the government for itself.
- Franz von Papen
(Keywords: Government, Gain, Majority, Parliament, Party)

After the war, prompted by the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, I entered Parliament so that a priest could speak out for the poor, as canon law at that time still permitted.
- Abbe Pierre
(Keywords: Time, War, Law, Paris, Parliament, Poor)

Well, we know that eighteen years after that solemn declaration it was disregarded, and the Irish Parliament, which lasted for five hundred years, was destroyed by the Act of Union. Gentlemen, the Act of Union was carried by force and fraud, by treachery and falsehood.
- John Edward Redmond
(Keywords: Act, Falsehood, Force, Fraud, Gentlemen, Irish, Parliament, Treachery, Years)

The Massachusetts Land Bank, during Colonial times, prospered, and brought prosperity to the community, until it was forcibly suppressed by special act of Parliament.
- John Buchanan Robinson
(Keywords: Act, Community, Land, Parliament, Prosperity)

The attractive idea that we can now have a parliament of man with authority to control the conduct of nations by legislation or an international police force with power to enforce national conformity to rules of right conduct is a counsel of perfection.
- Elihu Root
(Keywords: Power, Idea, Control, Authority, Conformity, Force, Legislation, Man, Nations, Now, Parliament, Perfection, Police, Right, Rules)

We have used the presence of UNMIK, as well as other European and American agencies to establish a legal framework compatible with the European Union and that is already an advantage. We have seen the positive effects of this and our parliament will continue to go this way.
- Ibrahim Rugova
(Keywords: Legal, Positive, American, Parliament, Will)

You may see the emergence of a new political party from the body of the trade union movement which represents a very clear-cut socialist alternative policy and which gives expression to the views of the trade union movement in parliament.
- Arthur Scargill
(Keywords: Policy, Body, Expression, May, Parliament, Party, Trade)

The Western media tends to place a lot of emphasis on official institutions in Ukraine such as its supreme court, the central election commission, and the parliament. In reality, the people of Ukraine now control their destiny.
- Bob Schaffer
(Keywords: People, Control, Court, Destiny, Media, Now, Parliament, Reality)

And we've also had now the speaker of the Parliament in Iraq using blatantly anti-Semitic remarks, saying the Jews and sons of Jews are the problem of all the violence that's in Iraq.
- Jan Schakowsky
(Keywords: Iraq, Now, Parliament, Saying, Sons, Violence)

We believed that growth through Local Government, and perhaps through some special machinery for bringing the wishes and influence of women of all classes to bear on Parliament, other than the Parliamentary vote, was the real line of progress.
- Mary A. Ward
(Keywords: Women, Government, Progress, Growth, Influence, Parliament, Vote, Wishes)

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