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It has something to do with the facts and the law and who the judges are. So I think lawyers sometimes exaggerate their role in winning and losing. Lawyers do have a role, and a major role, but they're not the only players in this game.
- Floyd Abrams
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We like to engage in a normal publishing effort, which is to act in a responsible manner and make sure the material is not likely to harm anyone, that it is properly investigated by quality news organizations, and by lawyers and human rights groups and so on.
- Julian Assange
(Keywords: Quality, Act, Effort, Rights, Harm, Human rights, Lawyers, News, Publishing)

How I Love Lucy was born? We decided that instead of divorce lawyers profiting from our mistakes, we'd profit from them.
- Lucille Ball
(Keywords: Love, Divorce, Lawyers, Mistakes, Profit)

I met with my lawyers. They gave me all the wrong advice. For a long time I refused to accept the child was mine. I should have met her, arranged a DNA test and accepted my responsibility.
- Boris Becker
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With all due respect to lawyers, it's wonderful that you have this intricate knowledge. You break down words to the nth degree. And sometimes I find it rather disgusting. And it goes on and on.
- Sonny Bono
(Keywords: Knowledge, Lawyers, Respect, Words)

Iowa is home to teachers, farmers, lawyers, factory workers, and many others who work hard every day to provide the best for their families and their future.
- Leonard Boswell
(Keywords: Home, Work, Day, Future, Lawyers, Teachers, Workers)

Blues is a natural fact, is something that a fellow lives. If you don't live it you don't have it. Young people have forgotten to cry the blues. Now they talk and get lawyers and things.
- Big Bill Broonzy
(Keywords: People, Fact, Lawyers, Now, Talk)

It costs a lot to sue a magazine, and it's too bad that we don't have a system where the losing team has to pay the winning team's lawyers.
- Carol Burnett
(Keywords: Winning, Lawyers, Losing)

Our first concern is the security of the lawyers because without security you can't possibly have a fair trial, if trial at all, and that's not been adequately attended to.
- Ramsey Clark
(Keywords: Concern, First, Lawyers, Security)

Man, I just feel blessed... I was in a situation where the only way I could come out of it was by putting my faith in God. No matter how good my lawyers were, no matter how much celebrity I had, everything was just stacked up against me.
- Puff Daddy
(Keywords: Faith, God, Celebrity, Lawyers, Man)

The trouble with law is lawyers.
- Clarence Darrow
(Keywords: Law, Lawyers, Trouble)

Sadly the job security of lawyers has been ruined, so they are less willing to defend political defendants.
- Shirin Ebadi
(Keywords: Job, Lawyers, Security)

Lawyers should not be charged with the same crimes as their clients. Trials related to political charges are not in accordance with human rights.
- Shirin Ebadi
(Keywords: Clients, Rights, Human rights, Lawyers, Trials)

The Nixon years were trying. They honed my judgment for everything I did later on. The experience also illustrated for me the importance of training young lawyers properly.
- Fred F. Fielding
(Keywords: Experience, Importance, Judgment, Lawyers, Nixon, Training, Trying, Years)

There aren't more lady songwriters for the same reason that there aren't more lady doctors or lady accountants or lady lawyers; not enough women have the time for careers.
- Dorothy Fields
(Keywords: Time, Women, Careers, Doctors, Lady, Lawyers, Reason)

I mean the word proof not in the sense of the lawyers, who set two half proofs equal to a whole one, but in the sense of a mathematician, where half proof = 0, and it is demanded for proof that every doubt becomes impossible.
- Carl Friedrich Gauss
(Keywords: Doubt, Lawyers, Proof, Sense, Word)

We're talking about the lawyers for the United States of America. And I think it's very, very important that the lawyers be comfortable being very candid and open about their views on very sensitive issues affecting the United States.
- Alberto Gonzales
(Keywords: America, Being, Lawyers, Open, states, Talking, United)

As a society we're always so quick and able to spend money on lawyers for someone for incarceration, but we don't make the corresponding commitment to the preventative components of it.
- Matt Gonzalez
(Keywords: Money, Society, Commitment, Lawyers, Quick)

I was trained to be an actor, not a star. I was trained to play roles, not to deal with fame and agents and lawyers and the press.
- Gene Hackman
(Keywords: Actor, Fame, Lawyers, Play, Press)

In the courtroom, it's where a lawyer really becomes an actor. There's a very fine line between delivering a monologue in a play and delivering a monologue to a jury. I've always felt that way - I've been in a lot of courtrooms. The best lawyers are really theatrical.
- Woody Harrelson
(Keywords: Actor, Jury, Lawyers, Play)

There has to be some limit to what lawyers can take from their clients. Otherwise, cagey attorneys end up with the lion's share of the settlement and the victims end up with little more than scraps.
- Dennis Hastert
(Keywords: Clients, End, Lawyers, Victims)

Cagey trial lawyers have figured out there's a pretty good likelihood their case - no matter what its merit - will literally get its day in court because of favorable judges.
- Dennis Hastert
(Keywords: Court, Day, Judges, Lawyers, Merit, Pretty, Will)

I retire to make way for an abler man. In my four years as attorney general I have aged about ten years, but when I have get back to the practice of law, I hope to show those lawyers that I still have some vitality left.
- Alexander Henry
(Keywords: Hope, Law, Lawyers, Man, Practice, Vitality, Years)

Our record number of teenagers must become our record number of high school and college graduates and our record number of teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and skilled professionals.
- Ruben Hinojosa
(Keywords: College, Doctors, Lawyers, professionals, School, Scientists, Teachers, Teenagers)

Lawyers are men who hire out their words and anger.
- Horace
(Keywords: Anger, Men, Lawyers, Words)

For the year after I left government service, I worked as a consultant to the Republican National Committee because the lawyers advised that was the proper way for me to comply with ethics regulations and continue to advise the President.
- Karen Hughes
(Keywords: Government, Committee, Ethics, Lawyers, President, Republican, Service)

The wars of the future will be fought by computer technicians and by lawyers and high-altitude specialists, and that may mean war will be increasingly abstract, hard to think about and hard to control.
- Michael Ignatieff
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If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?
- Thomas Jefferson
(Keywords: People, Body, Congress, Lawyers, Nothing, Present, Question, Talk, Talking, Trade, Yield)

It was really weird, when this thing started, to hear lawyers and MTV people calling me and actually saying 'ButtHead.' People tried to avoid it too.
- Mike Judge
(Keywords: People, Lawyers, Saying)

The more lawyers there are, the more people are out there to encourage others not to go to law school.
- David E. Kelley
(Keywords: People, Law, Lawyers, School)

She seemed to mean what she said. She said pretty much this: I retained some lawyers, I have to move on with my life, I am divorcing you, and then she added, I need money.
- Dennis Kozlowski
(Keywords: Money, Life, Lawyers, Pretty)

We have a massive system to regulate creativity. A massive system of lawyers regulating creativity as copyright law has expanded in unrecognizable forms, going from a regulation of publishing to a regulation of copying.
- Lawrence Lessig
(Keywords: Creativity, Law, Lawyers, Publishing)

That D.C. grand jury investigation of Abramoff can't go on forever. Eventually the lawyers at the Public Integrity Section will go to their bosses with some decisions about just who they want to indict. That's when Al Gonzales will have to show his cards.
- Joshua Micah Marshall
(Keywords: Bosses, Cards, Decisions, Integrity, Investigation, Jury, Lawyers, Public, Want, Will)

I don't know why his lawyers didn't tell him, 'You don't have to answer any questions about your private life, Mr. President. Let them sue you. Take the heat. You don't have to answer.'
- Chris Matthews
(Keywords: Life, Lawyers, President, Questions)

It is a different genre - a show about something other than doctors, lawyers and cops. Teachers are something completely different. I think it makes for very interesting television.
- Chi McBride
(Keywords: Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Television)

I'm trying to get the record that I made at my birthday party last year, trying to get that out, and the lawyers are diddling around with it and it probably won't be out until next year. I don't know.
- Marian McPartland
(Keywords: Birthday, Lawyers, Party, Trying)

The south produced statesmen and soldiers, planters and doctors and lawyers and poets, but certainly no engineers and mechanics. Let Yankees adopt such low callings.
- Margaret Mitchell
(Keywords: Doctors, Lawyers, Poets, Soldiers)

This week I was proud to join with my colleagues to help pass two important, common-sense pieces of legislation that will limit the frivolous lawsuits by trial attorneys and personal injury lawyers that clog our courts and hurt our small businesses.
- Bob Ney
(Keywords: Help, Hurt, Injury, Lawyers, Legislation, Will)

In recent years personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers have attacked the food industry with numerous lawsuits alleging that these businesses should pay monetary damages to those who, of their own accord, consume too much of a legal, safe product.
- Bob Ney
(Keywords: Food, Legal, Injury, Lawyers, Years)

Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers.
- Camille Paglia
(Keywords: Americans, Democrats, Lawyers, Party, Poor)

There are all these scripts where the women, if they're working, are prostitutes and lawyers with an angry streak who'll kill you. It's a reaction to women leaving their men and men being angry about it and saying it on some subconscious level.
- Parker Posey
(Keywords: Men, Women, Being, Lawyers, Saying)

We shouldn't have to be burdened with all the technicalities that come up from time to time with shrewd, smart lawyers interpreting what the laws or what the Constitution may or may not say.
- Dan Quayle
(Keywords: Time, Constitution, Laws, Lawyers, May)

We are Americans. We - we - we are - we are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers. We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are - we are part of the fabric of America. And the way that America today treats its Muslims is being watched by over a billion Muslims worldwide.
- Feisal Abdul Rauf
(Keywords: America, Americans, Being, Doctors, Investment, Lawyers, Today)

Our home had many books due principally to the educational interests of my sister and two brothers, all of whom where serious students engaged in professional studies; my sister became a doctor of medicine and my brothers became lawyers.
- Frederick Reines
(Keywords: Home, Sister, Books, Brothers, Lawyers, Medicine, Students)

I have been surrounded by some of the smartest, brightest, most caring lawyers, by agents who are willing to risk their lives for others, by support staff that are willing to work as hard as they can.
- Janet Reno
(Keywords: Work, Caring, Lawyers, Risk, Support)

Despite the generous rewards that state juries dole out, in many cases, victims receive less than 50 cents on the dollar in settlements with the lawyers taking the rest. This is not justice.
- Pat Roberts
(Keywords: Justice, Lawyers, Rest, State, Victims)

Drugs are in every walk of life - doctors, lawyers, preachers, the guy who works for IBM, teenagers on the street, teenagers in school.
- Smokey Robinson
(Keywords: Life, Doctors, Drugs, Lawyers, School, Teenagers)

I come from a profession which has suffered greatly because of the lack of civility. Lawyers treat each other poorly and it has come home to haunt them. The public will not tolerate a lack of civility.
- James E. Rogers
(Keywords: Home, Lawyers, Profession, Public, Will)

Lawyers enjoy a little mystery, you know. Why, if everybody came forward and told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth straight out, we should all retire to the workhouse.
- Dorothy L. Sayers
(Keywords: Truth, Lawyers, Mystery, Nothing)

When I was growing up, so many of the important changes for African-Americans were being made in the United States Supreme Court and were being made by lawyers. I followed the court very intensely and wanted to do that for my life.
- Leah Ward Sears
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