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In the lack of judgment great harm arises, but one vote cast can set right a house.
- Aeschylus
(Keywords: Harm, Judgment, Right, Vote)

He that will write well in any tongue, must follow this counsel of Aristotle, to speak as the common people do, to think as wise men do: and so should every man understand him, and the judgment of wise men allow him.
- Roger Ascham
(Keywords: Men, People, Judgment, Man, Tongue, Will)

So long as there are earnest believers in the world, they will always wish to punish opinions, even if their judgment tells them it is unwise and their conscience that it is wrong.
- Walter Bagehot
(Keywords: Conscience, Judgment, Opinions, Will, World, Wrong)

As to judging our own time, and thereby gaining some basis for a judgment of future possibilities, we are doubtless not only too close to it to appraise it but too much formed by it and enclosed within it to do so.
- Emily Greene Balch
(Keywords: Time, Future, Judgment, Possibilities)

One lapse of judgment can cost and talent isn't everything. A huge slice of good fortune in needed to make it to the top, and without that element of luck, you've no chance.
- John Barrow
(Keywords: Talent, Chance, Fortune, Judgment, Luck)

If you get all the facts, your judgment can be right; if you don't get all the facts, it can't be right.
- Bernard Baruch
(Keywords: Facts, Judgment, Right)

A judgment about life has no meaning except the truth of the one who speaks last, and the mind is at ease only at the moment when everyone is shouting at once and no one can hear a thing.
- Georges Bataille
(Keywords: Life, Truth, Judgment, Meaning, Mind)

Cruel and cold is the judgment of man, Cruel as winter, and cold as the snow; But by-and-by will the deed and the plan Be judged by the motive that lieth below.
- Lewis J. Bates
(Keywords: Deed, Judgment, Man, Motive, Snow, Will, Winter)

A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.
- Jean Baudrillard
(Keywords: Negative, Jealousy, Judgment, Praise, Satisfaction)

The order of the world is always right - such is the judgment of God. For God has departed, but he has left his judgment behind, the way the Cheshire Cat left his grin.
- Jean Baudrillard
(Keywords: God, Judgment, Order, Right, World)

About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment.
- Josh Billings
(Keywords: Hope, Judgment, Originality, Writer)

I may err in judgment, but I hope not in intention.
- Edward Blake
(Keywords: Hope, Intention, Judgment, May)

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.
- Erma Bombeck
(Keywords: Mother, Compassion, Judgment, Understanding)

Judgment is more than skill. It sets forth on intellectual seas beyond the shores of hard indisputable factual information.
- Kingman Brewster, Jr.
(Keywords: Information, Judgment, Skill)

It may be you fear more to deliver judgment upon me than I fear judgment.
- Giordano Bruno
(Keywords: Fear, Judgment, May)

It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well nor the judgment to hold their tongues.
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Keywords: Men, Judgment, Wit)

A far greater factor than abolishing poverty is the deterrent effect of swift and certain consequences: swift arrest, prompt trial, certain penalty and - at some point - finality of judgment.
- Warren E. Burger
(Keywords: Effect, Judgment, Poverty)

It is to be remedied that the false traitors will suffer no man to come into the king's presence for no cause without bribes where none ought to be had. Any man might have his coming to him to ask him grace or judgment in such case as the king may give.
- Jack Cade
(Keywords: Cause, Grace, Judgment, Man, May, Will)

I wish your increase in holiness, number, love, religion, and righteousness; and wait you, and cease to contend with these men that are gone from us, for there is nothing that shall convince them but judgment.
- Donald Cargill
(Keywords: Men, Love, Religion, Holiness, Judgment, Nothing, Righteousness)

The rest is a mere matter of detail, to be settled with judgment, discretion, and caution.
- John Griffin Carlisle
(Keywords: Caution, Detail, Discretion, Judgment, Rest)

And I argued with that intelligence estimate and I think it is a responsibility of policymakers to use their best judgment on the basis of the intelligence they've received.
- Frank Carlucci
(Keywords: Intelligence, Judgment, Responsibility)

Foolish men imagine that because judgment for an evil thing is delayed, there is no justice; but only accident here below. Judgment for an evil thing is many times delayed some day or two, some century or two, but it is sure as life, it is sure as death.
- Thomas Carlyle
(Keywords: Death, Men, Life, Accident, Day, Evil, Judgment, Justice)

A major advantage of age is learning to accept people without passing judgment.
- Liz Carpenter
(Keywords: Age, People, Judgment, Learning)

We may not return the affection of those who like us, but we always respect their good judgment.
- Lillian Gordy Carter
(Keywords: Affection, Judgment, May, Respect)

And upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice, warranted by the Constitution, upon military necessity, I invoke the considerate judgment of all mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God.
- Salmon P. Chase
(Keywords: God, Act, Constitution, Judgment, Justice, Mankind, Military, Necessity)

The Senator from Massachusetts has given us ample grounds to doubt the judgment and the attitude he brings to bear on vital issues of national security.
- Dick Cheney
(Keywords: Attitude, Doubt, Judgment, National security)

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Keywords: Character, Force, Judgment, Reflection)

Our cattlemen have given us the safest, most abundant, most affordable beef supply in the world and I trust their judgment. And if you look at consumer confidence in this country, so does the American public.
- Norm Coleman
(Keywords: Trust, American, Confidence, Country, Judgment, Public, World)

It reflects a prevailing myth that production technology is no more amenable to human judgment or social interests than the laws of thermodynamics, atomic structure or biological inheritance.
- Barry Commoner
(Keywords: Technology, Inheritance, Judgment, Laws, Myth, Production)

The original judgment of the FBI, the Secret Service, and the CIA was that there were three shots. I don't think that convinced us except as a statement by people, many of them who were familiar with ballistics. This question troubled me greatly.
- John Sherman Cooper
(Keywords: People, Judgment, Question, Service)

I am aware that a philosopher's ideas are not subject to the judgment of ordinary persons, because it is his endeavour to seek the truth in all things, to the extent permitted to human reason by God.
- Nicolaus Copernicus
(Keywords: God, Truth, Ideas, Judgment, Reason)

Watergate showed more strengths in our system than weaknesses... The whole country did take part in quite a genuine sense in passing judgment on Richard Nixon.
- Archibald Cox
(Keywords: Country, Judgment, Nixon, Sense)

Indubitably, magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics.
- Aleister Crowley
(Keywords: Opportunity, Errors, Judgment, Magic, Physics, Practice)

As for ourselves, yes, we must be meek, bear injustice, malice, rash judgment. We must turn the other cheek, give up our cloak, go a second mile.
- Dorothy Day
(Keywords: Injustice, Judgment, Malice)

If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it's OK to be different, that it's good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.
- Johnny Depp
(Keywords: Work, Judgment, Question)

This country is about, in my judgment, aggressive, open debate. There is an old saying: When everyone is thinking the same thing, no one is thinking very much.
- Byron Dorgan
(Keywords: Country, Debate, Judgment, Old, Open, Thinking)

There can be no proof that Blake's lyric is composed of the best words in the best order; only a conviction, accepted by our knowledge and judgment, that it is so.
- John Drinkwater
(Keywords: Knowledge, Conviction, Judgment, Order, Proof, Words)

Sane judgment abhors nothing so much as a picture perpetrated with no technical knowledge, although with plenty of care and diligence.
- Albrecht Durer
(Keywords: Knowledge, Care, Diligence, Judgment, Nothing)

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.
- Wayne Dyer
(Keywords: Absence, Judgment, Magic, Relationships)

It is sound judgment to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star.
- Arthur Eddington
(Keywords: Hope, Future, Judgment, Sound)

I was wrong to vote for this war. Unfortunately, I'll have to live with that forever. And the lesson I learned from it is to put more faith in my own judgment.
- John Edwards
(Keywords: Faith, War, Judgment, Vote, Wrong)

There is so much work to be done to treat gays and lesbians and gay and lesbian couples with the respect that they're entitled to. They deserve, in my judgment, partnership benefits. They deserve to be treated fairly when it comes to adoption and immigration.
- John Edwards
(Keywords: Work, Adoption, Benefits, Gay, Judgment, Lesbian, Partnership, Respect)

The fact is that when it comes to judgment as to what should be secret and what should not be secret, Julian Assange's judgment has been pretty good so far.
- Daniel Ellsberg
(Keywords: Fact, Judgment, Pretty)

Everything must justify its existence before the judgment seat of Reason, or give up existence.
- Friedrich Engels
(Keywords: Existence, Judgment, Reason)

The idea is to try to give all the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another.
- Richard P. Feynman
(Keywords: Idea, Direction, Help, Information, Judgment, Value)

A man with a surplus can control circumstances, but a man without a surplus is controlled by them, and often has no opportunity to exercise judgment.
- Marshall Field
(Keywords: Opportunity, Control, Circumstances, Exercise, Judgment, Man)

The Nixon years were trying. They honed my judgment for everything I did later on. The experience also illustrated for me the importance of training young lawyers properly.
- Fred F. Fielding
(Keywords: Experience, Importance, Judgment, Lawyers, Nixon, Training, Trying, Years)

If modesty and candor are necessary to an author in his judgment of his own works, no less are they in his reader.
- Sarah Fielding
(Keywords: Candor, Judgment, Modesty)

Judicial judgment must take deep account of the day before yesterday in order that yesterday may not paralyze today.
- Felix Frankfurter
(Keywords: Day, Deep, Judgment, May, Order, Today, Yesterday)

At twenty years of age the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.
- Benjamin Franklin
(Keywords: Age, Judgment, Will, Wit, Years)

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