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The enemy is not just terrorism. It is the threat posed specifically by Islamist terrorism, by Bin Ladin and others who draw on a long tradition of extreme intolerance within a minority strain of Islam that does not distinguish politics from religion, and distorts both.
- John Cornyn
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The supreme satisfaction is to be able to despise one's neighbor and this fact goes far to account for religious intolerance. It is evidently consoling to reflect that the people next door are headed for hell.
- Aleister Crowley
(Keywords: People, Fact, Hell, Intolerance, Religious, Satisfaction)

Too small is our world to allow discrimination, bigotry and intolerance to thrive in any corner of it, let alone in the United States of America.
- Eliot Engel
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Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Growth, Intolerance, Spirit, Violence)

Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Faith, Cause, Intolerance, Want)

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Anger, Enemies, Intolerance, Understanding)

There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry toward religious beliefs... begins.
- Isaac Hayes
(Keywords: Time, Beliefs, Bigotry, Intolerance, Religious, Satire, World)

To know a person's religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance.
- Eric Hoffer
(Keywords: Faith, Religion, Intolerance, Profession)

Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision.
- Aldous Huxley
(Keywords: Intelligence, Vision, Children, Clarity, Curiosity, Intolerance, Remarkable)

I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinions of others.
- Thomas Jefferson
(Keywords: Act, Intolerance, Opinions, Religious, Right, Will, Word)

Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we're trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.
- Abdul Qadeer Khan
(Keywords: Hatred, Help, Intolerance, Poor, Trying, Violence)

House music is about love, and lots of hip hop is about hate and intolerance, so in that respect, it's not good at all.
- Chris Lowe
(Keywords: Music, Love, Hate, Intolerance, Respect)

Claiming that you have got the truth wrapped up does breed violence and intolerance.
- Timothy Radcliffe
(Keywords: Truth, Intolerance, Violence)

Like me, the great majority of Americans wish both to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and to oppose bias and intolerance directed towards gays and lesbians.
- Mitt Romney
(Keywords: Marriage, Americans, Intolerance, Majority)

Religious wars are not caused by the fact that there is more than one religion, but by the spirit of intolerance... the spread of which can only be regarded as the total eclipse of human reason.
- Charles de Secondat
(Keywords: Religion, Fact, Intolerance, Reason, Religious, Spirit)

Bigotry and intolerance, silenced by argument, endeavors to silence by persecution, in old days by fire and sword, in modern days by the tongue.
- Charles Simmons
(Keywords: Argument, Bigotry, Fire, Intolerance, Old, Persecution, Silence, Tongue)

It was under a solemn consciousness of the dangers from ecclesiastical ambition, the bigotry of spiritual pride, and the intolerance of sects... that is was deemed advisable to exclude from the national government all power to act upon the subject.
- Joseph Story
(Keywords: Government, Power, Act, Ambition, Bigotry, Consciousness, Intolerance, Pride, Spiritual)

A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends.
- Henry A. Wallace
(Keywords: Money, Power, Deceit, Intolerance, Lust, Nations, Violence)

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