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Today I trust my instinct, I trust myself. Finally.
- Isabelle Adjani
(Keywords: Trust, Instinct, Today)

She had a womanly instinct that clothes possess an influence more powerful over many than the worth of character or the magic of manners.
- Louisa May Alcott
(Keywords: Character, Clothes, Influence, Instinct, Magic, Manners, Worth)

Actors are trusting souls, and we must go by gut-level instinct, even after our agents and business managers weigh all the odds.
- Anne Archer
(Keywords: Business, Actors, Instinct, Managers)

The need of expansion is as genuine an instinct in man as the need in a plant for the light, or the need in man himself for going upright. The love of liberty is simply the instinct in man for expansion.
- Matthew Arnold
(Keywords: Love, Instinct, Liberty, Light, Man)

The instinct to impersonate produces the actor; the desire to provide pleasure by impersonations produces the playwright; the desire to provide this pleasure with adequate characterization and dialogue memorable in itself produces dramatic literature.
- George P. Baker
(Keywords: Actor, Desire, Instinct, Literature, Pleasure)

To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt.
- Mikhail Bakunin
(Keywords: Life, Dignity, Instinct, Vitality)

I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason.
- Stanley Baldwin
(Keywords: Trust, Instinct, Man, Reason, Woman)

Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.
- Honore De Balzac
(Keywords: Love, Heart, Instinct, Nothing, Will)

The reason good women like me and flock to my pictures is that there is a little bit of vampire instinct in every woman.
- Theda Bara
(Keywords: Women, Instinct, Reason, Woman)

Men of genius are not quick judges of character. Deep thinking and high imagining blunt that trivial instinct by which you and I size people up.
- Max Beerbohm
(Keywords: Men, Genius, People, Character, Deep, Instinct, Judges, Quick, Thinking)

It taught me that Clinton's instinct to make this about your life as a citizen, rather than his as a human being, was the right answer to these things.
- Paul Begala
(Keywords: Life, Being, Instinct, Right)

At this period the enthusiasm of the amateur was fast giving way to a more steady commercial instinct, and I let no opportunity slip of improving my position, but I felt that I was still labouring under the disadvantage of not having acquired some technical profession.
- Henry Bessemer
(Keywords: Opportunity, Enthusiasm, Giving, Instinct, Profession)

And only the photographer himself knows the effect he wants. He should know by instinct, grounded in experience, what subjects are enhanced by hard or soft, light or dark treatment.
- Bill Brandt
(Keywords: Experience, Effect, Instinct, Light, Treatment)

Instinct taught me 20 years ago to pace a song or a concert performance. That translates into pacing a story, pleasing a reading audience.
- Jimmy Buffett
(Keywords: Performance, Instinct, Reading, Song, Years)

He had no failings which were not owing to a noble cause; to an ardent, generous, perhaps an immoderate passion for fame; a passion which is the instinct of all great souls.
- Edmund Burke
(Keywords: Cause, Fame, Instinct, Passion)

To live is like to love - all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it.
- Samuel Butler
(Keywords: Love, Instinct, Reason)

Retaliation is related to nature and instinct, not to law. Law, by definition, cannot obey the same rules as nature.
- Albert Camus
(Keywords: Nature, Instinct, Law, Rules)

Robots do not hold on to life. They can't. They have nothing to hold on with - no soul, no instinct. Grass has more will to live than they do.
- Karel Capek
(Keywords: Life, Soul, Instinct, Nothing, Will)

The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Keywords: Experience, Instinct, Necessity, Reason)

The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, the finish by loading honors on your head.
- Jean Cocteau
(Keywords: Society, First, Instinct, Poison, Trying)

Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey.
- Anna Julia Cooper
(Keywords: Heart, Cowards, Instinct, May, Pretty)

If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence.
- Will Cuppy
(Keywords: Intelligence, Instinct, Reason)

If a cat does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing, for the same reason, we call it intelligence.
- Will Cuppy
(Keywords: Intelligence, Instinct, Reason)

I love acting and I still want to do it, but I've such an instinct for directing, it's something that comes naturally to me. It's why I'm here on this planet.
- Julie Delpy
(Keywords: Love, Acting, Instinct, Want)

I don't like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It's just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess.
- Walt Disney
(Keywords: Nature, Gardens, Instinct, Wilderness)

Our civilization is still in a middle stage, scarcely beast, in that it is no longer wholly guided by instinct; scarcely human, in that it is not yet wholly guided by reason.
- Theodore Dreiser
(Keywords: Civilization, Instinct, Reason)

Love between a man and a woman is founded on the mating instinct and is not free from desire and self-seeking. But to have a friend and to be true under any and all trials is the mark of a man!
- Charles Alexander Eastman
(Keywords: Love, Friend, Desire, Instinct, Man, Self, Trials, Woman)

Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully.
- Max Eastman
(Keywords: Humor, Instinct, Pain)

The husband - by primitive instinct partly, certainly by ancient tradition - regards himself as the active partner in matters of love and his own pleasure as legitimately the prime motive for activity.
- Havelock Ellis
(Keywords: Love, Husband, Instinct, Motive, Pleasure, Tradition)

Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Keywords: Trust, End, Instinct, Reason)

My primary instinct as an actor is not the big transformation. It's thrilling if a performer can do that well, but that's not me. Often with actors, it's a case of witnessing a big party piece but wondering afterwards, where's the substance?
- Colin Firth
(Keywords: Actor, Actors, Instinct, Party)

It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct.
- Sigmund Freud
(Keywords: Civilization, Instinct, Renunciation)

Men have been found to deny woman intellect; they have credited her with instinct, with intuition, with a capacity to correlate cause and effect much as a dog connects its collar with a walk.
- W. L. George
(Keywords: Men, Cause, Effect, Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, Woman)

There is no morality by instinct. There is no social salvation in the end without taking thought; without mastery of logic and application of logic to human experience.
- Katharine Fullerton Gerould
(Keywords: Experience, Morality, Thought, End, Instinct, Logic, Salvation)

My instinct was that it was Sidney's childhood in the Bahamas that gave him the fearlessness to fight racism. So this documentary was a kind of rounding out of what had begun in that scene in In the Heat of the Night.
- Lee Grant
(Keywords: Childhood, Fight, Instinct, Night, Racism)

I loved being asked 2,000 questions a day, storyboarding every move, knowing as though by instinct exactly where the camera had to be, because it was my story.
- Richard Grant
(Keywords: Being, Day, Instinct, Questions)

I was thinking about doing another film at the same time, which was the sequel to Basic Instinct and I just had a feeling that wasn't going to happen. You know, I just kind of read the writing on the wall.
- Bruce Greenwood
(Keywords: Time, Feeling, Film, Instinct, Thinking, Writing)

Developing the muscles of the soul demands no competitive spirit, no killer instinct, although it may erect pain barriers that the spiritual athlete must crash through.
- Germaine Greer
(Keywords: Soul, Instinct, May, Pain, Spirit, Spiritual)

To be womanly is one thing, and one only; it is to be sensitive to man, to be highly endowed with the sex instinct; to be manly is to be sensitive to woman.
- Jane Harrison
(Keywords: Sex, Instinct, Man, Woman)

If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, your life will be safe, expedient and thin.
- Katharine Butler Hathaway
(Keywords: Life, Fear, Instinct, Will)

Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.
- Ben Hogan
(Keywords: Golf, Instinct, Will)

If I'd seen a grown man beating a crippled boy, of course I'd intervene. If my father died and left my mother destitute, it's your instinct to take care of her. So when I started to think about it in those terms, it started to make sense to me.
- Charlie Hunnam
(Keywords: Mother, Father, Care, Instinct, Man, Sense)

There's a lot of research behind the scenes that you don't get to see, but I have an instinct that my dad nurtured from when I was born. I was very lucky then.
- Steve Irwin
(Keywords: Dad, Instinct, Research)

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.
- Carl Jung
(Keywords: Acting, Creation, Instinct, Intellect, Mind, Necessity, Play)

Over the course of time this gave us a deep respect for ideas, both our own and those of others, and an understanding that conflict through debate is a powerful means of revealing truth.
- Dino De Laurentiis
(Keywords: Actor, Instinct, Intuition, Right)

The ugly is very appealing to man. It's instinct. One shrinks from the ugly, yet wants to look at it. There's a devilish fascination in it. We extract pleasure from horror.
- Sonya Levien
(Keywords: Horror, Instinct, Man, Pleasure, Ugly)

Telling us to obey instinct is like telling us to obey 'people.' People say different things: so do instincts. Our instincts are at war... Each instinct, if you listen to it, will claim to be gratified at the expense of the rest.
- C. S. Lewis
(Keywords: War, People, Instinct, Rest, Will)

Poetry proceeds from the totality of man, sense, imagination, intellect, love, desire, instinct, blood and spirit together.
- Jacques Maritain
(Keywords: Poetry, Imagination, Love, Blood, Desire, Instinct, Intellect, Man, Sense, Spirit)

An insatiable appetite for glory leads to sacrifice and death, but innate instinct leads to self-preservation and life.
- Jose Marti
(Keywords: Life, Death, Sacrifice, Appetite, Glory, Instinct, Self)

The left-leaning thinking that dominates the movie business follows a common liberal instinct to deny the spiritual dimension to every problem, thereby profoundly compounding the difficulties.
- Michael Medved
(Keywords: Business, Difficulties, Instinct, Liberal, Spiritual, Thinking)

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