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When I was growing up, I always read horror books, while my sister read romance novels.
- Dorothy Allison
(Keywords: Romance, Sister, Books, Growing up, Horror)

Like most kids growing up, I had a very wide interest. I was interested in everything. I tried to take advantage of everything, from the sciences to music to writing to literature.
- Michael P. Anderson
(Keywords: Music, Growing up, Interest, Kids, Literature, Writing)

Growing up, my ideals were Barbra Streisand, Cher, and my mom.
- Kevyn Aucoin
(Keywords: Mom, Growing up, Ideals)

I'm from the Midwest, and I loved my family. I had a very good time as a child, but I was also - I have a theory about Jews growing up in the Midwest, that there is an ultimately sort of wonderful avoidance of a lot of things, and a great acceptance of whatever is happening.
- Bob Balaban
(Keywords: Time, Family, Acceptance, Growing up, Theory)

Growing up in Memphis and listening to all kinds of music and dreaming... So that was one of the first times I wrote a complete song and set it to music and the whole bit. From then on, I was busy with it.
- William Bell
(Keywords: Music, First, Growing up, Listening, Song)

When I was 24 I went to Nigeria and it was such a culture shock, growing up in Australia and suddenly being the only white man in this unit full of black men.
- Bruce Beresford
(Keywords: Men, Being, Culture, Growing up, Man)

Soccer and cricket were my main sports growing up. I had trials as a soccer player with a few clubs interested, Crystal Palace being one, but it was cricket which became my chosen profession.
- Ian Botham
(Keywords: Sports, Being, Cricket, Growing up, Profession, Soccer, Trials)

Being Irish was a big thing for me, particularly growing up in Chicago.
- Lara Flynn Boyle
(Keywords: Being, Chicago, Growing up, Irish)

When I was growing up, there were just the three channels, so as a nation we all sat down to the same meal at the end of the day. Now there's been this explosion.
- Rory Bremner
(Keywords: Day, End, Growing up, Nation, Now)

For me, growing up, the downside of it was that as a kid you don't want to stand out. You don't want to have a famous father let alone get a job because of your famous father, you know? But I'm a product of nepotism. That's how I got my foot in the door, through my dad.
- Jeff Bridges
(Keywords: Dad, Father, Famous, Growing up, Job, Want)

I remember growing up thinking that astronauts and their job was the coolest thing you could possibly do... But I absolutely couldn't identify with the people who were astronauts. I thought they were movie stars.
- David M. Brown
(Keywords: Thought, People, Growing up, Job, Stars, Thinking)

We didn't have a whole lot of money when I was growing up either. I would always ask for magic books or magic tricks for my birthday or for Christmas and the rest of the year I either had to mow lawns or find part time jobs to help supplement the cost of doing magic.
- Lance Burton
(Keywords: Birthday, Money, Time, Books, Christmas, Growing up, Help, Jobs, Magic, Rest)

I always wanted to go to the Chavez school but I could never afford it when I was growing up so a lot of my learning came from magic books and watching other magicians. I was also very lucky that I had a couple of really good magic teachers.
- Lance Burton
(Keywords: Books, Growing up, Learning, Magic, School, Teachers)

Growing up in Wales was a pretty Draconian experience with religion.
- John Cale
(Keywords: Experience, Religion, Growing up, Pretty)

That was the big thing when I was growing up, singing on the radio. The extent of my dream was to sing on the radio station in Memphis. Even when I got out of the Air Force in 1954, I came right back to Memphis and started knocking on doors at the radio station.
- Johnny Cash
(Keywords: Dream, Force, Growing up, Right, Singing)

These things have a life of there own and never existed when I was growing up certainly worrying when one would get made. It's kind of amazing how that one movie kept living through all these years.
- Stockard Channing
(Keywords: Life, Growing up, Living, Years)

I can't think of anything specific growing up that pointed me toward NASA at all. I was interested in the Moon landings just about the same as everyone else of my generation. But I never really thought about being an astronaut or working in space myself.
- Laurel Clark
(Keywords: Thought, Being, Growing up, Moon, Space)

Absolutely the worst thing about this job is the travel and being away from family. I have a wife and three wonderful children, the kids are all active in sports and it's very difficult to up and leave and miss them growing up.
- Roy Clark
(Keywords: Sports, Travel, Family, Wife, Being, Children, Growing up, Job, Kids)

I just didn't work that much while the kids were growing up.
- Jill Clayburgh
(Keywords: Work, Growing up, Kids)

For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what God can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard.
- John Cleese
(Keywords: God, England, Growing up, Man, Old)

I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking.
- Clarence Clemons
(Keywords: Love, Health, Cooking, France, Growing up, Italy, Spain)

I guess everything having to do with your background has some influence on how you tell stories but it's hard to parse how growing up in a Jewish community in Minnesota really affected it.
- Joel Coen
(Keywords: Community, Growing up, Influence)

Everything changes as a mother. Yes, work has changed. The projects that I choose are even more important to me now. The world he's growing up in and the kind of stimulus that is out there; they are so precious and I'd do anything to protect him.
- Jennifer Connelly
(Keywords: Work, Mother, Growing up, Now, Projects, World)

Growing up, being watched from the outside... it's kind of very taxing and maybe I should just do some kind of manual labor-it might be more relaxing. But I can't, it's not in my nature.
- Jennifer Connelly
(Keywords: Nature, Being, Growing up, Labor)

Growing up training, I use to get up so early I would wave to the garbage men going by. So, I had this relationship with Blue Collar America and I really liked it. I felt that lots of those people looked forward to me winning.
- Gerry Cooney
(Keywords: Men, People, Winning, America, Growing up, Training)

I remember growing up with television, from the time it was just a test pattern, with maybe a little bit of programming once in a while.
- Francis Ford Coppola
(Keywords: Time, Growing up, Programming, Television)

I have had strange animals as pets all my life. I was shy growing up, and shy people tend to interact better with animals than people. Animals are direct, not duplicitous.
- Yvonne Craig
(Keywords: Life, People, Animals, Growing up, Pets)

Looking back, video game design seems a natural fit, although there was no such thing when I was growing up. I built a Tic-Tac-Toe playing machine in my teens which went up in smoke on the night it was scheduled to go to a science fair.
- David Crane
(Keywords: Design, Science, Growing up, Machine, Night)

I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was growing up, really. So when I decided to go to university instead of drama school, it was with the intention of becoming an actor afterwards.
- Hugh Dancy
(Keywords: Actor, Drama, Growing up, Intention, School, University)

I wanted to raise the voice of a lot of the people that I knew growing up, and this was, for the most part, poor people who had extraordinary dreams but also very amazing obstacles.
- Edwidge Danticat
(Keywords: Dreams, People, Growing up, Obstacles, Poor, Voice)

It has to do - I think - with growing up in an apartment, with my aunt and my cousins right next door to me, with the door open, with neighbors walking in and out, with people yelling at each other all the time.
- Larry David
(Keywords: Time, People, Growing up, Neighbors, Open, Right, Walking)

You know that I am living proof that the American Dream is real. Growing up, our congressman cut through government bureaucratic red tape to help my mom buy our first house. That's the kind of congressman I'll be.
- Geoff Davis
(Keywords: Government, Mom, Dream, American, First, Growing up, Help, Living, Proof)

I would think, to me, growing up in the south, growing up with all the gospel music, singing in the church and having that rhythm and blues - the blues background was my big inspiration.
- Jackie DeShannon
(Keywords: Music, Inspiration, Church, Growing up, Singing)

I don't think I ever set my goals that high. As a kid growing up I just wanted an opportunity to race and to be able to make a living doing it. It just came together.
- Larry Dixon
(Keywords: Opportunity, Goals, Growing up, Living, Race)

Sometimes we're so concerned about giving our children what we never had growing up, we neglect to give them what we did have growing up.
- James C. Dobson
(Keywords: Children, Giving, Growing up, Neglect)

When I was growing up, I always thought my hair was messy.
- Julia Louis Dreyfus
(Keywords: Thought, Growing up, Hair)

My father is a well known artist, Ted Dyer, who has been painting for many years. Our work is very different, but growing up surrounded by paintings, paints, easels and art books does have an effect.
- John Dyer
(Keywords: Art, Work, Father, Artist, Books, Effect, Growing up, Painting, Years)

Growing up, I've enjoyed hunting with my father.
- Dale Earnhardt
(Keywords: Father, Growing up, Hunting)

Theatre is expensive to go to. I certainly felt when I was growing up that theatre wasn't for us. Theatre still has that stigma to it. A lot of people feel intimidated and underrepresented in theatre.
- Christopher Eccleston
(Keywords: People, Growing up, Theatre)

I always knew I wanted to be a character in the movies. When I was growing up, I had to have a lot of surgery, and I spent a lot of time recovering at home and in the hospital. Watching movies took me away from my own problems and gave me a total escape.
- Josh Ryan Evans
(Keywords: Home, Movies, Time, Character, Growing up, Problems)

It evolved from my experience in the fifties, growing up during the McCarthy era, and hearing a lot of assumptions that America was wonderful and Communism was terrible.
- Warren Farrell
(Keywords: Experience, America, Communism, Growing up, Hearing)

It's so funny how my name has always been such a big deal. When I was growing up, my family was always moving. I had to meet new people all the time. And they'd laugh.
- Calista Flockhart
(Keywords: Family, Funny, Time, People, Growing up, Name)

I was lucky enough to know exactly what I wanted to do when I was growing up. I think one of the hardest things to figure out in life is what your calling is, and what truly makes you happy - not what you want to work at, but what you want to do.
- Scott Foley
(Keywords: Life, Work, Growing up, Want)

Growing up, I never gave a thought to being a writer. All I ever wanted to be was a traveler and explorer. Science-fiction allowed me to go places that were otherwise inaccessible, which is why I started reading it. I was going to be a lawyer, but I got saved.
- Alan Dean Foster
(Keywords: Science, Thought, Being, Growing up, Reading, Writer)

I had all the usual ambition growing up. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, a hockey player. I wanted to do something that wasn't nine to five. Acting was the first thing I tried that clicked.
- Michael J. Fox
(Keywords: Acting, Ambition, First, Growing up, Writer)

Being a kid growing up with Kurosawa films and watching Sergio Leone movies just made me love what it could do to you, and how it could influence you - make you dream.
- Antoine Fuqua
(Keywords: Love, Movies, Dream, Being, Growing up, Influence)

Well, my father was in the Army and we traveled quite a bit when I was growing up, and I thought that I would like to have a military career, although I was drawn more towards the Navy.
- Marc Garneau
(Keywords: Father, Thought, Army, Career, Growing up, Military, Navy)

My mother told me two things constantly. One was to be a lady and the other was to be independent, and the law was something most unusual for those times because for most girls growing up in the '40s, the most important degree was not your B.A. but your M.R.S.
- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(Keywords: Mother, Lady, Girls, Growing up, Law)

Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying.
- Nikki Giovanni
(Keywords: Change, Growing up, Question, Will)

I had years of therapy to recover from this. A lot of it had to with being a people pleaser, being the ultimate good girl. I wanted everyone to like me. I didn't really have a voice. I was afraid of growing up.
- Tracey Gold
(Keywords: People, Being, Growing up, Therapy, Voice, Years)

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