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I spent six years in Bible study because I needed to get grounded. People really need to spend time in the Bible getting to know the God they claim to love.
- Willie Aames
(Keywords: Love, Time, God, People, Bible, Study, Years)

God continues to work miracles in my life.
- Willie Aames
(Keywords: Life, Work, God, Miracles)

Power always thinks... that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws.
- John Adams
(Keywords: Power, God, Laws, Service)

If our countries had war the one with the other, that was no cause that he should put us to death; with which they were out of heart that their cruel pretense failed them. For which God be forever-more praised.
- Will Adams
(Keywords: War, God, Heart, Death, Cause, Countries)

In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that He did not also limit his stupidity.
- Konrad Adenauer
(Keywords: Intelligence, God, Fact, Man, Stupidity)

The love which moves the world, according to common Christian belief, is God's love and the love of God.
- Mortimer Adler
(Keywords: Love, God, Belief, Christian, World)

I thank God, Jesus, and my Grandmother for being able to support myself and my family.
- Steven Adler
(Keywords: Family, God, Being, Support)

He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.
- Aeschylus
(Keywords: Wisdom, God, Heart, Despair, Forget, Grace, Pain, Sleep, Will)

Neither a life of anarchy nor one beneath a despot should you praise; to all that lies in the middle a god has given excellence.
- Aeschylus
(Keywords: Life, God, Anarchy, Excellence, Lies, Praise)

God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you'll know I've lost all my money.
- Ben Affleck
(Keywords: Money, God, Help)

The glacier was God's great plough set at work ages ago to grind, furrow, and knead over, as it were, the surface of the earth.
- Louis Agassiz
(Keywords: Work, God, Earth)

Even God cannot change the past.
- Agathon
(Keywords: Change, God, Past)

After all my possessions had been burned, God gave me the wisdom to return to Jerusalem.
- Shmuel Y. Agnon
(Keywords: Wisdom, God, Possessions)

I'm not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God.
- Christina Aguilera
(Keywords: Money, God, People, Company, Hearing, Religious, Spiritual)

I am just a person who is human, down to earth enjoying life... whatever god blesses you with. Enjoying life for me is just normal.
- Mohamed Al-Fayed
(Keywords: Life, God, Earth)

Father asked us what was God's noblest work. Anna said men, but I said babies. Men are often bad, but babies never are.
- Louisa May Alcott
(Keywords: Men, Work, Father, God, Babies)

We are losing each day an average 50 to 60 people throughout the country, if not more. If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is.
- Iyad Allawi
(Keywords: War, God, People, Country, Day, Losing)

The hardest people to reach with the love of God are not the bad people. They know they are bad. They have no defense. The hardest ones to win for God are the self-righteous people.
- Charles L. Allen
(Keywords: Love, God, People, Defense, Self)

If you love your children, if you love your country, if you love the God of love, clear your hands from slaves, burden not your children or your country with them.
- Richard V. Allen
(Keywords: Love, God, Burden, Children, Country)

If there is a God, the phrase that must disgust him is - holy war.
- Steve Allen
(Keywords: War, God, Disgust)

Sanctification is the real change in man from the sordidness of sin to the purity of God's image.
- William Ames
(Keywords: Change, God, Man, Purity, Sin)

In the exercise of God's efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature.
- William Ames
(Keywords: Nature, God, Efficiency, Exercise, First)

From faith, hope, and love, the virtues of religion referring to God, there arises a double act which bears on the spiritual communion exercised between God and us; the hearing of the word and prayer.
- William Ames
(Keywords: Religion, Faith, Love, God, Hope, Act, Hearing, Prayer, Spiritual, Word)

Faith is the virtue by which, clinging-to the faithfulness of God, we lean upon him, so that we may obtain what he gives to us.
- William Ames
(Keywords: Faith, God, Virtue, Faithfulness, May)

They killed my character off and as God would have it, just when they told me I would never work again, I got cast in a little program called Roots, and as they would say, the rest is history.
- John Amos
(Keywords: History, Work, God, Character, Rest)

Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers.
- Hans Christian Andersen
(Keywords: Life, God, Man)

He was a god, such as men might be, if men were gods.
- Maxwell Anderson
(Keywords: Men, God, Gods)

You know, I'm a Christian and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things.
- Sharron Angle
(Keywords: Faith, God, Purpose, Christian)

And that's really what's happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We're supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government.
- Sharron Angle
(Keywords: Government, God, Country, First, Protection)

Thank God we're not like America: everyone wants to look like they're 20. In Europe we admire grown-up women. I think men revere older women.
- Francesca Annis
(Keywords: Men, Women, God, Europe)

Men create real miracles when they use their God-given courage and intelligence.
- Jean Anouilh
(Keywords: Intelligence, Men, God, Courage, Miracles)

Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God.
- Jean Anouilh
(Keywords: Beauty, God, Doubt)

I shall earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women to the practical recognition of the old Revolutionary maxim. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.
- Susan B. Anthony
(Keywords: Women, God, Maxim, Obedience, Old, Tyranny)

It is possible to demonstrate God's existence, although not a priori, yet a posteriori from some work of His more surely known to us.
- Thomas Aquinas
(Keywords: Work, God, Existence)

How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God.
- Thomas Aquinas
(Keywords: Love, God, First, Harmony)

The knowledge of God is the cause of things. For the knowledge of God is to all creatures what the knowledge of the artificer is to things made by his art.
- Thomas Aquinas
(Keywords: Art, God, Knowledge, Cause)

Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.
- Joan of Arc
(Keywords: Love, God, English, France, Hatred, Nothing, Will)

I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid.
- Joan of Arc
(Keywords: Time, God, First, Help, Voice)

It was from an old friend who thought he was dying. Anyway, he said, 'Life and death issues don't come along that often, thank God, so don't treat everything like it's life or death. Go easier.'
- Thomas Arnold
(Keywords: Death, Life, God, Thought, Friend, Dying, Old)

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
- Francis of Assisi
(Keywords: Men, God, Compassion, Pity, Will)

The Relation we bear to the Wisdom of the Father, the Son of His Love, gives us indeed a dignity which otherwise we have no pretence to. It makes us something, something considerable even in God's Eyes.
- Mary Astell
(Keywords: Wisdom, Love, Father, Son, God, Dignity, Eyes)

God is His own Design and End, and that there is no other Worthy of Him.
- Mary Astell
(Keywords: Design, God, End)

If God had not intended that Women shou'd use their Reason, He wou'd not have given them any, 'for He does nothing in vain.'
- Mary Astell
(Keywords: Women, God, Nothing, Reason)

May it not be that, just as we have to have faith in Him, God has to have faith in us and, considering the history of the human race so far, may it not be that "faith" is even more difficult for Him than it is for us?
- W. H. Auden
(Keywords: Faith, History, God, May, Race)

Beauty is indeed a good gift of God; but that the good may not think it a great good, God dispenses it even to the wicked.
- Saint Augustine
(Keywords: Beauty, God, May)

She saw the myriad gods, and beyond God his own ineffable eternity; she saw that there were ranges of life beyond our present life, ranges of mind beyond our present mind and above these she saw the splendors of the spirit.
- Sri Aurobindo
(Keywords: Life, God, Gods, Eternity, Mind, Present, Spirit)

As we take our places in the General Assembly and at the Council meetings, let us begin all our work in the name of God, for the solution of all our problems is a spiritual one.
- Warren R. Austin
(Keywords: Work, God, Meetings, Name, Problems, Solution, Spiritual)

God gave us faculties for our use; each of them will receive its proper reward. Then do not let us try to charm them to sleep, but permit them to do their work until divinely called to something higher.
- Saint Teresa of Avila
(Keywords: Work, God, Charm, Reward, Sleep, Will)

Look out into the universe and contemplate the glory of God. Observe the stars, millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, all with a message of unity, part of the very nature of God.
- Sai Baba
(Keywords: Nature, God, Glory, Night, Sky, Stars, Unity, Universe)

We have an obligation to live in harmony with creation, with our capital... with God's creation. And we need to administer and work that very carefully.
- Bruce Babbitt
(Keywords: Work, God, Creation, Harmony, Obligation)

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