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You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long, and the great charm of all power is modesty.
- Louisa May Alcott
(Keywords: Power, Talent, Genius, Charm, Conceit, Danger, Gifts, Goodness, Modesty, Will)

This truth is a remedy against spiritual pride, namely, that none should account himself better before God than others, though perhaps adorned with greater gifts, and endowments.
- Johann Arndt
(Keywords: God, Truth, Gifts, Pride, Spiritual)

Use your gifts faithfully, and they shall be enlarged; practice what you know, and you shall attain to higher knowledge.
- Matthew Arnold
(Keywords: Knowledge, Gifts, Practice)

Making lasting gifts for animals in our estate plans is perhaps the single most important thing we can do to ensure animals have the strongest possible voice for their protection.
- Bea Arthur
(Keywords: Animals, Gifts, Protection, Voice)

Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.
- Francis of Assisi
(Keywords: Christ, Gifts, Grace, Overcoming, Self)

Having good health, being able to breathe and be happy, that's one of the most beautiful gifts. On top of that, I have the gift to play music and make people happy through that. I'm just telling you from my heart, I'm so in love with life.
- Roy Ayers
(Keywords: Life, Love, Music, Health, People, Heart, Being, Gifts, Play)

I want to give as many Canadians the opportunity to be successful and if we can use their athletic gifts to get them a free degree or a free diploma across the border then I guess I'm doing my job.
- Donovan Bailey
(Keywords: Opportunity, Successful, Gifts, Job, Want)

By a great man, however, we mean a man who, because of his spiritual gifts, his character, and other qualities, deserves to be called great and who as a result earns the power to influence others.
- Fredrik Bajer
(Keywords: Power, Character, Gifts, Influence, Man, Result, Spiritual)

Political liberty, the peace of a nation, and science itself are gifts for which Fate demands a heavy tax in blood!
- Honore De Balzac
(Keywords: Peace, Science, Fate, Tax, Gifts, Liberty, Nation)

It's difficult to understand why people don't realize that pets are gifts to mankind.
- Linda Blair
(Keywords: People, Gifts, Mankind, Pets)

Having yet another vote on refinery legislation that uses high oil prices as an excuse to weaken environmental protections and to give more legislative gifts to the oil industry is misguided in the extreme.
- Sherwood Boehlert
(Keywords: Environmental, Extreme, Gifts, Legislation, Oil, Vote)

Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has found its way back into society. We receive gifts in boxes from stores that went out of business twenty years ago.
- Erma Bombeck
(Keywords: Business, Society, Mother, Gifts, Years)

Some artists shrink from self-awareness, fearing that it will destroy their unique gifts and even their desire to create. The truth of the matter is quite opposite.
- James Broughton
(Keywords: Truth, Artists, Desire, Gifts, Self, Will)

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.
- Les Brown
(Keywords: Determination, Goals, Gifts, Will)

God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(Keywords: Dreams, God, Gifts, Man, Shame)

I adore being with Roberta. I adore being in her spiritual light. I adore being close to her talent and gifts.
- Peabo Bryson
(Keywords: Talent, Being, Gifts, Light, Spiritual)

Vocational education programs have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide; they build self-confidence and leadership skills by allowing students to utilize their unique gifts and talents.
- Conrad Burns
(Keywords: Education, Leadership, People, Difference, Gifts, Self, Students)

It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.
- Jimmy Carter
(Keywords: Love, Peace, Nature, Children, Earth, Gifts, Honor, Will)

To be an artist includes much; one must possess many gifts - absolute gifts - which have not been acquired by one's own effort. And, moreover, to succeed, the artist much possess the courageous soul.
- Kate Chopin
(Keywords: Soul, Artist, Effort, Gifts, Succeed)

Of all nature's gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Keywords: Nature, Children, Gifts, Man, Race)

Christians need to take the lead in educating people that children are gifts, as my autistic grandson most surely is. By going down the path we're currently on, we might one day get rid of genetic diseases, but only at the cost of our own humanity.
- Charles Colson
(Keywords: People, Children, Day, Gifts, Humanity)

Lee's great gifts are teaching and inspirational guidance, not administration and management.
- Cheryl Crawford
(Keywords: Inspirational, Management, Gifts, Guidance, Teaching)

Now as of old the gods give men all good things, excepting only those that are baneful and injurious and useless. These, now as of old, are not gifts of the gods: men stumble into them themselves because of their own blindness and folly.
- Democritus
(Keywords: Men, Gods, Blindness, Folly, Gifts, Now, Old)

Last year my boyfriend gave me a painting - a very personal one. I really prefer personal gifts or ones made by someone for me. Except diamonds. That's the exception to the rule.
- Minnie Driver
(Keywords: Boyfriend, Gifts, Painting)

I thank fate for having made me born poor. Poverty taught me the true value of the gifts useful to life.
- Anatole France
(Keywords: Life, Fate, Gifts, Poor, Poverty, Value)

I think that's one of the most important gifts we have in television - the ability to heal through laughter.
- Soleil Moon Frye
(Keywords: Ability, Gifts, Laughter, Television)

President Reagan is now at rest. We mourn his passing, but we are grateful for the gifts he gave us: a safer world, strong economic base, and a renewed belief in America's greatness.
- Elton Gallegly
(Keywords: Belief, Greatness, America, Gifts, Now, President, Rest, World)

I love giving gifts and I love receiving them. I really like giving little kids extravagant gifts. You see their little faces light up and they get excited. If it's a really good gift, I love receiving it, like jewels, small islands.
- Gina Gershon
(Keywords: Love, Faces, Gifts, Giving, Islands, Jewels, Kids, Light)

No, what I should really like to do right now, in the full blaze of lights, before this illustrious assembly, is to shower every one of you with gifts, with flowers, with offerings of poetry - to be young once more, to ride on the crest of the wave.
- Knut Hamsun
(Keywords: Poetry, Flowers, Gifts, Now, Right)

One of the best lessons I learned early is that not everything in life is about you. It is about service. If you want trips and excessive gifts, then don't get into public service.
- Sean Hannity
(Keywords: Life, Gifts, Public, Service, Want)

Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one's self, and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another.
- Thomas Hughes
(Keywords: Power, God, Friends, Gifts, Self)

The compulsion to do good is an innate American trait. Only North Americans seem to believe that they always should, may, and actually can choose somebody with whom to share their blessings. Ultimately this attitude leads to bombing people into the acceptance of gifts.
- Ivan Illich
(Keywords: People, Attitude, Acceptance, American, Americans, Blessings, Gifts, May)

An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather.
- Washington Irving
(Keywords: Nature, Thought, Gifts, Heaven, Mind, Oil, Sea, Weather)

One of the greatest gifts my brother and I received from my mother was her love of literature and language. With their boundless energy, libraries open the door to these worlds and so many others. I urge young and old alike to embrace all that libraries have to offer.
- Caroline Kennedy
(Keywords: Love, Mother, Brother, Energy, Gifts, Language, Libraries, Literature, Old, Open)

I tell myself that God gave my children many gifts - spirit, beauty, intelligence, the capacity to make friends and to inspire respect. There was only one gift he held back - length of life.
- Rose Kennedy
(Keywords: Life, Beauty, Intelligence, God, Children, Friends, Gifts, Respect, Spirit)

Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.
- Allen Klein
(Keywords: Children, Gifts, Treasure)

He was one of those inexplicable gifts of nature, an artist who leaps over boundaries, changes our nervous systems, creates a new language, transmits new kinds of joy to our startled senses and spirits.
- Jack Kroll
(Keywords: Nature, Artist, Gifts, Inexplicable, Joy, Language, Senses, Spirits)

I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don't have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It's always fun.
- James Lafferty
(Keywords: Beach, Fun, Gifts, July)

Some people have a knack of putting upon you gifts of no real value, to engage you to substantial gratitude. We thank them for nothing.
- Charles Lamb
(Keywords: Gratitude, People, Gifts, Nothing, Value)

Most analysts would agree that if all the undocumented immigrants in California were deported in one day, our state would experience a severe economic downturn. This does not even consider the many cultural and spiritual gifts these immigrants bring to our state and nation.
- Roger Mahony
(Keywords: Experience, Day, Gifts, Nation, Spiritual, State)

Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do.
- Gian Carlo Menotti
(Keywords: God, Vision, Day, Gifts, Hell)

One needs a Seer's Vision and an Angel's voice to be of any avail. I do not know of any Indian man or woman today who has those gifts in their most complete measure.
- Sarojini Naidu
(Keywords: Vision, Gifts, Man, Measure, Needs, Today, Voice, Woman)

The world is put back by the death of every one who has to sacrifice the development of his or her peculiar gifts to conventionality.
- Florence Nightingale
(Keywords: Death, Sacrifice, Development, Conventionality, Gifts, World)

Not to discriminate every moment some passionate attitude in those about us, and in the very brilliancy of their gifts some tragic dividing on their ways, is, on this short day of frost and sun, to sleep before evening.
- Walter Pater
(Keywords: Attitude, Day, Evening, Gifts, Sleep, Sun)

Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves and to display only a small portion of their gifts.
- Mary Pipher
(Keywords: Experience, Adolescence, Gifts, Girls, Pressure)

All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.
- Plato
(Keywords: Quality, Gifts, Man, Occupation, Quantity, Right, Will)

The gifts of nature are infinite in their variety, and mind differs from mind almost as much as body from body.
- Marcus Fabius Quintilian
(Keywords: Nature, Body, Gifts, Infinite, Mind, Variety)

For it would have been better that man should have been born dumb, nay, void of all reason, rather than that he should employ the gifts of Providence to the destruction of his neighbor.
- Marcus Fabius Quintilian
(Keywords: Destruction, Dumb, Gifts, Man, Providence, Reason)

The earlier practice of the Church had been more or less to employ in worship under the presidency of the pastor or pastors, the gifts of the congregation.
- Robert Rainy
(Keywords: Church, Gifts, Practice, Presidency, Worship)

We Americans have the great gifts of freedom and democracy, but it has been our education system that has fulfilled the promise of democracy.
- James E. Rogers
(Keywords: Education, Americans, Democracy, Freedom, Gifts, Promise)

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