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I was a daydreamer, and there is a lot of history and geography and science I missed out on because I was in my head. And I regret that.
- Gillian Anderson
(Keywords: History, Science, Geography, Regret)

Mathematics was hard, dull work. Geography pleased me more. For dancing I was quite enthusiastic.
- John James Audubon
(Keywords: Work, Dancing, Geography, Mathematics)

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.
- Ambrose Bierce
(Keywords: War, God, Americans, Geography, Teaching)

When Brian told me he grew up in New Mexico, I told him I thought it is cool that people from other countries play football. He corrected me on my geography and agreed to sit down with me anyway.
- Terry Bradshaw
(Keywords: Thought, People, Countries, Football, Geography, Play)

Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography.
- Robert Byrne
(Keywords: Heart, Geography, Man)

Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist.
- Moshe Dayan
(Keywords: Blame, Books, Geography, Names)

You want a lesson? I'll give you a lesson. How about a geography lesson? My father's from Puerto Rico. My mother's from El Salvador. And neither one of those is Mexico.
- Jennifer Esposito
(Keywords: Mother, Father, Geography, Want)

In particular, Australia, because of its ancient geography, soil profile and distinctive weather patterns, is more adversely affected by climate variability than some other continents.
- Peter Garrett
(Keywords: Climate, Geography, Weather)

As a state we are so uniquely positioned in so many ways. Our geography, our placement in the country, and our history positions us to be the state that propels energy efficiency as an industry.
- Jennifer Granholm
(Keywords: History, Country, Efficiency, Energy, Geography, State)

Children can take lessons in that school via the Internet and can score extra points like e.g. in Geography or History. That sounds very promising and is a fantastic basis for future steps.
- Anatoly Karpov
(Keywords: History, Children, Future, Geography, Internet, School)

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.
- John F. Kennedy
(Keywords: History, God, Economics, Friends, Geography, Man, Necessity, Neighbors)

The philosophy of the school was quite simple - the bright boys specialised in Latin, the not so bright in science and the rest managed with geography or the like.
- Aaron Klug
(Keywords: Science, Boys, Geography, Philosophy, Rest, School)

Coming out involves varying degrees of difficulty that are affected by class, race, religion, and geography.
- Lance Loud
(Keywords: Religion, Class, Difficulty, Geography, Race)

If some peoples pretend that history or geography gives them the right to subjugate other races, nations, or peoples, there can be no peace.
- Ludwig von Mises
(Keywords: History, Peace, Geography, Nations, Right)

The door might not be opened to a woman again for a long, long time, and I had a kind of duty to other women to walk in and sit down on the chair that was offered, and so establish the right of others long hence and far distant in geography to sit in the high seats.
- Frances Perkins
(Keywords: Women, Time, Duty, Geography, Right, Woman)

Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography.
- Paul Rodriguez
(Keywords: War, God, Geography, Teaching)

I believe very strongly, and have fought since many years ago - at least over 30 years ago - to get architecture not just within schools, but architecture talked about under history, geography, science, technology, art.
- Richard Rogers
(Keywords: Architecture, Art, History, Science, Technology, Geography, Schools, Years)

An hour or two spent in writing from dictation, another hour or two in reading aloud, a little geography and a little history and a little physics made the day pass busily.
- Hudson Stuck
(Keywords: History, Day, Geography, Physics, Reading, Writing)

I'm somewhat horrified because I don't think the young people today even know what history is. Some of them don't' even study History at school anymore or Geography and they don't know where one place is from another.
- Joan Sutherland
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