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Old age: I fall asleep during the funerals of my friends.
- Mason Cooley
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Depressions may bring people closer to the church but so do funerals.
- Clarence Darrow
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I have always loved the process of making the music, reading the letters from the fans who get married to my music, have children to my music and play my music at their funerals.
- Wynonna Judd
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I never go to funerals. To me a person is dead when he breathes for the last time. After that, your memories should be personal.
- Hedy Lamarr
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I'm more interested in the meaning of funerals and the mourning that people do. It's not a retail experience. It's an existential one.
- Thomas Lynch
(Keywords: Experience, People, Funerals, Meaning, Mourning)

It matters not what your individual position is on either war we are currently prosecuting - in Iraq or Afghanistan - certainly we can all agree protesting at military funerals is a cruel and unnecessary hardship on our military families during their most difficult hour.
- Solomon Ortiz
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