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Neither a life of anarchy nor one beneath a despot should you praise; to all that lies in the middle a god has given excellence.
- Aeschylus
(Keywords: Life, God, Anarchy, Excellence, Lies, Praise)

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
- Mario Andretti
(Keywords: Success, Motivation, Determination, Goal, Commitment, Desire, Excellence, Key, Pursuit, Will)

The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces.
- Thomas Aquinas
(Keywords: Work, Lie, Artist, Excellence, Will)

Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice, lying in a mean, relative to us, this being determined by reason and in the way in which the man of practical wisdom would determine it.
- Aristotle
(Keywords: Wisdom, Being, Choice, Excellence, Lying, Man, Reason, State)

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
- Aristotle
(Keywords: Art, Habit, Virtue, Act, Excellence, Training)

Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.
- Aristotle
(Keywords: Habit, Excellence, Result)

Yet Aristotle's excellence of substance, so far from being associated with the grand style, is associated with something that at times comes perilously near jargon.
- Irving Babbitt
(Keywords: Being, Excellence, Jargon, Style)

There is no excellence without labor. One cannot dream oneself into either usefulness or happiness.
- Liberty Hyde Bailey
(Keywords: Happiness, Dream, Excellence, Labor, Usefulness)

It is the growth of advertising in this country which, more than any single element, has brought the American magazine to its present enviable position in points of literary, illustrative and mechanical excellence.
- Edward Bok
(Keywords: Growth, Advertising, American, Country, Excellence, Literary, Present)

It is the characteristic excellence of the strong man that he can bring momentous issues to the fore and make a decision about them. The weak are always forced to decide between alternatives they have not chosen themselves.
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
(Keywords: Decision, Excellence, Man)

When a book raises your spirit, and inspires you with noble and manly thoughts, seek for no other test of its excellence. It is good, and made by a good workman.
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Keywords: Thoughts, Excellence, Spirit)

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.
- Pearl S. Buck
(Keywords: Work, Excellence, Joy, Word)

It is my sincere hope that hospitals across Indiana, and America, continue to strive for excellence when it comes to providing medical care. This proposed rule will be harmful to communities who wish to upgrade their medical facilities.
- Steve Buyer
(Keywords: Medical, Hope, America, Care, Excellence, Hospitals, Will)

As a consequence, progress has come to mean simply more power, more profit, more productivity, more paper prosperity, all of which are convertible into standards concerned only with size or magnitude rather than quality or excellence.
- Alex Campbell
(Keywords: Power, Quality, Progress, Excellence, Productivity, Profit, Prosperity)

Delaware State has established itself as an institution of excellence in its own right and attracts a diversity of students from various races, socio-economic status and locations.
- Michael N. Castle
(Keywords: Diversity, Excellence, Right, State, Students)

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.
- Confucius
(Keywords: Desire, Excellence, Potential, Succeed, Will)

I think the challenges for me was to go into the studio with these incredible jazz players and come up to their level of excellence. That's always a challenge.
- Rita Coolidge
(Keywords: Challenge, Excellence, Jazz)

We're thrilled to expand our relationship, knowing that with the great team at the Music Group, Word, and Warner Bros., and with their proven record of excellence, we're looking ahead to an even brighter future for Curb.
- Mike Curb
(Keywords: Music, Excellence, Future, Word)

When superstition is allowed to perform the task of old age in dulling the human temperament, we can say goodbye to all excellence in poetry, in painting, and in music.
- Denis Diderot
(Keywords: Age, Music, Poetry, Excellence, Goodbye, Old, Painting, Superstition, Temperament)

Excellence encourages one about life generally; it shows the spiritual wealth of the world.
- George Eliot
(Keywords: Life, Wealth, Excellence, Spiritual, World)

I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.
- Michael J. Fox
(Keywords: Business, God, Excellence, Perfection)

The idea for which this nation stands will not survive if the highest goal free man can set themselves is an amiable mediocrity. Excellence implies striving for the highest standards in every phase of life.
- John W. Gardner
(Keywords: Life, Idea, Goal, Excellence, Man, Mediocrity, Nation, Will)

The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.
- John W. Gardner
(Keywords: Society, Excellence, Philosophy, Theories, Water, Will)

There are some faults so nearly allied to excellence that we can scarce weed out the vice without eradicating the virtue.
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Keywords: Virtue, Excellence, Faults, Vice)

The companies that survive longest are the one's that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul.
- Charles Handy
(Keywords: Money, Work, Soul, People, Growth, Ability, Excellence, Respect, World)

We often choose a friend as we do a mistress - for no particular excellence in themselves, but merely from some circumstance that flatters our self-love.
- William Hazlitt
(Keywords: Friend, Circumstance, Excellence, Self)

It is only through raising expectations and striving for excellence that our children can reach their full potential.
- Brad Henry
(Keywords: Children, Excellence, Expectations, Potential)

But I think Steve's main contribution besides just the pure leadership is his passion for excellence. He's a perfectionist. Good enough isn't good enough. And also his creative spirit. You know he really, really wants to do something great.
- Andy Hertzfeld
(Keywords: Leadership, Excellence, Passion, Spirit)

Badness you can get easily, in quantity; the road is smooth, and it lies close by, But in front of excellence the immortal gods have put sweat, and long and steep is the way to it.
- Hesiod
(Keywords: Gods, Excellence, Lies, Quantity, Road)

I believe the destiny of your generation - and your nation - is a rendezvous with excellence.
- Lyndon B. Johnson
(Keywords: Destiny, Excellence, Nation)

Those who attain any excellence, commonly spend life in one pursuit; for excellence is not often gained upon easier terms.
- Samuel Johnson
(Keywords: Life, Excellence, Pursuit)

When he died, Emerson was thought of as the representative American writer par excellence, and his point of view was still so potent that William James was honored to be asked to speak at a centenary celebration.
- Howard Mumford Jones
(Keywords: Thought, American, Excellence, Writer)

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Keywords: Dignity, Excellence, Humanity, Importance, Labor)

My philosophy all my life has been the pursuit of excellence.
- John Kluge
(Keywords: Life, Excellence, Philosophy, Pursuit)

But God, who is the Eternal Mind, is undoubtedly of excellence, complete and perfect in every part.
- Lactantius
(Keywords: God, Excellence, Mind)

The tourist who moves about to see and hear and open himself to all the influences of the places which condense centuries of human greatness is only a man in search of excellence.
- Max Lerner
(Keywords: Greatness, Excellence, Man, Open)

Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Keywords: Character, Excellence, Manners, Simplicity, Style)

In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Keywords: Character, Excellence, Simplicity, Style)

In today's global economy, however, it is important to raise the bar of excellence even higher. Today's students must be prepared to compete effectively on an international level.
- Kenny Marchant
(Keywords: Economy, Excellence, Students, Today)

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.
- Ralph Marston
(Keywords: Attitude, Excellence, Skill)

Let America first praise mediocrity even, in her children, before she praises... the best excellence in the children of any other land.
- Herman Melville
(Keywords: America, Children, Excellence, First, Land, Mediocrity, Praise)

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
- Paul J. Meyer
(Keywords: Accident, Commitment, Effort, Excellence, Planning, Productivity, Result)

Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.
- Jerry Moran
(Keywords: End, Excellence, Perfection)

We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.
- Barack Obama
(Keywords: Time, Idea, Excellence, Trying)

The Dark Side of the Moon has flash - the true flash that comes from the excellence of a superb performance.
- Alan Parsons
(Keywords: Performance, Excellence, Moon)

Such discussions help us very little to enjoy what has been well done in art or poetry, to discriminate between what is more and what is less excellent in them, or to use words like beauty, excellence, art, poetry, with a more precise meaning than they would otherwise have.
- Walter Pater
(Keywords: Art, Beauty, Poetry, Excellence, Help, Meaning, Words)

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.
- Joe Paterno
(Keywords: Performance, Confidence, Excellence, Reality)

If we are a metaphor of the universe, the human couple is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time.
- Octavio Paz
(Keywords: Time, Excellence, Metaphor, Universe)

Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change.
- Tom Peters
(Keywords: Change, Excellence, Improvement)

If you want people to listen, you have to have a platform to speak from, and that is excellence in what you do.
- William Pollard
(Keywords: People, Excellence, Want)

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