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Once the last trace of emotion has been eradicated, nothing remains of thought but absolute tautology.
- Theodor Adorno
(Keywords: Thought, Emotion, Nothing)

I want the Arabic Granada, that which is art, which is all that seems to me beauty and emotion.
- Isaac Albeniz
(Keywords: Beauty, Art, Emotion, Want)

I worked three and then six hours a day in my studio with strict discipline and emotion. I obtained awards usually granted to other foreigners during the end-of-year admission tests.
- Ralph Allen
(Keywords: Discipline, Awards, Day, Emotion, End, Foreigners, Tests)

I don't want to imitate life in movies; I want to represent it. And in that representation, you use the colors you feel, and sometimes they are fake colors. But always it's to show one emotion.
- Pedro Almodovar
(Keywords: Life, Movies, Colors, Emotion, Want)

Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self command.
- Henri Frederic Amiel
(Keywords: Soul, Emotion, Self, Symbol, Tears)

The true meaning of religion is thus, not simply morality, but morality touched by emotion.
- Matthew Arnold
(Keywords: Religion, Morality, Emotion, Meaning)

Like everything which is not the involuntary result of fleeting emotion but the creation of time and will, any marriage, happy or unhappy, is infinitely more interesting than any romance, however passionate.
- W. H. Auden
(Keywords: Time, Marriage, Romance, Creation, Emotion, Result, Will)

I try to construct a picture in which shapes, spaces, colors, form a set of unique relationships, independent of any subject matter. At the same time I try to capture and translate the excitement and emotion aroused in me by the impact with the original idea.
- Milton Avery
(Keywords: Time, Idea, Colors, Emotion, Excitement, Relationships)

I listen to music for emotion and I get zero emotion from rap.
- Sebastian Bach
(Keywords: Music, Emotion, Rap)

I have the ability to sing with emotion and feeling, but if you say I sound like Billie Holiday, that's cool. Let's look at who Billie was: she was this person, this singer, this beautiful diva who could move the audience with the slightest gesture of her hand.
- Erykah Badu
(Keywords: Ability, Emotion, Feeling, Holiday, Sound)

I thought the Billie Holiday comparison was beautiful. I think, Wow, what a wonderful, creative, helpful spirit. She's someone who wanted to help others by sharing her emotion. That's what I do, too, so I think that's a great comparison.
- Erykah Badu
(Keywords: Thought, Emotion, Help, Holiday, Sharing, Spirit)

A person cannot love a plant after he has pruned it, then he has either done a poor job or is devoid of emotion.
- Liberty Hyde Bailey
(Keywords: Love, Emotion, Job, Poor)

The most difficult thing in any negotiation, almost, is making sure that you strip it of the emotion and deal with the facts. And there was a considerable challenge to that here and understandably so.
- Howard Baker
(Keywords: Challenge, Emotion, Facts, Negotiation)

What's most important in animation is the emotions and the ideas being portrayed. I'm a great believer of energy and emotion.
- Ralph Bakshi
(Keywords: Ideas, Animation, Being, Emotion, Emotions, Energy)

Architecture is a art when one consciously or unconsciously creates aesthetic emotion in the atmosphere and when this environment produces well being.
- Luis Barragan
(Keywords: Architecture, Art, Being, Emotion, Environment)

The forms of art are inexhaustible; but all lead by the same road of aesthetic emotion to the same world of aesthetic ecstasy.
- Clive Bell
(Keywords: Art, Ecstasy, Emotion, Road, World)

There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul.
- Arnold Bennett
(Keywords: Experience, Truth, Soul, Knowledge, Emotion, Force, May)

Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion.
- John Berger
(Keywords: Being, Emotion, Envy, Glamour)

Sometimes you feel the emotion. You think this might be my last pre-season or my last Champions League match. But, overall, those thoughts aren't important right now. But the time will soon come.
- Dennis Bergkamp
(Keywords: Time, Thoughts, Emotion, Now, Right, Will)

I saw the excitement, going to different places, being able to explore emotion in a healthy way.
- Corbin Bernsen
(Keywords: Being, Emotion, Excitement)

Learn to reverence night and to put away the vulgar fear of it, for, with the banishment of night from the experience of man, there vanishes as well a religious emotion, a poetic mood, which gives depth to the adventure of humanity.
- Henry Beston
(Keywords: Experience, Fear, Adventure, Emotion, Humanity, Night, Religious)

And if thought and emotion can persist in this way so long after the brain that sent them forth has crumpled into dust, how vitally important it must be to control their very birth in the heart, and guard them with the keenest possible restraint.
- Algernon H. Blackwood
(Keywords: Thought, Heart, Control, Emotion, Restraint)

Never trust anyone who wants what you've got. Friend or no, envy is an overwhelming emotion.
- Eubie Blake
(Keywords: Trust, Friend, Emotion, Envy)

We see that every external motion, act, gesture, whether voluntary or mechanical, organic or mental, is produced and preceded by internal feeling or emotion, will or volition, and thought or mind.
- H. P. Blavatsky
(Keywords: Thought, Act, Emotion, Feeling, Mind, Will)

Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers.
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
(Keywords: Religion, Islam, Emotion, Followers, Leading, World)

The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity.
- Edmund Burke
(Keywords: Curiosity, Emotion, First, Mind)

Sometimes in life one experiences an emotion which is so strong that it is difficult to think, or to reason.
- Eric Cantona
(Keywords: Life, Emotion, Reason)

It wasn't my tennis that made me lose, it was a lot of different things going on, high drama, high emotion.
- Jennifer Capriati
(Keywords: Drama, Emotion, Tennis)

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.
- Dale Carnegie
(Keywords: People, Emotion, Logic)

It's a different way of getting across an emotion. You're trying to get it across to the animator because the animator is inspired by the voicetrack in terms of how to animate the character.
- Dan Castellaneta
(Keywords: Character, Emotion, Trying)

It is impossible for emotion not to come on us in thinking of that time now flowed away.
- Paul Cezanne
(Keywords: Time, Emotion, Now, Thinking)

All ideas come about through some sort of observation. It sparks an attitude; some object or emotion causes a reaction in the other person.
- Graham Chapman
(Keywords: Ideas, Attitude, Causes, Emotion, Observation)

When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body.
- Helena Christensen
(Keywords: Life, Body, Emotion, Film)

Emotion resulting from a work of art is only of value when it is not obtained by sentimental blackmail.
- Jean Cocteau
(Keywords: Art, Work, Emotion, Value)

I think that's the great thing about music: It can communicate emotionally. And you don't have to necessarily get all of the words. I mean you have to know what is being said, but didn't you find even if you didn't get all of the words, you certainly get the emotion?
- Ronny Cox
(Keywords: Being, Emotion, Words)

You can lose people without them dying, and I have, from moving, from traveling. The emotion is real, it just doesn't actually have to do with death. I'm singing about what I know, and it's a song about longing for somebody who's disappeared in your life.
- Jon Crosby
(Keywords: Life, Death, People, Dying, Emotion, Longing, Singing, Song, Traveling)

A real gentleman, even if he loses everything he owns, must show no emotion. Money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about.
- Fyodor Dostoevsky
(Keywords: Money, Emotion, Gentleman, Worth)

A lyric, it is true, is the expression of personal emotion, but then so is all poetry, and to suppose that there are several kinds of poetry, differing from each other in essence, is to be deceived by wholly artificial divisions which have no real being.
- John Drinkwater
(Keywords: Poetry, Being, Emotion, Expression)

Any time you put a cast like this in compromising circumstances or shake it up a little bit, I think we're all pretty close so we draw on real emotion.
- George Eads
(Keywords: Time, Circumstances, Emotion, Pretty)

Emotion is the surest arbiter of a poetic choice, and it is the priest of all supreme unions in the mind.
- Max Eastman
(Keywords: Choice, Emotion, Mind)

This battle for 'common-sense' gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason. All too often in such a contest, logic loses. So, expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control' legislation. Good news - if you're a crook.
- Larry Elder
(Keywords: Control, Battle, Emotion, Laws, Legislation, Logic, News, Passion, Reason)

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.
- T. S. Eliot
(Keywords: Poetry, Emotion, Emotions, Expression, Personality, Want)

If you want to make someone feel emotion, you have to make them let go. Listening to something is an act of surrender.
- Brian Eno
(Keywords: Act, Emotion, Listening, Surrender, Want)

To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's vault and mix in a sad memory from one's own life.
- Albert Finney
(Keywords: Life, Character, Deep, Emotion, Memory)

With the CGI, suddenly there's a thousand enemies instead of six - the army goes off into the horizon. You don't need that. The audience loses its relationship with the threat on the screen. That's something that's consistently happening and it makes these movies like video games and that's a soulless enterprise. It's all kinetics without emotion.
- Harrison Ford
(Keywords: Movies, Army, Emotion, Enemies, Games)

I don't dare postulate about science, but I know that it takes both emotion and intellect in order for art to happen.
- Lukas Foss
(Keywords: Art, Science, Emotion, Intellect, Order)

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
- Robert Frost
(Keywords: Poetry, Thought, Emotion, Words)

I would say a lot of the emotion in what I do is a sort of a thankfulness for those energies being around, because there's been points in my life when they weren't around, and it's a real sort of miserable existence.
- John Frusciante
(Keywords: Life, Being, Emotion, Existence, Thankfulness)

Being a purely instrumental album, it makes a musical statement, not a religious one, and I hope that people can feel the emotion of the great melodies, even without the words.
- Kenny G
(Keywords: People, Hope, Being, Emotion, Religious, Words)

A wonderful emotion to get things moving when one is stuck is anger. It was anger more than anything else that had set me off, roused me into productivity and creativity.
- Mary Garden
(Keywords: Anger, Creativity, Emotion, Productivity)

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