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Men die in despair, while spirits die in ecstasy.
- Honore De Balzac
(Keywords: Men, Despair, Ecstasy, Spirits)

Life has always taken place in a tumult without apparent cohesion, but it only finds its grandeur and its reality in ecstasy and in ecstatic love.
- Georges Bataille
(Keywords: Life, Love, Ecstasy, Reality)

As a small child, I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings, the horror of life and the ecstasy of life.
- Charles Baudelaire
(Keywords: Life, Feelings, Heart, Ecstasy, Horror)

The forms of art are inexhaustible; but all lead by the same road of aesthetic emotion to the same world of aesthetic ecstasy.
- Clive Bell
(Keywords: Art, Ecstasy, Emotion, Road, World)

Art and Religion are, then, two roads by which men escape from circumstance to ecstasy. Between aesthetic and religious rapture there is a family alliance. Art and Religion are means to similar states of mind.
- Clive Bell
(Keywords: Art, Family, Men, Religion, Alliance, Circumstance, Ecstasy, Mind, Religious, states)

Living substance conquers the frenzy of destruction only in the ecstasy of procreation.
- Walter Benjamin
(Keywords: Destruction, Ecstasy, Living)

Poetry for me is as much a spiritual practice as sexual ecstasy is.
- James Broughton
(Keywords: Poetry, Ecstasy, Practice, Spiritual)

If a hermit lives in a state of ecstasy, his lack of comfort becomes the height of comfort. He must relinquish it.
- Jean Cocteau
(Keywords: Comfort, Ecstasy, State)

And I have been able to give freedom and life which was acknowledged in the ecstasy of walking hand in hand across the most beautiful bridge of the world, the cables enclosing us and pulling us upward in such a dance as I have never walked and never can walk with another.
- Hart Crane
(Keywords: Life, Dance, Ecstasy, Freedom, Walking, World)

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.
- Emily Dickinson
(Keywords: Life, Ecstasy, Joy, Living, Sense)

Anyone who hasn't experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing about ecstasy at all.
- Jean Genet
(Keywords: Betrayal, Ecstasy, Nothing)

I am in total ecstasy with where my life is now.
- Wavy Gravy
(Keywords: Life, Ecstasy, Now)

It totally ruins my voice. I quit smoking, drinking, and doing ecstasy.
- Mark Hoppus
(Keywords: Drinking, Ecstasy, Smoking, Voice)

The ineffable joy of forgiving and being forgiven forms an ecstasy that might well arouse the envy of the gods.
- Elbert Hubbard
(Keywords: Gods, Being, Ecstasy, Envy, Joy)

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
- Franz Kafka
(Keywords: Choice, Ecstasy, Feet, Quiet, Will, World)

Some of the wise boys who say my music is loud, blatant and that's all should see the faces of the kids who have driven a hundred miles through the snow to see the band... to stand in front of the bandstand in an ecstasy all their own.
- Stan Kenton
(Keywords: Music, Boys, Ecstasy, Faces, Kids, Snow)

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti
(Keywords: Love, Heart, Delight, Ecstasy, Will, World)

There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive.
- Jack London
(Keywords: Life, Ecstasy, Forgetfulness, Living, Paradox)

Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it. It is like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all.
- W. Somerset Maugham
(Keywords: Beauty, Ecstasy, Hunger, Nothing)

I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.
- Anais Nin
(Keywords: Love, Ecstasy, Joy, Will, World)

Great passions may give us a quickened sense of life, ecstasy and sorrow of love, the various forms of enthusiastic activity, disinterested or otherwise, which comes naturally to many of us.
- Walter Pater
(Keywords: Life, Love, Ecstasy, May, Sense, Sorrow)

Young kids are taking Viagra, ecstasy. They even want instant sex.
- Tim Reid
(Keywords: Sex, Ecstasy, Kids, Want)

Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust.
- Kenneth Rexroth
(Keywords: Angels, Disgust, Ecstasy, Man)

My job in this life is to give people spiritual ecstasy through music. In my concerts people cry, laugh, dance. If they climaxed spiritually, I did my job. I did it decently and honestly.
- Carlos Santana
(Keywords: Life, Music, People, Dance, Ecstasy, Job, Spiritual)

Not every song I write is ecstasy. And it can happen only one time. After that, when you sing the same melody and words, it's pleasure, but you don't get wiped out.
- Paul Simon
(Keywords: Time, Ecstasy, Pleasure, Song, Words)

One may speak about anything on earth with fire, with enthusiasm, with ecstasy, but one only speaks about oneself with avidity.
- Ivan Turgenev
(Keywords: Enthusiasm, Earth, Ecstasy, Fire, May)

Existence itself does not feel horrible; it feels like an ecstasy, rather, which we have only to be still to experience.
- John Updike
(Keywords: Experience, Ecstasy, Existence)

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