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For disorder obstructs: besides, it doth disgust life, distract the appetities, and yield no true relish to the senses.
- Margaret Cavendish
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If ever a man and his wife, or a man and his mistress, who pass nights as well as days together, absolutely lay aside all good breeding, their intimacy will soon degenerate into a coarse familiarity, infallibly productive of contempt or disgust.
- Lord Chesterfield
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Love turns, with a little indulgence, to indifference or disgust; hatred alone is immortal.
- William Hazlitt
(Keywords: Love, Disgust, Hatred, Indifference)

The time will come when it will disgust you to look in the mirror.
- Rose Kennedy
(Keywords: Time, Disgust, Will)

Ned made a tremendous rattling, at which Bullet took fright, broke his bridle, and dashed off in grand style; and would have stopped all farther negotiations by going home in disgust, had not a traveller arrested him and brought him back; but Kit did not move.
- Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
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Nevertheless the passions, whether violent or not, should never be so expressed as to reach the point of causing disgust; and music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Keywords: Music, Charm, Disgust, Horror)

The office of drama is to exercise, possibly to exhaust, human emotions. The purpose of comedy is to tickle those emotions into an expression of light relief; of tragedy, to wound them and bring the relief of tears. Disgust and terror are the other points of the compass.
- Laurence Olivier
(Keywords: Purpose, Comedy, Disgust, Drama, Emotions, Exercise, Expression, Light, Office, Tears, Terror, Tragedy)

Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure.
- Petrarch
(Keywords: Mother, Cure, Disgust, Variety)

Unless an entire row of people got up in the middle of a performance and left the theater in disgust, I felt as though I hadn't done my job.
- Jeremy Piven
(Keywords: People, Performance, Disgust, Job, Theater)

Man thrives where angels would die of ecstasy and where pigs would die of disgust.
- Kenneth Rexroth
(Keywords: Angels, Disgust, Ecstasy, Man)

All is disgust when a man leaves his own nature and does what is unfit.
- Sophocles
(Keywords: Nature, Disgust, Man)

Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own.
- Robert Louis Stevenson
(Keywords: Impression, Babies, Cannibalism, Disgust, Nothing)

The people of the future will say, meat-eaters in disgust and regard us in the same way that we regard cannibals and cannibalism.
- Dennis Weaver
(Keywords: People, Cannibalism, Disgust, Future, Will)

Quite a lot of our contemporary culture is actually shot through with a resentment of limits and the passage of time, anger at what we can't do, fear or even disgust at growing old.
- Rowan Williams
(Keywords: Anger, Time, Fear, Culture, Disgust, Limits, Old, Resentment)

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