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But the development of human society does not go straight forward; and the epic process will therefore be a recurring process, the series a recurring series - though not in exact repetition.
- Lascelles Abercrombie
(Keywords: Society, Development, Repetition, Will)

I was at the Royal Art School. That was a preparatory school specially for art teachers. You see, it was not so much for the development of artists. But we had there terribly stiff training.
- Josef Albers
(Keywords: Art, Development, Artists, School, Teachers, Training)

Growing up in a violent home is a terrifying and traumatic experience that can affect every aspect of a child's life, growth, and development.
- Lucille Roybal Allard
(Keywords: Experience, Home, Life, Development, Growth, Growing up)

Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man's life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self.
- B. R. Ambedkar
(Keywords: Life, Society, Development, Being, Identity, Man, Ocean, Self, Water)

More countries have understood that women's equality is a prerequisite for development.
- Kofi Annan
(Keywords: Equality, Women, Development, Countries)

If information and knowledge are central to democracy, they are the conditions for development.
- Kofi Annan
(Keywords: Knowledge, Development, Democracy, Information)

Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.
- Kofi Annan
(Keywords: Equality, Development, Goal, Building, Challenge, Gender, Gender equality, Meeting, Poverty)

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.
- Kofi Annan
(Keywords: Education, Power, Development, Democracy, Freedom, Rest, Right)

Remarkable is the greater openness of the Catholic Church towards people of other religious traditions and persuasions. The development has not been without problems, since some people have resisted it and others have pushed openness beyond the desirable point.
- Francis Arinze
(Keywords: People, Development, Church, Problems, Religious, Remarkable, Traditions)

But no nation can base its survival and development on luck and prayers alone while its leadership fritters away every available opportunity for success and concrete achievement.
- Ibrahim Babangida
(Keywords: Leadership, Success, Opportunity, Development, Achievement, Survival, Luck, Nation)

Rest assured that whatever station of life we are placed, princely or lowly, it contains the lessons and experiences necessary at the moment for our evolution, and gives us the best advantage for the development of ourselves.
- Edward Bach
(Keywords: Life, Development, Evolution, Rest)

The idea is that they wouldn't want to deal with militant Islam but an Islam and Muslims who are committed to progress, committed to development, who like peace and are moderate in their ways. So that's what we are doing here.
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
(Keywords: Peace, Idea, Development, Progress, Islam, Want)

We have been given a role to play. We have been asked to provide, to give lectures on the role of Islamic development and the way we do it here, so the people who are Muslims there would understand what the role of Islam is.
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
(Keywords: People, Development, Islam, Play)

A Truth is the subjective development of that which is at once both new and universal. New: that which is unforeseen by the order of creation. Universal: that which can interest, rightly, every human individual, according to his pure humanity.
- Alain Badiou
(Keywords: Truth, Development, Creation, Humanity, Interest, Order)

We've always been the development project that lived in a time pressured setting and always where commercial entities were relying heavily on releases in a certain time frame.
- Mitchell Baker
(Keywords: Time, Development, Project)

The realization of a sustainable economic development strategy for Maine's Native American communities has always been a priority and a critical element of my administration's overall economic development strategy.
- John Baldacci
(Keywords: Strategy, Development, American)

All along we find that social life - religion, politics, art - reflects the stages reached in the development of the knowledge of self; it shows the social uses made of this knowledge.
- James M. Baldwin
(Keywords: Art, Life, Politics, Religion, Knowledge, Development, Self)

The development of the meaning attaching to the personal self, the conscious being, is the subject matter of the history of psychology.
- James M. Baldwin
(Keywords: History, Development, Being, Meaning, Psychology, Self)

The best government rests on the people, and not on the few, on persons and not on property, on the free development of public opinion and not on authority.
- George Bancroft
(Keywords: Government, People, Development, Authority, Opinion, Property, Public, Public opinion)

The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.
- Dave Barry
(Keywords: History, Development, Communication, Internet, Invention, Waiting)

Leadership has become a heavy industry. Concern and interest about leadership development is no longer an American phenomenon. It is truly global. Though I will probably be in less demand, I wanted to move on.
- Warren Bennis
(Keywords: Leadership, Development, American, Concern, Interest, Will)

The relevance of Marxism to science is that it removes it from its imagined position of complete detachment and shows it as a part, but a critically important part, of economy and social development.
- John Desmond Bernal
(Keywords: Science, Development, Economy, Marxism)

Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race.
- Mary McLeod Bethune
(Keywords: History, Time, Development, Glory, Race)

Our school education ignores, in a thousand ways, the rules of healthy development.
- Elizabeth Blackwell
(Keywords: Education, Development, Rules, School)

If society will not admit of woman's free development, then society must be remodeled.
- Elizabeth Blackwell
(Keywords: Society, Development, Will, Woman)

A successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area's workforce, reducing the cost of doing business and making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive in today's global economy.
- Rod Blagojevich
(Keywords: Business, Strategy, Successful, Development, Economy, Focus, Needs, Today)

People are no longer primarily in opposition, nor can they be said to be interacting, rather they are participating in this pool of common meaning which is capable of constant development and change.
- David Bohm
(Keywords: Change, People, Development, Meaning, Opposition)

The grandest of all laws is the law of progressive development. Under it, in the wide sweep of things, men grow wiser as they grow older, and societies better.
- Christian Nestell Bovee
(Keywords: Men, Development, Law, Laws)

The Saudi government's denial of basic rights to women is not only wrong, it hurts Saudi Arabia's economic development, modernization and prosperity.
- Barbara Boxer
(Keywords: Women, Government, Development, Denial, Rights, Prosperity, Wrong)

There is no single development, in either technology or management technique, which by itself promises even one order-of-magnitude improvement within a decade in productivity, in reliability, in simplicity.
- Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
(Keywords: Technology, Development, Management, Improvement, Order, Productivity, Promises, Simplicity)

Marxism is an interpretation of history which explains the progress of society as a product of the expansion of the forces of production of the material means of life, that is, the development of economy.
- Earl Browder
(Keywords: History, Society, Life, Development, Progress, Economy, Marxism, Production)

States get to improve transportation infrastructure; that creates economic development, puts people back to work and, most important, enhances safety and improves local communities.
- Corrine Brown
(Keywords: Work, People, Development, Safety, states)

That the AIDS pandemic is threatening sustainable development in Africa only reinforces the reality that health is at the center of sustainable development.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Health, Development, Reality)

You cannot achieve environmental security and human development without addressing the basic issues of health and nutrition.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Environmental, Health, Development, Security)

During my nearly five years as director-general of WHO, high-level policymakers have increasingly recognized that health is central to sustainable development.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Health, Development, Years)

A safe and nutritionally adequate diet is a basic individual right and an essential condition for sustainable development, especially in developing countries.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Diet, Development, Countries, Right)

More than ever before, there is a global understanding that long-term social, economic, and environmental development would be impossible without healthy families, communities, and countries.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Environmental, Development, Countries, Understanding)

Since the reduction of risk factors is the scientific basis for primary prevention, the World Health Organization promotes the development of an integrated strategy for prevention of several diseases, rather than focusing on individual ones.
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Keywords: Health, Strategy, Development, Prevention, Risk, World)

But it is a law of life and development in history where two national civilizations meet they fight for ascendancy.
- Bernhard von Bulow
(Keywords: History, Life, Development, Fight, Law)

The Leadership Training Institute of America is a cultural think tank providing training and opportunity in leadership development and cultural dynamics.
- Michael Burgess
(Keywords: Leadership, Opportunity, Development, America, Training)

Science has done more for the development of western civilization in one hundred years than Christianity did in eighteen hundred years.
- John Burroughs
(Keywords: Science, Civilization, Development, Christianity, Years)

Man is God's highest present development. He is the latest thing in God.
- Samuel Butler
(Keywords: God, Development, Man, Present)

The development of physics, like the development of any science, is a continuous one.
- Owen Chamberlain
(Keywords: Science, Development, Physics)

As you see, I do not treat the creation of fiction, that to say the invention and development of fantasies, as a form of abstract thought. I dont wish to deny the uses of the intellect, but sometimes one has the intuition that the intellect by itself will lead one nowhere.
- J. M. Coetzee
(Keywords: Thought, Development, Creation, Fiction, Intellect, Intuition, Invention, Will)

The most meaningful engine of change, powerful enough to confront corporate power, may be not so much environmental quality, as the economic development and growth associated with the effort to improve it.
- Barry Commoner
(Keywords: Environmental, Change, Power, Quality, Development, Growth, Corporate, Effort, May)

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.
- Calvin Coolidge
(Keywords: Work, Development, Growth, Effort)

The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.
- Jeff Cooper
(Keywords: Family, Development, Police)

Population growth and development place additional stress on the Nation's water infrastructure and its ability to sustain hard-won water quality gains.
- Jerry Costello
(Keywords: Quality, Development, Growth, Ability, Nation, Population, Stress, Water)

All men have an equal right to the free development of their faculties; they have an equal right to the impartial protection of the state; but it is not true, it is against all the laws of reason and equity, it is against the eternal nature of things.
- Victor Cousin
(Keywords: Men, Nature, Development, Laws, Protection, Reason, Right, State)

The consuming desire of most human beings is deliberately to plant their whole life in the hands of some other person. I would describe this method of searching for happiness as immature. Development of character consists solely in moving toward self-sufficiency.
- Quentin Crisp
(Keywords: Happiness, Life, Development, Character, Desire, Self)

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