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I still the love classic period, but also the baroque period, and even 17th-Century music such as the music of Monteverdi. He's one of the greatest opera composers. He was the one who really started the opera.
- Cecilia Bartoli
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Music is at once the product of feeling and knowledge, for it requires from its disciples, composers and performers alike, not only talent and enthusiasm, but also that knowledge and perception which are the result of protracted study and reflection.
- Alban Berg
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Living composers writing for big band are very few and far between. There are not a lot of them, and I have a talent for doing it. I am zeroing in on what I do best.
- Carla Bley
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Still, American composers working in France have had a pretty hard time.
- Gavin Bryars
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I don't use composers. I research music the way I research the photographs or the facts in my scripts.
- Ken Burns
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There's a higher place that I have no illusions about reaching. There's a sophistication and aesthetic about composers who only write only for the music's sake.
- Bill Conti
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Gifted women musicians and composers rarely received their due.
- James Cook
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The structural thinking I use in the concert hall is unnecessary to most film projects, and most film composers make better use of the enormous range of pop and other materials and techniques required of them than I probably would, faced with the same challenge.
- John Corigliano
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I am certain that most composers today would consider today's music to be rich, not to say confusing, in its enormous diversity of styles, technical procedures, and systems of esthetics.
- George Crumb
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Although technical discussions are interesting to composers, I suspect that the truly magical and spiritual powers of music arise from deeper levels of our psyche.
- George Crumb
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When the Domaine Musical started up, I wasn't part of it. They were the major players in contemporary music at that time, braodcasting old and new composers' work. And I wasn't one of them.
- Luc Ferrari
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It's amazing how fast generations lose sight of other generations. One of the first things the young composers who come to work with me say is that they want to write music people will like, instead of gaining their credentials by being rejected by the audience.
- Carlisle Floyd
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I feel that I belong to the 19th century. Some composers' music is very topical. It almost says, 'This is about what I read in newspapers yesterday.' Not mine.
- Gordon Getty
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A characteristic of older folksongs, in most cases, is that we don't know their composers or authors. Older folksongs were written often with no commercial purpose in mind. They were passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation.
- Tom Glazer
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I've got a collection of songs that I've had, I keep adding to and they're all great American composers. I wanted to showcase American composers and I've done that on a lot of my records and played things by American composers that I really respect.
- Charlie Haden
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I was always drawn to Broadway musicals, and obviously composers like Gershwin, Rodgers, Berlin and Porter were writing music that I found wildly impressive.
- Marvin Hamlisch
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Nobody can give a good performance unless the authors and composers have written a good part, a fact which is often overlooked.
- Judy Holliday
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I would advise my young colleagues, the composers of symphonies, to drop in sometimes at the kindergarten, too. It is there that it is decided whether there will be anybody to understand their works in twenty years' time.
- Zoltan Kodaly
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Music is a continuum and the modern and avant-garde composers of today will be part of the standard repertoire 30 years from now.
- Neville Marriner
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So many of the sounds that contemporary composers were trying to create were to be found in the traditional musics of the world. That was encouraging but also little daunting to think that you had to work so hard to be new and yet it was old.
- Robert Morris
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Composers today get a TV script on Friday and have to record on Tuesday. It's just dreadful to impose on gifted talent and expect decent music under these conditions.
- Alex North
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I am not one of the great composers. All the great have produced enormously. There is everything in their work - the best and the worst, but there is always quantity. But I have written relatively little.
- Maurice Ravel
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The record company started as an adjunct to that, to give young composers their first recorded performances; to give young musicians their first debut on a recording. These are all things that big record companies would never touch because there is no money in it!
- Gunther Schuller
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All of these people kept on being professional musicians and composers in the strictest sense.
- James Tenney
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The first year I started in San Francisco, there was an American work on every program and there's been a lot of music by living composers and gradually that was part of the process of getting the audience really to trust me.
- Michael Tilson Thomas
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But still as compared to many, many orchestras in the world, I think you find a lot more new music and living composers on our programs than many other places.
- Michael Tilson Thomas
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Well, American composers are the best composers. At this time in the world, we are where the energy is. We are the most diverse, the most iconoclastic, the most maverick, and the most skillful.
- David Del Tredici
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Composers love to write for symphony orchestras because the symphony is the Rolls Royce of musical instruments.
- David Del Tredici
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We teach young kids from 8 to 14 or 15 about their musical heritage through great songs written by American songwriters. We don't do too many modern composers, although we include songs from Billy Joel and other writers like him.
- Margaret Whiting
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