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As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind.
- Cleveland Amory
(Keywords: Time, Cats, Limitations, Patience)

I take care of my flowers and my cats. And enjoy food. And that's living.
- Ursula Andress
(Keywords: Food, Care, Cats, Flowers, Living)

If you call a cat, he may not come. Which doesn't happen with dogs. They're different types of animals. Cats are very sexy I think too in the way they move.
- Antonio Banderas
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I have always been an animal lover. I had a hard time disassociating the animals I cuddled with - dogs and cats, for example - from the animals on my plate, and I never really cared for the taste of meat. I always loved my Brussels sprouts.
- Kristen Bell
(Keywords: Time, Animals, Cats, Dogs, Example, Taste)

As my career has progressed, I've had the pleasure of playing with the baddest jazz cats on the planet. But that doesn't change my desire to entertain folks. That's really who I am.
- George Benson
(Keywords: Change, Career, Cats, Desire, Jazz, Pleasure)

I'm lucky because I have a job I love. I really miss being away from home, being in my own bed, seeing my animals and siblings, having my moms cookies. I have a couple cats. I got a kitten about a year ago and now Im going on the road so I wont see him for a while. I feel bad.
- Michelle Branch
(Keywords: Home, Love, Animals, Bed, Being, Cats, Job, Now, Road)

She was trusted and valued by her father, loved and courted by all dogs, cats, children, and poor people, and slighted and neglected by everybody else.
- Anne Bronte
(Keywords: Father, People, Cats, Children, Dogs, Poor)

Whatever its other limitations, the Big Apple and those who live there make room for their dogs and cats, take good care of them and abide by the rules made necessary by a huge population.
- Nick Clooney
(Keywords: Care, Cats, Dogs, Limitations, Population, Rules)

Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature.
- Billy Corgan
(Keywords: Nature, God, Cats, Culture, Internet, Talk)

Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.
- Jim Davis
(Keywords: Courage, Cats, Deep)

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that humans belong to the same class of animals as cats and cows and raccoons. They're like the people who become successful and then don't want to be reminded of the old neighborhood.
- Phil Donahue
(Keywords: People, Idea, Successful, Animals, Cats, Class, Cows, Old, Want)

I lie around the floor with my cats Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best friends.
- Cathy Freeman
(Keywords: Lie, Cats, Friends, Jazz)

Scalded cats fear even cold water.
- Thomas Fuller
(Keywords: Fear, Cats, Water)

Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.
- W. L. George
(Keywords: Food, Love, Cats, Labor)

I love cats. I have a lot of cat tales, ha ha, so to speak. A lot of my cats come to me. They show up at my house. I'm kind of a cat lady that way.
- Gina Gershon
(Keywords: Love, Cats, Lady)

Many cats are the death of the mouse.
- Kaspar Hauser
(Keywords: Death, Cats, Mouse)

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
- Robert A. Heinlein
(Keywords: Men, Women, Idea, Cats, Dogs, Relax, Will)

I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.
- James Herriot
(Keywords: Love, Cats, Faces)

My mum loves cats so I took her to see the lion cubs which at about a year old are actually quite big. She wasn't scared at all and went straight over and kissed one on the mouth! She thought they were just like her pets at home.
- Amanda Holden
(Keywords: Home, Thought, Cats, Old, Pets)

The stones themselves are thick with history, and those cats that dash through the alleyways must surely be the ghosts of the famous dead in feline disguise.
- Erica Jong
(Keywords: History, Cats, Disguise, Famous)

I used to love dogs until I discovered cats.
- Nafisa Joseph
(Keywords: Love, Cats, Dogs)

My quest these days is to find my long lost inner child, but I'm afraid if I do, I'll end up with food in my hair and way too in love with the cats.
- Kenny Loggins
(Keywords: Food, Love, Cats, End, Hair, Quest)

I'm hostile to men, I'm hostile to women, I'm hostile to cats, to poor cockroaches, I'm afraid of horses.
- Norman Mailer
(Keywords: Men, Women, Cats, Horses, Poor)

Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it.
- Rod McKuen
(Keywords: Admiration, Cats, Company, Sleep, Want)

My hobbies are cooking and gardening, especially growing orchids. I love soccer, my husband and I support a British team called Chelsea, and I also enjoy tennis. We have 3 cats.
- Juliet Mills
(Keywords: Love, Gardening, Husband, Cats, Cooking, Hobbies, Soccer, Support, Tennis)

Artists like cats; soldiers like dogs.
- Desmond Morris
(Keywords: Artists, Cats, Dogs, Soldiers)

Perhaps it is because cats do not live by human patterns, do not fit themselves into prescribed behavior, that they are so united to creative people.
- Andre Norton
(Keywords: People, Behavior, Cats, United)

I've been very successful doing voices in movies. I did Olive, the Other Reindeer, with Drew Barrymore, and I did Cats and Dogs. My children came to some of the sessions.
- Joe Pantoliano
(Keywords: Movies, Successful, Cats, Children, Dogs)

I grew up in a house full of women: my mother, grandmother, three sisters, and two female cats. And I still have the buzz of their conversations in my head. As an adult, I have more female friends than male ones: I just love the way that women talk.
- James Patterson
(Keywords: Love, Women, Mother, Cats, Friends, Sisters, Talk)

My wife and I have so much fun when we travel and find anything... like stray cats and squirrels.
- Eric Roberts
(Keywords: Travel, Wife, Cats, Fun)

With the Stray Cats at least, we really took the music somewhere else. First, we wrote our own songs. That's a real weak point in modern classics if you do rockabilly or blues.
- Brian Setzer
(Keywords: Music, Cats, First, Songs)

When my cats aren't happy, I'm not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they're just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Keywords: Care, Cats, Thinking)

I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I'm not looking for the secret to life... I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.
- Frank Sinatra
(Keywords: Life, Cats, Day)

As an inspiration to the author, I do not think the cat can be over-estimated. He suggests so much grace, power, beauty, motion, mysticism. I do not wonder that many writers love cats; I am only surprised that all do not.
- Carl Van Vechten
(Keywords: Love, Beauty, Power, Inspiration, Cats, Grace, Wonder, Writers)

I'm impressed with how professional they are and what they can get an animal to do. I mean, dogs and cats - that's one thing. But when you get into the larger animals, that's a different thing all together.
- M. Emmet Walsh
(Keywords: Animals, Cats, Dogs)

I have a family and two cats; I get up with my kids early in the morning.
- Vanna White
(Keywords: Family, Cats, Kids)

I live alone, with cats, books, pictures, fresh vegetables to cook, the garden, the hens to feed.
- Jeanette Winterson
(Keywords: Books, Cats, Garden, Hens)

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