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The Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.
- John Adams
(Keywords: Men, Blind, Fate, Nation, Nations)

Interest makes some people blind, and others quick-sighted.
- Francis Beaumont
(Keywords: People, Blind, Interest, Quick)

Whoever said love is blind is dead wrong. Love is the only thing that lets us see each other with the remotest accuracy.
- Martha Beck
(Keywords: Love, Accuracy, Blind, Wrong)

War means blind obedience, unthinking stupidity, brutish callousness, wanton destruction, and irresponsible murder.
- Alexander Berkman
(Keywords: War, Blind, Destruction, Murder, Obedience, Stupidity)

The world is now aware that the most unavoidable and most dangerous weapon that exists is the blind decisiveness of a man ready to sacrifice his life for an obscure cause.
- Omar Bongo
(Keywords: Life, Sacrifice, Blind, Cause, Man, Now, World)

It is amazing to think after all that has happened in this country in the last few years, the last few decades, that so many people have this blind faith that government is our friend and therefore, so we don't need protections against it.
- James Bovard
(Keywords: Faith, Government, People, Friend, Blind, Country, Years)

At times one feels that what is being said in the West is that the fact that you are a Muslim predisposes you to this blind, stupid terrorism.
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Keywords: Muslim, Being, Blind, Fact, Terrorism)

He who never sacrificed a present to a future good or a personal to a general one can speak of happiness only as the blind do of colors.
- Olympia Brown
(Keywords: Happiness, Blind, Colors, Future, Present)

Republican leadership in Congress let the energy companies write the energy bill that sent prices soaring, and has turned a blind eye to the struggles of working families trying to make ends meet.
- Sherrod Brown
(Keywords: Leadership, Blind, Congress, Energy, Eye, Republican, Trying)

The biggest kick I get is to communicate with those who are exiled from the game - in hospitals, homes, prisons - those who have seldom seen a game, who can't travel to a game, those who are blind.
- Jack Buck
(Keywords: Travel, Blind, Hospitals)

Then there's going to be another project I am involved with, in fact, I'm going back to film it next week. It's a game for the Internet called Advance Warriors, and my character is Max, who is blind, but he has special powers. It will be a new game played on the Internet.
- Jeremy Bulloch
(Keywords: Character, Blind, Fact, Film, Internet, Project, Will)

You don't work on something for six years and be blind to the myriad of other approaches.
- Ken Burns
(Keywords: Work, Blind, Years)

Is puppy love the reason so many Americans are blind to the incompetence and waste of Republicans - who at a minimum are supposed to be good money managers - running Iraq reconstruction?
- Margaret Carlson
(Keywords: Love, Money, Americans, Blind, Incompetence, Iraq, Managers, Reason, Republicans, Running, Waste)

I did it to myself. It wasn't society... it wasn't a pusher, it wasn't being blind or being black or being poor. It was all my doing.
- Ray Charles
(Keywords: Society, Being, Blind, Poor)

The issue in Web accessibility is the fact that blind and visually-impaired people need the single biggest boost to achieve equivalence, since the real-world Web is a visual medium.
- Joe Clark
(Keywords: People, Blind, Fact)

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.
- Paulo Coelho
(Keywords: Attention, Blind, Day)

The most happy marriage I can picture or imagine to myself would be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Keywords: Marriage, Blind, Man, Woman)

I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came.
- Jefferson Davis
(Keywords: War, Blind, Day, Night, Years)

The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.
- Richard Dawkins
(Keywords: Faith, Blind, Unconscious)

The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.
- Richard Dawkins
(Keywords: Design, Purpose, Blind, Evil, Indifference, Nothing, Universe)

Absolute faith can blind you to the consequences of the actions you allow. It can tell you it's okay to drop bombs on another country, or that it's okay to hate a group of people such as homosexuals.
- Andrew Denton
(Keywords: Faith, People, Actions, Blind, Bombs, Consequences, Country, Hate)

It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.
- Lawrence Durrell
(Keywords: Love, Blind, Jealousy)

If the word has the potency to revive and make us free, it has also the power to blind, imprison, and destroy.
- Ralph Ellison
(Keywords: Power, Blind, Word)

Well when I made my first record I thought it would be a good joke to have me on one side, have the lable say John Fahey on one side, and this guy Blind Joe Death on the other side.
- John Fahey
(Keywords: Death, Thought, Blind, First)

Both the historian and the novelist view history as the struggle of a tiny minority, able and determined to make judgments, which is up against a vast and densely packed majority of the blind, who are led by their instincts and unable to think for themselves.
- Lion Feuchtwanger
(Keywords: History, Blind, Majority, Minority, Struggle)

It is the eye of other people that ruin us. If I were blind I would want, neither fine clothes, fine houses or fine furniture.
- Benjamin Franklin
(Keywords: People, Blind, Clothes, Eye, Houses, Ruin, Want)

I am astonished each time I come to the U.S. by the ignorance of a high percentage of the population, which knows almost nothing about Latin America or about the world. It's quite blind and deaf to anything that may happen outside the frontiers of the U.S.
- Eduardo Galeano
(Keywords: Time, America, Blind, Ignorance, May, Nothing, Population, World)

Every unskilled illegal immigrant who enters the United States for work drives up healthcare costs for every American. And, every illegal immigrant we turn a blind eye toward weakens the rule of law our country is founded on.
- Elton Gallegly
(Keywords: Work, American, Blind, Country, Eye, Healthcare, Law, states, United)

There is an orderliness in the universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives. It is no blind law; for no blind law can govern the conduct of living beings.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Being, Blind, Law, Living, Universe)

Faith... must be enforced by reason... when faith becomes blind it dies.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Faith, Blind, Reason)

There is danger in reckless change, but greater danger in blind conservatism.
- Henry George
(Keywords: Change, Blind, Conservatism, Danger)

And my point was one I think that you'd agree with, which is there's no room in America for a black racist, a Latino racist, or a white racist, or an Asian racist, or a Native American racist. Now, we're either color blind or we're not color blind.
- Newt Gingrich
(Keywords: America, American, Blind, Now)

A man who leaves home to mend himself and others is a philosopher; but he who goes from country to country, guided by the blind impulse of curiosity, is a vagabond.
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Keywords: Home, Blind, Country, Curiosity, Man)

It is the custom of the Roman Church which I unworthily serve with the help of God, to tolerate some things, to turn a blind eye to some, following the spirit of discretion rather than the rigid letter of the law.
- Pope Gregory VII
(Keywords: God, Church, Blind, Custom, Discretion, Eye, Help, Law, Spirit)

The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any human power, whether civil or ecclesiastical, is the doctrine of despotism, and ought to have no place among Republicans and Christians.
- Angelina Grimke
(Keywords: Power, Blind, Doctrine, Obedience, Republicans)

Peace was declared, but not all of us were drunk with joy or stricken blind.
- George Grosz
(Keywords: Peace, Blind, Joy)

It will make a weak man mighty. it will make a mighty man fall. It will fill your heart and hands or leave you with nothing at all. It's the eyes for the blind and legs for the lame. It is the love for hate and pride for shame. That's the power of the gospel.
- Ben Harper
(Keywords: Love, Power, Heart, Blind, Eyes, Hate, Man, Nothing, Pride, Shame, Will)

The Blind Boys are truly the deepest well of American musical heritage you can discover.
- Ben Harper
(Keywords: American, Blind, Boys)

I grew up listening to spiritual music, Blind Willie Johnson and folk.
- Ben Harper
(Keywords: Music, Blind, Folk, Listening, Spiritual)

What is research but a blind date with knowledge?
- Will Harvey
(Keywords: Knowledge, Blind, Research)

Let hope inspire you, but let not idealism blind you. Don't look back, you can never look back.
- Don Henley
(Keywords: Hope, Blind, Idealism)

An idea is an eye given by God for the seeing of God. Some of these eyes we cannot bear to look out of; we blind them as quickly as possible.
- Russell Hoban
(Keywords: God, Idea, Blind, Eye, Eyes)

God does not require you to follow His leadings on blind trust. Behold the evidence of an invisible intelligence pervading everything, even your own mind and body.
- Raymond Holliwell
(Keywords: Intelligence, Trust, God, Blind, Body, Mind)

One pits his wits against apparently inscrutable nature, wooing her with ardor but nature is blind justice who cannot recognize personal identity.
- Charles Brenton Huggins
(Keywords: Nature, Blind, Identity, Justice, Wooing)

The improver of natural knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the one unpardonable sin.
- Thomas Huxley
(Keywords: Faith, Knowledge, Authority, Blind, Sin, Skepticism)

The superior man is the providence of the inferior. He is eyes for the blind, strength for the weak, and a shield for the defenseless. He stands erect by bending above the fallen. He rises by lifting others.
- Robert Green Ingersoll
(Keywords: Strength, Blind, Eyes, Man, Providence)

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.
- Thomas Jefferson
(Keywords: God, Fear, Blind, Boldness, Existence, Question, Reason)

I don't think DIY is something that necessarily comes to mind when people hear Third Eye Blind, but that is completely how we've been from the beginning.
- Stephan Jenkins
(Keywords: People, Beginning, Blind, Eye, Mind)

Until justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men's skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact.
- Lyndon B. Johnson
(Keywords: Education, Men, Opportunity, Blind, Fact, Justice, Race, Will)

Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.
- Immanuel Kant
(Keywords: Thoughts, Blind, Content)

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