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At Athens, wise men propose, and fools dispose.
- Alcuin
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A few of the sublimest geniuses of Rome and Athens had some faint discoveries of the spiritual nature of the human soul, and formed some probable conjectures, that man was designed for a future state of existence.
- David Brainerd
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My sisters and I were fortunate to travel through Asia and Europe at very young ages. We confronted extraordinary beauty in Athens and unspeakable poverty in India.
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
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As in Athens, the right to participate was restricted to men, just as it was also in all later democracies and republics until the twentieth century.
- Robert A. Dahl
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A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Keywords: Art, Faith, Quality, Idea, Athens, Conquest, Man, Memory, Rome, World)

I am not going to let Athens affect the rest of my life.
- Paula Radcliffe
(Keywords: Life, Athens, Rest)

So, we went from being an Athens band to being a Georgia band to being a Southern band to being an American band from the East Coast to being an American band and now we're kind of an international phenomenon.
- Michael Stipe
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