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Normally I work out a general summary of what I mean to do, then start writing, and the details can be different from my anticipation. So there is considerable flow, but always within channels.
- Piers Anthony
(Keywords: Work, Anticipation, Writing)

Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.
- Aristotle
(Keywords: Fear, Anticipation, Evil, Pain)

At any rate, I can only see such a success having positive effects for everyone, particularly as our anticipation of the World cup would only increase further.
- Franz Beckenbauer
(Keywords: Success, Positive, Anticipation, World)

Hollywood... a city I was to come back to time and again, in sickness and in health, in success and in failure, with anticipation and with dread.
- Dirk Benedict
(Keywords: Success, Time, Health, Failure, Anticipation, Hollywood, Sickness)

Our thinking and our behaviour are always in anticipation of a response. It is therefore fear-based.
- Deepak Chopra
(Keywords: Fear, Anticipation, Thinking)

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.
- Norman Cousins
(Keywords: Wisdom, Anticipation, Consequences)

The racing driver's mind has to have the ability to have amazing anticipation, coordination, and reflex. Because of the speed the car goes.
- Emerson Fittipaldi
(Keywords: Car, Ability, Anticipation, Mind, Racing)

I can look at the future with anticipation. And it's comforting to know that someday, as Christians, we'll be able to look back and have a little more clarity on why certain things in life happened.
- Amy Grant
(Keywords: Life, Anticipation, Clarity, Future)

Such is the state of life, that none are happy but by the anticipation of change: the change itself is nothing; when we have made it, the next wish is to change again.
- Samuel Johnson
(Keywords: Change, Life, Anticipation, Nothing, State)

So not only do we need to deal with threats as they emerge, we have to be thinking in anticipation of future threats, and the things we do have to be things that enable the system to continue to work.
- Janet Napolitano
(Keywords: Work, Anticipation, Future, Thinking)

But if we learn to think of it as anticipation, as learning, as growing, if we think of the time we spend waiting for the big things of life as an opportunity instead of a passing of time, what wonderful horizons open out!
- Anna Neagle
(Keywords: Life, Time, Opportunity, Anticipation, Learning, Open, Waiting)

An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.
- Samuel Smiles
(Keywords: Possibility, Anticipation, Being, Reality)

Conscience is, in most men, an anticipation of the opinions of others.
- Henry Taylor
(Keywords: Men, Anticipation, Conscience, Opinions)

Conscience in most men, is but the anticipation of the opinions of others.
- Jeremy Taylor
(Keywords: Men, Anticipation, Conscience, Opinions)

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