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We're the biggest food and agriculture company in the world.
- Dwayne Andreas
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High tech companies that focus on research, development and production will learn that they can be the perfect complement to our world-renowned agriculture heritage.
- Alan Autry
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Advances in technology will continue to reach far into every sector of our economy. Future job and economic growth in industry, defense, transportation, agriculture, health care, and life sciences is directly related to scientific advancement.
- Christopher Bond
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Man's survival, from the time of Adam and Eve until the invention of agriculture, must have been precarious because of his inability to ensure his food supply.
- Norman Borlaug
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Bring diversity back to agriculture. That's what made it work in the first place.
- David R. Brower
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We must then build a proper relationship between the richest and the poorest countries based on our desire that they are able to fend for themselves with the investment that is necessary in their agriculture, so that Africa is not a net importer of food, but an exporter of food.
- Gordon Brown
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True contentment is a thing as active as agriculture. It is the power of getting out of any situation all that there is in it. It is arduous and it is rare.
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
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In Old Europe and Ancient Crete, women were respected for their roles in the discovery of agriculture and for inventing the arts of weaving and pottery making.
- Carol P. Christ
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The environmental crisis arises from a fundamental fault: our systems of production - in industry, agriculture, energy and transportation - essential as they are, make people sick and die.
- Barry Commoner
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Water is a finite resource that is essential in the advancement of agriculture, and is vital to human life.
- Jim Costa
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The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government.
- Milton Friedman
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The experience of ages has shown that a man who works on the land is purer, nobler, higher, and more moral... Agriculture should be at the basis of everything. That's my idea.
- Nikolai Gogol
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In an approximate way, the logic of commons has been understood for a long time, perhaps since the discovery of agriculture or the invention of private property in real estate.
- Garrett Hardin
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Agriculture is now a motorized food industry, the same thing in its essence as the production of corpses in the gas chambers and the extermination camps, the same thing as blockades and the reduction of countries to famine, the same thing as the manufacture of hydrogen bombs.
- Martin Heidegger
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Penn State has also continued to be a leader in Pennsylvania's largest industry: Agriculture.
- Tim Holden
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It is obvious that the greatest and most important service that is required of our agriculture under existing conditions is an enlarged production of the staple food crops.
- David F. Houston
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On the professional side, those 18 years on the farm instilled my love for agriculture.
- Mike Johanns
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The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.
- Arthur Keith
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The concentration and reciprocal effect of industry and agriculture conjoin in a growth of productive powers, which increases more in geometrical than in arithmetical proportion.
- Friedrich List
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As the tension eases, we must look in the direction of agriculture, industry and education as our final goals, and toward democracy under Mr Mubarak.
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Keywords: Education, Goals, Agriculture, Democracy, Direction, Tension)

On this National Agriculture Day, when we all should be taking time to thank and pay tribute to America's farmers, ranchers and their families who produce the food for our tables, we are finding those same people in dire need of our help and support.
- Michael McCaul
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Because of technological limits, there is a certain amount of food that we can produce per acre. If we were to have intensive greenhouse agriculture, we could have much higher production.
- Ralph Merkle
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If we win, we'll make history, and I'll serve you on the Agriculture Committee.
- George Nethercutt
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After the First World War the economic problem was no longer one of production. It was the problem of finding markets to get the output of industry and agriculture dispersed and consumed.
- John Boyd Orr
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Every major food company now has an organic division. There's more capital going into organic agriculture than ever before.
- Michael Pollan
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Consequently the student who is devoid of talent will derive no more profit from this work than barren soil from a treatise on agriculture.
- Quintilian
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Security for agriculture merits serious concern by not only the agricultural community but our nation as a whole. The risk to the U.S. food supply and overall economy is real.
- Pat Roberts
(Keywords: Food, Agriculture, Community, Concern, Economy, Nation, Risk, Security)

As an integral part of the Department of Agriculture, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service monitors our Nation's agriculture to protect against agricultural pests and diseases.
- Mike Rogers
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I have always said there is only one thing that can bring our nation down - our dependence on foreign countries for food and energy. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy.
- John Salazar
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Just as the science and art of agriculture depend upon chemistry and botany, so the art of education depends upon physiology and psychology.
- Edward Thorndike
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