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Passion is the evil in adultery. If a man has no opportunity of living with another man's wife, but if it is obvious for some reason that he would like to do so, and would do so if he could, he is no less guilty than if he was caught in the act.
- Saint Augustine
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God's forgiveness is the only thing. And, well, I take full responsibility for the adultery. It was my fault and, you know, no matter what went on, the man has to take responsibility; and I do.
- Jim Bakker
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Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling; it never forgives preaching of a new gospel.
- Edmund Burke
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I've looked on many women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times. God knows I will do this and forgives me.
- Jimmy Carter
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The task of an American writer is not to describe the misgivings of a woman taken in adultery as she looks out of a window at the rain but to describe four hundred people under the lights reaching for a foul ball. This is ceremony.
- John Cheever
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I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws.
- Jerry Falwell
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French novels generally treat of the relations of women to the world and to lovers, after marriage; consequently there is a great deal in French novels about adultery, about improper relations between the sexes, about many things which the English public would not allow.
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Keywords: Women, Marriage, Adultery, English, Lovers, Public, Sexes, World)

Adultery is the application of democracy to love.
- H. L. Mencken
(Keywords: Love, Adultery, Democracy)

We made one film called Thy Neighbor's Wife in which I got flogged at the public whipping post for adultery. I did my best acting in that film, I guess.
- Cleo Moore
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But, you know, there's still an argument, there's still ten states that outlaw premarital sex, and many more states where adultery is still outlawed and a crime.
- Liam Neeson
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Adultery - which is the only grounds for divorce in New York - is not grounds for divorce in California. As a matter of fact, adultery in Southern California is grounds for marriage.
- Allan Sherman
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I have certain moral parameters that I do not cross in writing; I don't write about adultery or kids having premarital sex.
- Nicholas Sparks
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The first breath of adultery is the freest; after it, constraints aping marriage develop.
- John Updike
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