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Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up.
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Keywords: Anger, Enemy, Pride, Swallows)

A wonderful emotion to get things moving when one is stuck is anger. It was anger more than anything else that had set me off, roused me into productivity and creativity.
- Mary Garden
(Keywords: Anger, Creativity, Emotion, Productivity)

Expressing anger is a form of public littering.
- Willard Gaylin
(Keywords: Anger, Public)

I give the name violence to a boldness lying idle and enamored of danger.
- Jean Genet
(Keywords: Boldness, Danger, Lying, Name, Violence)

The Hussein regime's support for terrorism, within and outside of its borders, its appetite for the world's most dangerous weapons, and its openly declared hostility to the United States were a combination that was a gathering and growing danger to our country.
- Jim Gerlach
(Keywords: Appetite, Country, Danger, states, Support, Terrorism, United, Weapons, World)

As the plane got closer to Miami, I had this terrible feeling he was dying. Maybe he was telling me that he was going. I felt anger, panic, despair and helplessness.
- Robin Gibb
(Keywords: Anger, Despair, Dying, Feeling)

Insurgents throughout Iraq continue to threaten our efforts and pose a danger to stability in the region. They fight not for their country, but rather against ours.
- Paul Gillmor
(Keywords: Country, Danger, Fight, Iraq, Stability)

I was able to do To Sleep with Anger, a very powerful film about African Americans, their spirituality, and the things that happened within a small community and a family.
- Danny Glover
(Keywords: Family, Anger, African, Americans, Community, Film, Sleep, Spirituality)

But the watchful care of the parent is endless. The youth is never free from the danger of grating interference.
- William Godwin
(Keywords: Care, Danger, Youth)

Everyone by now presumably knows about the danger of premature optimization. I think we should be just as worried about premature design - designing too early what a program should do.
- Paul Graham
(Keywords: Design, Danger, Now)

Animals when in company walk in a proper and sensible manner, in single file, instead of sprawling all across the road and being of no use or support to each other in case of sudden trouble or danger.
- Kenneth Grahame
(Keywords: Animals, Being, Company, Danger, Road, Support, Trouble)

Us investigators who went out into the field were faced on occasion with a lot of anger, by people saying why has it taken you five or six year to come and see me?
- Tony Greig
(Keywords: Anger, People, Saying)

If we notice a few errors in the work of a proven master, we may and even will often be correct; if we believe, however, that he is completely and utterly mistaken, we are in danger of missing his entire concept.
- Franz Grillparzer
(Keywords: Work, Danger, Errors, May, Will)

The uncertainty of the danger belongs to the essence of terrorism.
- Jurgen Habermas
(Keywords: Danger, Terrorism, Uncertainty)

The state is in danger of falling into disrepute due to the evidence of its inadequate resources.
- Jurgen Habermas
(Keywords: Danger, State)

The scenarios of biological or chemical warfare painted in detail by the American media during the months after September 11 only betray the inability of the government to determine the magnitude of the danger.
- Jurgen Habermas
(Keywords: Government, American, Danger, Detail, Media, Months)

It's human nature to start taking things for granted again when danger isn't banging loudly on the door.
- David Hackworth
(Keywords: Nature, Danger, Human nature)

Wise anger is like fire from a flint: there is great ado to get it out; and when it does come, it is out again immediately.
- Edward Everett Hale
(Keywords: Anger, Fire)

Most men's anger about religion is as if two men should quarrel for a lady they neither of them care for.
- Edward F. Halifax
(Keywords: Anger, Men, Religion, Care, Lady, Quarrel)

Anger is seldom without argument but seldom with a good one.
- Lord Halifax
(Keywords: Anger, Argument)

A writer who is in a hurry to be understood today or tomorrow runs the danger of being misunderstood the day after tomorrow.
- Johann G. Hamann
(Keywords: Being, Danger, Day, Today, Tomorrow, Writer)

Why should one U.S. airman give up his life when our national security is not in imminent danger?
- Sean Hannity
(Keywords: Life, Danger, National security)

Now we are in a situation in which for a significant part of the industrial world too much could become a danger, especially too much of the things which are really not good for us in such large quantities.
- Marvin Harris
(Keywords: Danger, Now, World)

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.
- Sydney J. Harris
(Keywords: Computers, Men, Danger, Will)

Kindness and intelligence don't always deliver us from the pitfalls and traps: there are always failures of love, of will, of imagination. There is no way to take the danger out of human relationships.
- Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
(Keywords: Intelligence, Imagination, Love, Danger, Kindness, Relationships, Will)

It makes me proud, and it makes me scared. More than anything, I want to be an actor and I want to keep working, and I think there's a danger in being perceived as a poster boy for something.
- Randy Harrison
(Keywords: Actor, Being, Danger, Want)

No, I can't write treatments, I think there's a danger with treatments. That you... you write out your first excitement and enthusiasm in a prose treatment.
- Ronald Harwood
(Keywords: Enthusiasm, Danger, Excitement, First, Prose, Treatment)

My point was that the war was intrinsically wrong, and as a result of our participation we haven't improved Australia's security but created a greater danger at home and abroad.
- Bob Hawke
(Keywords: Home, War, Danger, Participation, Result, Security, Wrong)

The sense of danger is never, perhaps, so fully apprehended as when the danger has been overcome.
- Arthur Helps
(Keywords: Danger, Sense)

Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honor.
- Ernest Hemingway
(Keywords: Art, Death, Performance, Artist, Danger, Honor)

He would see civilization in danger of perishing under the oppression of a gigantic paradox: he would see multitudes of people starving in the midst of plenty, and nations preparing for war although pledged to peace.
- Arthur Henderson
(Keywords: Peace, War, People, Civilization, Danger, Nations, Oppression)

No one that encounters prosperity does not also encounter danger.
- Heraclitus
(Keywords: Danger, Prosperity)

The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger.
- Frank Herbert
(Keywords: Danger, Lies)

Know when to speak - for many times it brings danger, to give the best advice to kings.
- Robert Herrick
(Keywords: Advice, Danger, Kings)

Assuming that his talent can survive the increasing strain, there is one scarcely avoidable danger that lies ahead of the pupil on his road to mastery.
- Eugen Herrigel
(Keywords: Talent, Danger, Lies, Road)

The problem comes when you say that danger is part of the equation. Then you don't do any more work on safety. That shouldn't happen.
- Damon Hill
(Keywords: Work, Danger, Safety)

My character had been in the chair for seven years. He had gone through his anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. He had gone through everything, now he was up, he was happy, he was filled with his dream.
- Gregory Hines
(Keywords: Anger, Dream, Character, Abuse, Alcohol, Depression, Now, Years)

They should hold themselves absolutely upon the immovable foundation of truth and nature, whereby alone they can save themselves from misapprehensions and from the danger of being entirely carried away from reality into mere dreams and fictions.
- Ethan A. Hitchcock
(Keywords: Dreams, Nature, Truth, Being, Danger, Reality)

Anger is a short madness.
- Horace
(Keywords: Anger, Madness)

The one who cannot restrain their anger will wish undone, what their temper and irritation prompted them to do.
- Horace
(Keywords: Anger, Temper, Will)

Lawyers are men who hire out their words and anger.
- Horace
(Keywords: Anger, Men, Lawyers, Words)

A sea setting us upon the ice has brought us close to danger.
- Henry Hudson
(Keywords: Danger, Sea)

We are in danger of making our cities places where business goes on but where life, in its real sense, is lost.
- Hubert H. Humphrey
(Keywords: Business, Life, Cities, Danger, Sense)

Grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.
- Zora Neale Hurston
(Keywords: Anger, Fear)

If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger?
- Thomas Huxley
(Keywords: Knowledge, Danger, Man)

In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.
- Lee Iacocca
(Keywords: Anger, Positive, Adversity, Energy, Stress)

I use the music to vent, and a lot of the stuff that I am writing about or was writing about contained a lot of anger and anxiety, stress and depression, so that's how the album came out so dark.
- Vanilla Ice
(Keywords: Anger, Music, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Writing)

That is why, as soon as I felt a real attraction for my first passion which was the motorcycle, and in spite of the danger it could represent, they encouraged me.
- Jacky Ickx
(Keywords: Danger, First, Passion)

Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.
- Robert Green Ingersoll
(Keywords: Anger, Mind, Wind)

Take the word of experience, I speak the truth: inaction is safest in danger.
- Silius Italicus
(Keywords: Experience, Danger, Inaction, Word)

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