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With bundled machines you can throw away the hardware and keep the software, and it's still a good buy.
- Adam Osborne
(Keywords: Hardware, Machines, Software)

When I was young, I had one of those Yamaha drum machines, and I used to practice to that quite a bit, just to practice soloing and being in time and completing all my phrases.
- John Otto
(Keywords: Time, Being, Machines, Practice)

I was 17 and just learning what high fidelity was, what good sound was, and learning the mechanics of tape machines. It was a real education, going right from the consumer end to the record factory.
- Alan Parsons
(Keywords: Education, End, Fidelity, Learning, Machines, Right, Sound)

We also had to bring with us some desired scientific equipment over to the station as well as assemble new machines. For that, I had to conduct two space walks.
- Philippe Perrin
(Keywords: Machines, Space)

If Unix could present the same face, the same capabilities, on machines of many different types, it could serve as a common software environment for all of them.
- Eric S. Raymond
(Keywords: Environment, Machines, Present, Software, Unix)

The workstation-class machines built by Sun and others opened up new worlds for hackers.
- Eric S. Raymond
(Keywords: Machines, Sun)

For the first time, individual hackers could afford to have home machines comparable in power and storage capacity to the minicomputers of ten years earlier - Unix engines capable of supporting a full development environment and talking to the Internet.
- Eric S. Raymond
(Keywords: Home, Power, Time, Development, Environment, First, Internet, Machines, Talking, Unix, Years)

There were sometimes from forty to sixty English machines, but unfortunately the Germans were often in the minority. With them quality was more important than quantity.
- Manfred von Richthofen
(Keywords: Quality, English, Machines, Minority, Quantity)

C was already implemented on several quite different machines and OSs, Unix was already being distributed on the PDP-11, but the portability of the whole system was new.
- Dennis Ritchie
(Keywords: Being, Machines, Unix)

When ATM machines came out and people were prosecuted for robbing ATM machines, I don't think anybody thought the banks were against technology because they didn't want their ATM machines lifted.
- Hilary Rosen
(Keywords: Technology, Thought, People, Banks, Machines, Want)

The days when you needed amazing Silicon Graphics machines to run animation software are gone now.
- Dave Rowntree
(Keywords: Animation, Machines, Now, Software)

Machines are worshipped because they are beautiful and valued because they confer power; they are hated because they are hideous and loathed because they impose slavery.
- Bertrand Russell
(Keywords: Power, Machines, Slavery)

What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being?
- Jose Saramago
(Keywords: Being, Killing, Machines, Nothing, World)

I learned the business in about two months, and then made as much as the others, and was consequently doing quite well when the factory burned down, destroying all our machines - 150 of them. This was very hard on the girls who had paid for their machines.
- Rose Schneiderman
(Keywords: Business, Girls, Machines, Months)

We often attribute 'understanding' and other cognitive predicates by metaphor and analogy to cars, adding machines, and other artifacts, but nothing is proved by such attributions.
- John Searle
(Keywords: Machines, Metaphor, Nothing)

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines.
- Claude Shannon
(Keywords: Time, Dogs, Machines, Will)

Now the whole point about machines is they are designed not to be random. When you call up a word processing program on your computer, you don't want it to be different every time you call it up. You want it to stay the same.
- Rupert Sheldrake
(Keywords: Time, Computer, Machines, Now, Want, Word)

There are the manufacturing multitudes of England; they must have work, and find markets for their work; if machines and the Black Country are ugly, famine would be uglier still.
- Goldwin Smith
(Keywords: Work, Country, EnglFamine, Machines, Manufacturing, Ugly)

Beyond that, states had to also have electronic voting machines that made it possible for people who are physically handicapped to vote in private... and the computerized voting machine made it very easy for, particularly, the blind.
- DeForest Soaries
(Keywords: People, Blind, Machine, Machines, states, Vote, Voting)

It wasn't just about flashing lights and pinball machines blowing up and things like that. It was about using encores, bringing back the good songs and using techniques that I knew about from rock performance.
- Pete Townshend
(Keywords: Performance, Machines, Songs)

I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.
- Alan Turing
(Keywords: End, Machines, Opinion, Thinking, Will, Words)

I hate this fast growing tendency to chain men to machines in big factories and deprive them of all joy in their efforts - the plan will lead to cheap men and cheap products.
- Richard Wagner
(Keywords: Men, Hate, Joy, Machines, Will)

Machines aren't replacing proofreaders at all. Copy editors, who proofread and much, much more, use spellcheck as a tool but read every word that appears in the paper.
- Bill Walsh
(Keywords: Editors, Machines, Word)

Slot machines are like crack for old people.
- Keenen Ivory Wayans
(Keywords: People, Machines, Old)

I think that that multiplatform development is what's on the mind of most high-end PC developers now... this is really the first time in the industry's history that we've had console machines that can handle all that PC developers can deliver.
- Mike Wilson
(Keywords: History, Time, Development, First, Machines, Mind, Now)

The tendency of philosophers who know nothing of machinery is to talk of man as a mere mechanism, intending by this to imply that he is without purpose. This shows a lack of understanding of machines as well as of man.
- Arthur Young
(Keywords: Purpose, Machines, Man, Nothing, Talk, Understanding)

The machines, the modern mode of production, slowly undermined domestic production and not just for thousands but for millions of women the question arose: Where do we now find our livelihood?
- Clara Zetkin
(Keywords: Women, Machines, Now, Production, Question)

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