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Born: Sunday, December 31, 1899
Died: Monday, May 23, 1701 (198 years old)
Profession: Explorer
Nationality: Scottish

I desire to put off my trial as long as I can till I can get my evidence ready.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Desire)

I do not care so much for the death of my gunner, as for other passages of my voyage, for I have good friends in England that will bring me off for that.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Death, Care, EnglFriends, Will)

I had no money nor friends to prepare for the trial till last night.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Money, Friends, Night)

I have been sworn against by perjured and wicked people.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: People)

I would rather my soul broil in hell than I do you any harm.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Soul, Harm, Hell)

If you will take her, you may take her, but if you go from aboard, you shall never come aboard again.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: May, Will)

My lord, I have some matter of law relating to the indictment, and I desire counsel to speak to it.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Desire, Law)

My lord, I will tell you what the case was. I was coming up within a league of the Dutchman, and some of my men were making a mutiny about taking her, and my gunner told the people he could put the captain in a way to take the ship, and be safe.
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Men, People, Will)

This ship was a league from us, and some of the men would have taken her, and I would not consent to it, and this Moore said I always hindered them making their fortunes. Was that not the reason I struck him? Was there a mutiny on board?
- William Kidd
(Keywords: Men, Reason)

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