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Born: Sunday, December 31, 1899
Profession: Artist

As soon as Young read my statements and saw clearly what I was saying, he stopped communicating with me.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: Saying)

But picketing - picketing for or against something, and handing out literature - these are conspicuously formal actions. They have to be understood as indirect communication.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: Actions, Communication, Literature)

I've talked with John Cale for two decades about what to do about La Monte, and how to get copies of our work.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: Work)

People aren't used to thinking of cultural forms spreading out across the full range of formal interactions - or what is called the "text" in literary terms.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: People, Literary, Thinking)

That kind of piece, perhaps most recognizable because of Yoko Ono's similar work, built a bridge between performance art and music - and without raising any awkward social issues.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: Art, Music, Work, Performance)

The message here was not about indeterminacy, nor about immediacy, but about the control of sounds right there in your environment, and the process of composition as long-term growth of interests within that sound complex.
- Tony Conrad
(Keywords: Control, Growth, Environment, Right, Sound)

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