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Born: Wednesday, November 21, 1962
Profession: Musician
Nationality: American

Country music is just country. It's going to shift around a little bit, doing some different instrumentations, different production styles. But it will always come back to what you heard at the Opry. Nobody wants it to change.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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I would hate to be a new artist or writer in town today. But somehow the cream continues to rise. If there's one who's great, he just jumps out of the pack like you can't believe.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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I've been here 21 years, and I literally did walk up and down Music Row trying to break into the business. I felt very free to go into any publishing company.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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Success breeds volume, and it's just amazing how many young writers, artists, and musicians there are in town.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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That's one wonderful thing about country music - it shifts, ebbs, and flows stylistically, unlike pop music.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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There's nothing like a good cheating song to make me want to run home to be with my wife.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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This is life we've been given, made to be lived out, so... live out loud.
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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