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Born: Thursday, May 12, 1966
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

Don't get me wrong, there are sometimes if I go and see a really funny comedy, that I wished I had smoked a joint. I'll be honest with you. That's the truth.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Funny, Truth, Comedy, Wrong)

I almost died, secretly, behind closed doors.
- Stephen Baldwin

I think it's really terrifying that a country based on the foundations and ideals of God, is now systematically removing God from everything. Everything!
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: God, Country, Ideals, Now)

I was always a God guy.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: God)

I'm a Jewish born-again Christian.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Christian)

I'm not going to fight in the physical with physical weapons, because it's not a physical fight. I'm going to fight with spiritual weapons, cause it's a spiritual fight.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Cause, Fight, Spiritual, Weapons)

I'm very focused on the world and my career and my Porsche turbo and making money and Stevie B. Inc. I'm just living according to the standards of the world.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Money, Career, Living, World)

I've been to MTV and all of that worldly stuff. It's death. It's meaningless.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Death)

I've never really been the type of person who worries much about what people think of me.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: People)

Jesus isn't a logo, I'm not promoting some company, some brand. I'm just professing my faith.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Faith, Company)

The word of God - what does it say about what his place is going to be in the Kingdom? Think about it.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: God, Word)

What is happening within Christianity is that it doesn't know it needs to promote itself.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Christianity, Needs)

You gotta love these Christians, they're humble people.
- Stephen Baldwin
(Keywords: Love, People)

You know what, man? I don't have time to worry about what people think. I'm focused on the youth of America. I'm focused on the kids who are dressing like whores. Because that's the message in the media.
- Stephen Baldwin
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