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Born: Friday, December 12, 1806
Died: Saturday, September 9, 1871 (64 years old)
Profession: Soldier
Nationality: Cherokee

I call upon my God to judge me, he knows that I love my friends and above all others my wife and children, the, oppinion of the world to contrary notwithstanding.
- Stand Watie
(Keywords: Love, Wife, God, Children, Friends, World)

If I commit an error I do it without bad intention.
- Stand Watie
(Keywords: Error, Intention)

My great crime in the world is blunder I will get into scrapes without intention or any bad motive.
- Stand Watie
(Keywords: Crime, Intention, Motive, Will, World)

Poor Andy Nave was killed. He refused to surrender and was shot by Dick Fields. I felt sorry as he used to be quite friendly towards me before the war, but it could not be helped.
- Stand Watie
(Keywords: War, Poor, Surrender)

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