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Born: Tuesday, February 11, 1941
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

I am running for governor of Kentucky as the people's advocate.
- Sonny Landham
(Keywords: People, Kentucky, Running)

I will cut all state taxes by at least one third.
- Sonny Landham
(Keywords: State, Taxes, Will)

It's time for these people to have accountability for what is being done.
- Sonny Landham
(Keywords: Time, People, Being)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has a judicial system, and this system needs a lot of repair. Therefore, there is no need for Kentucky to start building another judicial system within the system, that we already have.
- Sonny Landham
(Keywords: Building, Kentucky, Needs)

We need to stop the erosion of parental authority.
- Sonny Landham
(Keywords: Authority)

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